white supremacy Is A Myth And Here’s Why.

“White supremacy” is indeed, a MYTH! Don’t think so? Continue reading!

The Militant Negro™

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Jueseppi B



Just think about the phrase coined by caucasian racists to describe themselves and continued by dumbass Coonin Negroes……”white supremacy.”

Now after thinking about that oxy-moron, tell me in your own words exactly what is supreme about being caucasian (white). The caucasian race invaded America finding different tribes on Native Americans already inhabiting this land, so they or nobody else, discovered the Americas. They brought with them guns, bibles and disease. They proceeded to murder, slaughter, enslave the Native Americans  and steal their land. Nothing supreme about that. 

Screenshot (859)

After the native Genocide was complete and after Natives were confined to “reservations” these “white supremacist” were then faced with working and making the land they stole, useful & productive. They also needed someone to raise their children and cook their food and tend to their homes and work their land, cause lets be honest…

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4 thoughts on “white supremacy Is A Myth And Here’s Why.

    • Dr. Bramhall, I too, tried the link and found it to be not working. I would just ‘google’ the website and see if it comes up that way. I dunno! Maybe TPTB thought that it was just too hot to handle. Ya never know these days, what with censorship all over the damn place.

      Thanks for attempting to stop in read the post and for your comment or I would not have known that the link was not working.


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