Clinton Praises Dead Racists Reagans Response To HIV-AIDS!

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The warmonger, Hillary Clinton is a real piece of work!

“Because of both President and Mrs. Reagan in particular Mrs. Reagan we started a national conversation. When before nobody would talk about it(HIV-AIDS), nobody wanted to do anything about it,” Clinton told MSNBC.

Who in hell actually had a single thought in their head that Ronald and Nancy Reagan gave a damn about a disease that was associated with homosexuals and which was also somehow, magically infecting millions of Africans and so-called African-Americans? HIV-AIDS was a man-made disease that was designed to eradicate, wipe-out and genocide those in society who were already deemed, genetically defective or impure and who were sadly lacking in morals as designated by the Christian conservative right-wing moral police.

When called out for her ridiculousness in hailing the Reagans as proponents of any efforts to spearhead a movement to focus the spotlight on the epidemic of HIV-AIDS, warmonger Hillary Clinton then backtracked and offered up an apology stating that:

“While the Reagans were strong advocates for stem cell research and finding a cure for Alzheimer’s research, I misspoke about their record on HIV and AIDS,” Clinton said in a statement tweeted Friday. “For that, I m sorry.”

Of course, she’s sorry. And by just saying, “I’m sorry,” that just absolves her of willfully making false statements while in possession of the facts. That warmonger knew exactly what the Reagans had advocated strongly for and she knew that HIV-AIDS was not on the list. Since Ronald ‘fake ass actor’ Reagan himself was suffering from Alzheimer’s, dementia and/or senility, why would it be a stretch for the Reagans to focus on that disease? It wouldn’t. Anything to help that old racist bastard Reagan with his trickle down voodoo economics which is partly to blame for how badly the abject poor are faring to this very day. But let us laud those two twisted, racist snakes as having done something to bring the plight of millions of people infected with HIV-AIDS to the light regardless of whether they did or didn’t and they surely didn’t. But let us applaud their lack of attention given to that disease because they were ‘The Reagans’ doncha know! I just cannot make this shit up!

HIV/AIDS in Africa is one of the most important global public health issues of our time, and perhaps, in the history of mankind. In Africa, AIDS is one of the top causes of death. While only comprising slightly under 15% of the total population of the world, Africans account for nearly 70% of those who live with HIV and are dying of AIDS.

Southern Africa exhibits pandemic-level HIV infection rates, with extreme levels in the countries of Botswana, Lesotho, South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, and Zambia. By contrast, some countries in North Africa have HIV prevalence rates lower than most cities in the USA.

Sub-Saharan Africa has the most serious HIV and AIDS epidemic in the world. In 2013, an estimated 24.7 million people were living with HIV, accounting for 71% of the global total. In the same year, there were an estimated 1.5 million new HIV infections and 1.1 million AIDS-related deaths.

Meanwhile, in America, AIDS in Black America has been deemed a public health crisis.

Of the more than 1 million people in the U.S. infected with HIV, nearly half are black men, women and children — even though blacks make up about 13 percent of the population. AIDS is the primary killer of African-Americans ages 19 to 44, and the mortality rate is 10 times higher for black Americans than for whites.

And although Black people make up only 13% of the U.S. population, they account for 44% of new HIV infections. The reasons for this increase has been attributed to poverty, lack of access to health care, higher rates of some sexually transmitted infections and lack of awareness of HIV status. What the statisticians fail to take into consideration is the fact that over a million Black men are incarcerated in America and when they go to prison and come out, they come out with AIDS and they in turn,  infect their girlfriends and wives.

Black men are deliberately incarcerated on bullshit drug charges and this is one of the reasons why. Furthermore, it is a known fact that many of them will be raped in prison and we all know that healthcare of any sort is sadly lacking in America’s prisons. The elite shits behind this genocide know that this is another sure way to kill off the Black populace. Send the men to prison, infect them with HIV and when they’re out, that fatal disease goes with them. They can talk about how Black people are unaware of their HIV status, but what I would like to know is are the prison officials making the prisoners aware of their HIV status before they are released? Also, what can Black people do to alleviate the factor of poverty? If poverty has been designated as a reason why Black people are more likely to become infected with HIV-AIDS, then what is being done to nip that shit in the bud? Not a goddamn thing because HIV-AIDS is doing exactly what it was designed to do. It is killing exactly who it was targeted to kill.

