I Didn’t Boycott The Oscars At All!

The 85th Academy Awards® will air live on Oscar® Sunday, February 24, 2013.

I am living proof of Negro history.
I live it each and every day.
The white man thinks he’s doing me a favor
by telling me to celebrate my history, HIS way!

I don’t live and breathe for the white man.
Nor will I let him control who I am.
I won’t go to him for any ole awards
because for his accolades, I don’t give a damn.

I didn’t boycott the Oscars at all.
Why the hell should I even care?
I know where the fuck I stand.
Why would I sit in front of a box and stare?

Oh I hear how Chris Rock told some jokes.
And Tracy Morgan played the fool in a skit.
But what is really so funny in the end
is that this was all just some Black History shit!

And so we end this Black History at The Oscars
 with Al Sharpton protesting out back
and Melissa Harris-Perry, what can I say?
Either she quit or she got the fucking sack.

I guess ‘Twelve Years A Slave’ got no sequel.
And ‘The Butler’ dropped Massa’s rum punch.
‘The Help’ ain’t here to pick up the pieces
of the Black Hollywood Brady Bunch!

So, pick your ‘coon’ part and play it to the hilt.
Sell some tickets and be thankful for your job.
You don’t need an award from the white man,
just an adoring theater going mob.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

Go ask Niggers With Attitude(N.W.A.), they’ll tell ya! Straight Outta Compton grossed 201.6 million, so where are the awards and I know Negroes flocked to that movie like flies on shit?

You fucking know the score. Deal with it or don’t! But just shut the fuck up because the white man don’t give a shit about your boycotts when you’ve already paid the price for his movie tickets. And when Massa decides to make another movie about some white folks needing some maid and butler services, be sure to head on inside a movie theater, pay for your ticket and watch your life play out in front of you. When Massa decides to hire some Negroes to play ‘400 Years A Slave’, there ya go! Head on back in and watch YOUR role in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade play out, but don’t expect no goddamn Oscar for that shit. Hell! Anybody can scream, moan, wring their hands and gnash their teeth while getting their fucking back lashed! Maybe they’ll make a ‘White Chicks II’ starring some more Black-assed motherfuckers all got up in ‘white’ face and they’ll finally win an Oscar for that shit! But….uh…don’t hold yer breath!

Meanwhile, ‘The Hood’ burns! And guess who stars in that shit???!!!!!! Yeah! Our children!!! You dumbass motherfuckers don’t even know what’s goddamn important and some goddamn awards ain’t fucking important!!!!!!!!!!

19 thoughts on “I Didn’t Boycott The Oscars At All!

  1. I didn’t boycott the Oscars because I never watch it. I’m not into Entertainment stroking the egos of Entertainment. No matter how old the ” so called honors” are. Entertainment, like sports,TV,etc are billion dollar businesses that’s also rooted in bigotry. Reading about a joke Rock told as host,that black people had (in times past) more important things to protest,I Agree with then and NOW. We have important issues . Like police murdering unarmed or armed with non deadly broom sticks, men,women and children of color,let’s not forget the “accidental” murder and maiming of bystanders or innocents during police raids or warrants at the wrong homes, the wide racial disparities in the so called justice system, innocent men,women and and kids going to jail for years before exoneration due to racism , racial alumis on college campuses and the race baiting in news and politics just to name a few.A little gold statue doesn’t compare. BET,essences, and others suffice, not to mention the aforementioned blockbuster sales of movies snubbed . The older the institution the deeper the racism goes. There’s little chance of changing anything as long as these institutions remain. Black actors,hell people can do better by not acknowledging them at ALL. OUT WITH THE OLD,like the confederate flag!

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    1. Lisadrake94, I didn’t boycott The Oscars for the same reason, I cannot boycott something I’ve never watched.

      I have no goddamn idea why people will kick up a shit storm over some fucked up fantasy shit! We’ve got reality playing out every single day and who is noticing because people are somewhere caught up in FantasyLand? People are SO damn dumb, it ain’t even funny! What we choose to get all excited and outraged over is simply not important enough to bother with. How in the hell can I step over some homeless, uneducated Black children with parents who are strung-out on drugs on my way to protest the ‘whiteness’ of The Oscars. Al Sharpton should be ashamed of himself.

