I Am Not Privileged To Be White!

not privileged to be white 1

I am not privileged to be white.
Nor can I claim my own heritage
since I was stolen by the privileged
and forced into a life of bondage.

There is no escape for me
though I struggle to be free.
My only release from slavery
is a grave so cold and lonely.

How would I have lived my life
had I not been a slave?
I’ll take with me that question
down into my lonely grave.

The plantations of the privileged
are awash in my blood and tears,
I can feel the lash of the whip
and smell the stench of the overseers.

They’ll break me any day now,
it’s just a matter of time
before I won’t know my name
“Oh Lawd, what is my crime?

My children, as well, are slaves;
each and every one.
They have nowhere to go.
There is no place to run.

These privileged landed whites
Call us ‘nigger’ while raping us too.
But if to them we are not human
 why would they rape what’s in their zoo?

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

9 thoughts on “I Am Not Privileged To Be White!

    1. They are full of shit over there at infowars! I have never liked that Alex Jones bastard. He is nothing more than an instigator and he has no credibility whatsoever as far as I’m concerned. He is on par with Rush Limbaugh. I watched what I could of that shit they were spouting over there, but I couldn’t even finish it though it was short.

      I wish you could see the area where I live. There are mansions so goddamn big, they look like hotels. One of these days, I am going to post pictures of these huge goddamn farms with land as far as the eye can see. Horses and cows just a grazing and some mo shit! Big ass barns that could house thirty people. I have seen two Black folks out here. And yet, I have to drive miles from where I live to get better food. The produce section of the grocery store closest to me has nothing but fucked up vegetables and fruit. I did take some pictures of that shit and emailed them to the headquarters. I can honestly say, that it pays to shop in the inner cities than in so-called ‘white areas’ because whites don’t even realize when other ‘whites’ are shitting on ’em. They just calmly head on in the store and pick up that bad shit and out the door they go. I was the only one in there going the fuck off; taking pictures left and right and cussing up a blue streak. Damn if I’m gonna pay for some shit that’s gone bad before I can get it home. But these ‘white’ folks out here are loading their carts up with that shit. They act like they don’t even know any better.

      And that shit that info wars was talking about is some straight up bullshit because we all know that there is such a thing as ‘white privilege’. They interview 4 or 5 homeless drug addicted, drunk ‘white’ guys and that is supposed to prove that ‘white privilege’ don’t exist? Seriously? When you’re an alcoholic or user of other drugs, which seem to be the case with each one that was interviewed, of course there is going to be homelessness associated with that. But to point to those people and say, “See, ‘white privilege’ is just a figment of Black folks imagination is beyond ludicrous and the only people that are buying that are those who are in denial. And they don’t count for shit!

      Thank you for posting the link so that I could cut it down and I thank you for commenting.


      1. My pleasure always, hope things are well with you, and if not well, then better than before. ❤


    1. I know Dr. Bramhall. And I have a hard time calling people who look like me, ‘Black’ because I’m not Black. I seriously need to stop sticking to the script that’s been written for us because by doing so, we perpetuate the divisiveness that is designed to keep us constantly looking at ‘color’ or skin tone as opposed to looking at one another as ‘human beings’. Maybe, if we all took the initiative and decided to stop with the ‘labels’, it could gain momentum and ‘label’s would become a thing of the past. It is my understanding that it is mainly Americans who engage in this. Go figure! They’ve brainwashed us well. And we don’t even try and fight against it, we just go with the flow.

      Thanks Dr. Bramhall. I ‘hear’ you! Believe me, I do!


    1. I can certainly find NO fault in your comment nidotopianwarrior! Good to see you and I hope ALL is well with you in your lovely paradise that I am still hoping to get into a leaky boat and head on over to!!!

      Thank you so much for that wonderful comment. It is much appreciated!


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