Black men, by the thousands are turning to homosexual behavior and that is not a behavior that was prevalent in our early history. We were not a race of homosexuals. But that is clearly changing. So, not only are Black men infecting other Black men because of their homosexual lifestyle, Black men who were incarcerated and still found themselves desiring a Black female to fulfill their sexual desire, is infecting the Black female upon release from prison. A win-win for the creators of this designer disease. A lose-lose for the children of the infected and for the communities of color in America.

I remember when I was working for an insurance company in the 80s and we came across a potential policyholder that had tested positive for HIV, we were all agog. We were like, “YUK!” In our small, isolated and insular town, we just were not up to speed with this disease and not to mention that it was just being talked about at that point. And soon, we were adding HIV questionnaires to insurance files and of course, those who had the disease were denied life insurance. Fast forward to today and people with HIV-AIDS are still being denied insurance and much more. It was only after Ryan White and his mother publicly fought a battle for him to attend school after having contracted the disease through tainted blood as he was a hemophiliac, did people actually start talking about HIV-AIDS.

The Reagans would not even talk to their friend Rock Hudson after he contracted AIDS and yet, warmonger Hillary Clinton had the audacity to go there about how the Reagans were the face of AIDS Advocacy? The lies just never stop coming and the liars just apologize as if that makes up for that shit. Well, I say, “There has been too many meaningless apologies after liars have been outed for their apologies to mean a damn. They don’t.

And to Black AmeriKKKa, I suggest you understand that we are not just the victims of police brutality, discrimination, income inequality, mass incarceration, the school-to-prison pipeline, homelessness and the list is endless, we are also the continued victims of medical and scientific experiments designed to eradicate us. You have only to recall the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment. Think the experiments have ceased? Think again! And remember, Hillary Clinton, she got your back. She will give your back a push, right into your grave as she lauds the racist ass Reagans for ignoring the ongoing medical and scientific experiments designed to eradicate us. Educate yourself on HIV-AIDS and all Sexually Transmitted Diseases and protect yourself by taking care of you! Because no one else gives a damn about us! They’d rather see us dead!

45 thoughts on “Clinton Praises Dead Racists Reagans Response To HIV-AIDS!

  1. I read the other day that blacks are backing Hillary. Do you know if this is true, Shelby?

    If it is true, I can’t imagine why blacks, in particular, would still be taking part in this every year farce, especially after Obama?

    I just read the other day, once again, that HIV/aids, like Ebola, was created by the military as a bio-weapon, and Africans were used to experiment on. But I could not find where I read this.

    If there is such a thing as universal justice, then this government and the west, in general, has an ass-kicking from hell coming to it, and rightly so!


    1. And you would be correct in believing that Black people are willing to follow that warmongering skank ass piece of filth right over a high ass cliff. Black people are THE most brainwashed fools in history. We never learn. We just continue to adhere to a script that was written by some shits that wouldn’t spit on us if we were on fire to help put it out!

      Why do you think I am hell bent on getting the hell out of this shithole? It is partly due to this reason. I can yell and scream and write poems and blogs until I turn green, purple and fuchsia and it does no goddamn good at all. I got nothing to work with because they’re all brainwashed, hypnotized and brain dead. But basically, that is Amerikans for you.

      Another sad fact is that Black people still laud Obama as though he is the second coming of Christ. I’ve stopped even saying anything about Obama’s drone loving ass when out in public because I’d have to get to shooting and since I’m trying to get out of here, I want nothing to interfere with that.

      I know that this disease was man-made with horrible intentions and I know who it was seriously aimed at annihilating, Black people. We are to go the route of the Indians and they will not be satisfied until that has been accomplished. It is also sad that the majority of ex-pats are white because I daresay only a handful of Black people can afford to visit foreign countries or attempt to live in them. Ex-pats tend to be almost to a one, white. And now that the government of these fucked up states has increased the ‘renounce your citizenship fees’ to over $2,000, that makes it even harder to tell this shithole to kiss our ass. It’s all done by design. So many people are leaving this hole before it sinks that the government has started to cash in on people leaving but it has not deterred them from leaving. That is how bad it is and people with two eyes in their head and more than 2 brain cells working know that it is going to get much worse and so they got ta steppin’.