      I don’t even own a goddamn TV and so there was no way in hell that I could even look at The Oscars and the Red Carpet and the After Parties and the this and that. How is that shit important? It’s not! But with all the hoopla, you’d think that those dizzy bastards achieved world peace instead of only receiving a cheap ornamental statue that was most likely made in China.

      SIGH! I fucking despair OF us! And your comment was right on time!

      Thank you!

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      1. I’m with you. It never ceases to amaze me how fucking stupid the priorities of America is. Besides these egotistical boosts by entertainment for entertainment. We have new construction seemly everyday for “luxury” homes,yet hundreds of thousands of abandoned and or empty homes sit empty while women, men and children sleep on heating grates, or in parks etc. Actual cities banning the homeless. People starving .living without health care,etc. yet ridiculous award show seasons cost millions .politics cost multi millions. It’s positively pathetic.

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      2. That is so true! I used to live in Baltimore, MD and there are so many rundown row houses there that could be rehabbed to house formerly homeless people but instead, they are going to tear them down and sell the land to high-end developers who certainly don’t give a goddamn about a homeless person. They’re not concerned with building low-income housing. They are purposely putting these people out on the streets and yet we want to Twitter storm some ‘Oscars So white’ shit. We want to protest not receiving a fake ass award that is meaningless.

        People are dying for lack of a roof over their head, no food to eat and no health care, but let us not focus on that, let us focus on some fantasy bullshit by pampered assholes. Again, I fucking despair OF us. I no longer despair FOR us. That goddamn ship has sailed.

        I thank you for another spot on comment!

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  2. Ice Cube appeared about 2 weeks ago on Graham Norton’s chat show (which originates in London but is extremely popular in New Zealand). Norton asked how he felt about not getting an Oscar nomination for Straight Outta Compton. His reply was “Why should I care about the gold statues a bunch of Hollywood millionaires give each other?”

    As you point out, the public and box office revenues speak far louder than the pretentious Academy Awards.


    1. Exactly, I also read something from him,about how he felt. I Agree. A lot of stars got rich and don’t care a lick about the Oscars

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    2. Your comment takes the prize, as well Dr. Bramhall. What the fuck does it matter if an award is won or not so long as you’ve got a job and is bringing home the money? That would be enough recognition for me. I don’t know why these dumbass Negroes are all up in arms anyway. It’s just business as usual. They act like they just woke up and discovered ‘racism’ for the first goddamn time! Like holy hell! What the fuck! That shit has been in their fucking face from when time began, so ain’t no need in pretending that this is some newfound shit! Chalk it up to experience and move the hell along! We’ve got more important fish to fry. Screaming and yelling about a statue? That is ludicrous and absolutely ridiculous! If they’re so goddamn upset about it, then they can go host their own awards show. Oh, they do! The NAACP gives out Black Achievement Awards to the Black whores and whoremongers of Hollywood each and every year! There! That takes care of that!

      Thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall. Ice Cube knows that in the end, only money talks and not a goddamn worthless ass statue.

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  3. Rich people giving prizes to each other …. Black, White, Brown, Yellow ……. who gives a shit?

    Tubularsock has gotten down the formula. Tubularsock sees that a film that praises exposing sexual abuse of children is the hot button winner. Next year Tubularsock will win with his movie about Dr.Dre entitled “Outta Compton Beaten’ On Michelle: Broken Nose & Giving Her 3 Black Eyes”.

    You guessed it, exposing spousal abuse.
    Tubularsock is sure that the public will just flock to see it and the Academy will just “love it”!

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    1. And I’m gonna write a screenplay about the many dead loves of Shelby Courtland. I’m going to title it, “Dear Dead Lover!” It is going to be a sizzler! Oh, wait! We didn’t get around to consummating our love because they all died. I’ll work around that! I have much imagination and so I will put it in there that we did consummate our love. I’ll give out lurid details, I’m good at that.