      Sojourner, I thank you for that spot-on comment! It was right as rain! Oh and, welcome back! Good to see you in here. You have been missed!

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      1. It is beyond belief! And the rest of Americans are really no different; their the “Thank you, SIRS, may we have another” crew!

        I have pretty much given up on exhorting people to wake the hell up. A year ago, I was frothing at the mouth in every post, and saying much of the same thing over and over again. And even among the people I know, they were, and still are, asleep and plan to remain so.

        What I have come to, Shelby, and I may be wrong, is most people do not want to be truly free individuals. Most people, of all colors and races, never got over the “I need my mommy and daddy” stage. They love being under the thumb of a nanny/police state. So they will put up with any kind of shit from a psychotic despot as long as they don’t have to do anything to improve their situation. This is common, in particular, among Americans. Americans have been the most propagandized/indoctrinated/mind-controlled/dumbed-down people to ever exist. And most of them seem to like it!

        But someday, “mommy and daddy” will show their monstrous side, completely, as they have in the past, and then these folks will run around like chickens with their heads cut off. But then it will be too late, and the shit will begin all over again, just as it has for eons now!

        Don’t make yourself sick, Shelby, trying to reach people who do not want to be reached. You have done your best to warn all of us. It’s all you can do, it’s all any of us can do!

        I concentrate on people like you, Bramhall, Tube, Lou and many others; those of us who see and know the horrific truth. And believe it or not, there are some who are still waking up. I was one of these folks a few years ago, and you helped me to awaken!


        Do you remember News For the Revolution? Did you know he died? He had been ill for a while. So he went in for tests last summer, and in two months he was dead.

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      2. Sojourner, freedom is supposed to come easy. It is supposed to come with a remote control just like our TVs and we just punch a button and voila! There is freedom! Right at our fingertips and we didn’t have to do any hard labor that made us sweat; the remote control got it done.

        And doncha know, we just love despots. That is why we stand in long lines every four years because we believe that we actually have a say in who gets to become our next despot. We think we get to pick and choose between despot No.1 and despot No. 2 when the next despot has already been chosen and we had not a goddamn thing to do with it. But we love the illusion of freely picking and choosing our despot.

        Also, we love our Amerikan life so much that we just need to dull the pain every single day by hitting the liquor stores after work. We need to dull our love of our Amerikan life by hitting up the drug dealer on the corner for some heroin or crack and maybe some LSD for some old timers. And since our doctors with the aid of Big Pharma got us hooked on heroin thanks to that ole back injury, well now, we gotta have our fix and so it’s back to the drug dealer on the corner.

        And we love working our ass off for peanuts at the McDonalds and for the temp agencies that don’t pay shit and offer no sick time for when ya get pink eye and infect the customers like what happened at Jimmy Johns.

        So, our great Amerikan life is to get up by the alarm clock, go to work, get drunk, fall into bed drunk and/or high, get up and repeat.

        Go to work selling drugs on the corner, get busted, go to jail, become slave labor inside the big house.

        Go to work selling drugs, get shot dead by either another drug dealer of the KKKops.

        Get fired, lose home, become homeless, get locked up for loitering, become slave labor.

        Pick which scenario of great Amerikan life you would like to live. Pick any one of them. They’re all the same. Ain’t Amerikan life grand?

        Now, do you see why I want out of this shithole? And yes I know, I have passed the point of sounding like a broken record, but I am so fucking serious about getting the hell out, it ain’t even funny! I can’t wait to tell this shithole to kiss my outgoing fucking ass!

        And I knew that Newsfortherevolution was dead. May he rest in peace. I was still perusing your blog when you and News were going back and forth and he was saying how he didn’t feel well and I thought, “Oh shit! This is not going to end well!” Long before he stopped reblogging my posts, I knew he was gone and I mourned him. He was a tender, warm-hearted soul and he is missed. I truly miss him even to this day. I’ll even go back to some of my earlier posts just to see his Avatar and read some of his comments. Even though I cuss and rail and rant up a shit storm, I am still so very sensitive and so, yes, I knew he was gone.

        Sojourner, I am so sorry because you and News got on like a house on fire and I know you miss him still. A great and gentle soul has passed on. For the love of…..!!! That is why I have got to get the hell out of here because life is just too short to live underneath this dark ass shit and put up with what we put up with over here. I may not find what I’m looking for by leaving, but one thing I do know, it fucking ain’t here!!

        Thank you Sojourner for your comment and for letting me know about Newsfortherevolution! He will never be forgotten!

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  2. From Tubularsock research it appears “older” Blacks are backing Hillary but younger Blacks are not. The reason given is Blacks vote Democratic for fear of the “White Party” aka Republicans.

    But many Blacks still think well of Step-an-fetch-it-Obummer and so do White liberals ……. hey, there are dumb fucks in every walk of life!

    Tubularsock’s theory about Reagan is that he deliberately got Alzheimer so he wouldn’t have to remember just how fucked up his Presidential track record happened to be. And fucking Nancy should have said YES to drugs and then she might not have been such a crazy bitch!

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    1. Well, I am somewhere in between ‘young and old’ and I am NOT backing that warmonger! I am sure that what you write is true because I am certain that my mother will have a ‘Hillary Clinton For President 2016’ sign in her yard and cousin Clarabelle will be busily volunteering at that warmonger’s campaign headquarters in the small town of Hooterville, VA. Meanwhile, the members of the Bloods and the Crips that have descended on the town since gentrification took hold in Washington, D.C. will continue to shoot it out on Main Street right outside the polling station since they cannot vote. So, the Black vote will go to Hillary Clinton by default since the Black youth can’t vote due to having felony records in almost all 50 states in AmeriKKKa.

      Step-an-fetch-it, as you say does indeed have a most loyal following in the Black community. He walks on water and can do no wrong. Even if he drone struck the entire south side of Chicago and all of Detroit, his image could not be, dare I say, ‘tarred’?

      “Tubularsock’s theory about Reagan is that he deliberately got Alzheimer so he wouldn’t have to remember just how fucked up his Presidential track record happened to be. And fucking Nancy should have said YES to drugs and then she might not have been such a crazy bitch!”

      THAT is hilarious! And there is nothing more I can add to that! LMAO!!!!!


      1. Tubularsock research updater: ” it appears “older” Blacks are backing Hillary BUT ONE in-the-middle- Black and younger Blacks are not”.
        This has been an up to the minute Tubularsock research updater.

        Now stay tuned for the nautical news……………..

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      2. Thank you for the update Tubularsock research!

        The Nautical News on ALL fronts is that ‘The Leaky Boat Brigade’ is charting a course for uncharted territories and based on findings by Tubularsock Leaky Boats And Sales, since the ocean is full of plastic bottles, ‘The Leaky Boat Brigade’ has been assured of not sinking due to getting propped up by all of the plastic bottle garbage that has overwhelmed deep sea life. Litter, litter everywhere! Bad news for the fish! Good news for ‘The Leaky Boat Brigade’. With the wind at my back and plastic bottles underneath the leaky boat and the compass to point me in the right direction, I shall rescue myself from the doomed ‘Titanic AmeriKKKa!

        Continue to stay tuned for updates from Tubularsock research and ‘The Leaky Boat Brigade’. If you feel the need to desert or you’re about to go berserk, contact me and I’ll find a spot for you as part of the crew of ‘The Leaky Boat Brigade’!


    2. There you go again, Tube, telling it like it is, or should have been, speaking the truth!

      It was the jelly beans that got to Ronnie, if you ask me! I didn’t know there was a “Dumbass Crook” flavor!

      Both B actors and Z human beings!


  3. Slightly off topic, but do you think the statistics are pretty accurate, like Black people [or any other “minority” group] making up such a small percentage of the U.S. population? Or do you think it’s a ploy to perpetuate the white majority construct?