      So, with your movie coming out and my series of movies coming out, we are headed for The Oscars Tubularsock and since you’re lilly-white assed and I’m Blacker than a starless night, we best not sit together at The Oscars because I just might decide to hit you over the head with my 18″stiletto heel when you win all the awards. See, I’m going to come prepared to lose!

      Thanks Tubularsock for your most excellent comment!

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      1. Well Shelby, Hollywood is ALWAYS up for a Necrophilia film.
        Maybe a title like …….. “Catching Up For Lost Time” ????

        With a movie like this you may find Shelby that the Academy may just kick Tubularsock’s “lilly-white ass”
        aside and you’ll win the Best Picture Award.

        And that will avoid Tubularsock’s head being made Swiss-cheese from your 18″ stiletto heel even though that would mean that Tubularsock wouldn’t win Best Sound Track for the screaming!

        Oh well …………

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  4. I didn’t think you would be one of those protesters marching with Al Sharpton on Sunday saying this would be the last year of an Oscars with “All-white nominees”.

    This is something like the Confederate flag situation,but even much worse of an issue to be focused on at this time. There are far more important things for all of us blacks to be focused on. I think probably the majority of us did not pay attention to this issue this time but some still wasted their time.

    Yes, many people are not happy with many of these roles that blacks that have been nominated for.

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    1. Well, if Black people want to continue to demean themselves by playing subservient roles that continue to perpetuate the stereotype that Black people are good for nothing else besides cooking, serving cleaning, and being a white motherfucker’s sex slave, then that’s on them. If they are pissed off that they didn’t get an Oscar for vacuuming, well, I don’t know what to say!

      And hell no! As ridiculous as it was for Al Sharpton to protest outside the back entrance to the Oscars was bad enough, but I would not have even bothered to go there myself for the express purpose of smacking the grease out of his relaxed hair. And something is wrong with that motherfucker! His head is about to explode. Good god, when I saw that bigheaded bastard, he looked just like somebody had pumped helium into his head like a hot air balloon, sail, sailing away. He is just another coonhead piece of shit busily licking massa’s boots and holding out hope for his table scraps while pretending to give a damn about the plight of Black people, but only when their plight reaches the limelight. Sellout motherfucker IS Al Sharpton.

      What I cannot comprehend is the fact that Black folks STILL have not realized how to go about effecting change. They want to boycott AFTER they have paid the white man their hard-earned money in the form of ticket sales. What’s the point in that? There is none. We fucking NEVER learn!

      Thank you for your comment N.S.

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  5. The Oscars are rooted in racism like every old institution. This was the 88th year for this thinly veiled publicized party for entertainment by entertainment . (Can’t specify this enough,I didn’t get invited,nor you LOL) That should say it ALL,but……So, let’s look at the first,tenth,or twentieth Oscars party.Where and if available, were the black actors? As stated before, it’s not new,black actors have been in supportive rolls to “authenticate” a white movie with very few exceptions. Denzel got a Oscar for playing a corrupt cop,Hallie for being a racist white man’ s toy. Coincidence, I think not. While Selma,straight out of Compton aka NWA,and etc. Don’t get a nod. Whose surprised? Looking back at actors forced to play grinning step and fetchers, frankly, I don’t give a Damn. Instead of feeling betrayed by a snub 88 years in the making,use your voice to speak out about the new Jim crow,the modern day lynchings with guns replacing ropes. Your considerable influence for getting jobs,homes,health care,clothes,etc for the millions in need. Who cares about a statuette that one day will be pawned. Campaign to keep the like of Cruz,Rubio,and things like Trump AWAY from the POTUS,because Trump is toxic,I’ll never forget his reaction to the INNOCENT men in jail for the rape in New York’s park,and the settlement they richly deserved. That’s racism we/ they CAN fight!

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    1. “I didn’t get invited,nor you LOL”

      That is true. However, I am quite sure that my invitation just got lost in the mail. It’ll show up any day now.

      And yes, we are eyeball high in shit now and the shit is about to get deeper, but we are going to boycott the Oscars because playing ‘The Help’ and ‘The Butler’ didn’t win us an Oscar. smh

      Thanks for your comment lisadrake94.


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