    1. You bring up an interesting point Kelley. Most likely, the liars are at it again. They never stop. There are probably more of us than the percentages suggest; probably quite a bit more or you would not continue to hear about ‘courting the Black vote’. If we count for so few, why are we being ‘courted’ by Bernie Sanders and Hillary ‘skank ass’ Clinton? Despite the fact of millions of Black people having had the right to vote rescinded thanks in part to felony convictions, apparently, we are still a voting force to be reckoned with. The so-called power structure here seems to scream more about the Black vote as opposed to the Latino or Hispanic vote and we certainly know that they are gaining in population count seeing as how they’re mostly Catholic and don’t go in for birth control.

      It would really be interesting to actually KNOW for a fact just what our percentage is in this fucked up shithole, but whatever it is subtract one(that would be me)from that figure in a few months time.

      Kelley, you know how they always want to make it seem as though we play a minor role in everything that has to do with anything. The whites don’t want to give up their illusion of a majority. Hell! Just as soon as it was announced that whites would soon become a minority here in a few short years, they went nuts. So, it is not a stretch to think that we are undercounted in every way.

      And by all means, say anything that is on your mind, regardless of what the post is about because everything you say has relevancy. Whatever you say is always welcome here!

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      1. Thank you! And I know you’ll always keep it honest!

        And that is true, they often bring up the Black vote like there are only Black
        + white people here. And you know you’re on point about them going nuts trying to maintain their feigned control + majority. Dr. Frances Cress Welsing said “people who are fearful of their genetic annihilation will design genocide of the populations they have fear of” and they have made that fear so obvious in many ways..desperate times I guess.

        What will you blog about one you leave this shithole?

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      2. Well, since there are only about 45 or so Indians left, no need to ‘court’ their vote. They took care of the Indian ‘problem’, now it’s our turn.

        It was smallpox blankets for the Indians along with firewater and STDS and now it’s STDS with us, firewater oh, and bullets, same as with the Indians. If it works, why change the script.

        I don’t know if you recall, but I put up a post about how Baltimore, MD is just saturated with illegal liquor stores owned by Koreans. When the riots broke out is when the city officials of Baltimore finally claimed to have found out that the liquor stores in Black communities were illegal because they were not zoned for the neighborhoods. Now, if it had not been for the people they called ‘thugs’, no one would have said a goddamn word about those ‘thug’ Koreans and the ‘thug’ city officials of Baltimore that got paid by the Koreans to look the other way over those illegal liquor stores. Those goddamn Koreans don’t come over here and open up liquor stores in their own fucking neighborhoods, they are promptly sent into Black neighborhoods to alcohol poison us. There were some neighborhoods that had FOUR liquor stores within a one-block radius. How many Korean-owned liquor stores do you think were opened in ‘Koreaville, MD’? Not a goddamn one because they were too busy setting em up in our neighborhoods. The Chinese do the same damn thing. They set up Chinese Carry outs on every single corner, but you cannot find a ‘soul food’ Carry out run by Black people.

        This mess just galls me no end. And our people will not get it together and stop handing our hard-earned money over to those bastards who don’t give a shit about us. They certainly don’t live beside us. They only open up shop in our neighborhoods and get rich off us and take their ill-gotten gains back to their own insular communities.

        As for me continuing to blog once I leave this shithole, I don’t think I’ll be doing this. I want to get so far away from even a Wi-Fi signal, it don’t even make sense. I don’t mind going totally primitive; a lean-to will do just fine for me. Wake up in the morning and step outside my lean-to and bash a coconut from a tree for breakfast and pick wild berries for lunch. Dinner will be a lovely papaya. That’s the life! Watch a beautiful sunset set every evening, walk along the beach and just forget about mirrors and makeup and purses and cellphones; just leave it all behind. That is what I would really like to do. Hike trails and eventually look like something that’s been stranded on a deserted island for centuries.

        But wherever I end up, I will certainly never forget you and all my other wonderful readers who have come to mean more than my own family to me. I love you all!

        Thank you Kelley!

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      3. Lovely! [the last paragraphs] I’m looking at Tanzania or Madagascar.. somewhere shoes and “status” are not required. That sounds like the life.

        And yes I remember that post. It’s crazy how we continue to make others rich by frequenting liquor stores, nail salons, restaurants + convenience stores owned by people that look nothing like us and offer nothing but crap. We have so much buying power and have nothing of value to show for it.

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      4. Exactly! And I have been saying this over and over again. And still, we continue to whine to the ‘white’ man to do something about our situation. Over a trillion dollars runs through our hands each year straight into the pockets of everybody except us. We can be dirt ass poor, but we will surely stand on the corner sporting some $140 sneakers and then head home to a huge gigamungous TV that fills one whole wall and the lights are out!

        I have seen with my own eyes, extension cords strung from one house to another. I have seen people attempting to re-connect the electricity after it has been turned off by the power company and succeed. Only to have the power company come back out and remove the box. smh

        I seriously don’t know why I continue to bother.

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    2. Kelly, blacks are routinely undercounted in US census to skew the results. The truth is that the U.S. Census, according to the Constitution, was conceived to produce an “actual enumeration” of the nation’s population every ten years and to establish a basis for determining the number of members of the U.S. House of Representatives from each state.
      White elites have been manipulating the numbers to serve their agendas, most Latinos were counted as white in the 2010 Census. Of course, the “Hispanic or Latino” is not a race, so Census counts make the white population overinflated. More info:


  4. Polling reveals (okie-dokie polling and numbers juggling LTD.) that the pollsters haven’t a fucking clue as to what the numbers reveal. So they’re just making shit up as they plod along. Blindly of course.
    AIDS was concocted by the CIA at the Dugway Proving Grounds to be quite specific, so as to keep the damn gays from getting jiggy with straights and when it proved to be a pandemic amongst the Black Community, well, that was just icing on a black ops cake.
    Powerful writing Ms. Shelby and spot on.


    1. And you are right as rain as well Skulz. Indeed, I did call it like it is in my post about the homosexuals infected with AIDS and about how Black people were also targeted. Look at that Hollywood shit. They go on and on about the homosexual lifestyle and yet AIDS was introduced as a killer for that group and for Black people and it is always a plus or a bonus for the architects of genocide against Black people.

      I still think that AIDS was aimed at Black people as well as homosexuals because look at how rampant it is in Africa and who is over there handing out supposed helpful vaccines? And remember Bill Gates is a nasty, filthy inhuman beast that has the means to spread that shit through the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation and that fucked up shit screams about ‘world health’ otherwise known as ‘world death’. I wouldn’t trust that filth to bring me a sealed bottle of water.

      I have always told Black people to “Beware of ‘whites’ bearing gifts!” There is some serious foul ass shit behind it! Rich white motherfuckers ain’t never meant us any goddamn good and they ain’t about to start now. And I do believe that homosexuality was not all that prevalent in Africa especially seeing as how many African countries are overwhelmingly Muslim and Islam frowns upon homosexuality.

      Yes indeed, AIDS was most definitely manufactured and did not just come out of nowhere like we are led to believe. And the so-called ‘AIDS drug cocktails’ and shit are certainly enabling the makers of those antiretroviral drugs to laugh all the way to the goddamn bank!

      And despite all, our population count, I do believe is much higher than some paltry 13%. It is exactly what they do when posting the national unemployment figures, as you say, ‘juggle’ em. We know goodness goddamn well that the unemployment rate does not stand at 4.9% when every single day, yet another big name brand store is filing for bankruptcy and others are coughing and gasping to stay alive and are on life support. The only stores that are doing a booming business are the liquor stores and the gummint aka pharmacies for selling oxycodone, not to mention, the drug dealers.

      With all of that shit going down, is it any wonder that AmeriKKKans are strung out on every drug under the sun and in any and all forms? Hell no!

      I thank you most kindly for your comment Skulz!

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  5. Another excellent post Shelby! As more ppl find out the truth about the Clintons, the numbers will be reflected in the polls. Young ppl know whats up, politicians are never to be trusted, especially that skank Hillary who certainly does not have black’s interests at heart. She just keeps using n abusing.


    1. Well, we are certainly trying and cannot be faulted for not trying. We can only put it out there and hope it gets picked up. I’m still trying even though I’m hell bent on getting the hell out, but I ain’t left yet. I got one more fish to fry and then it’s into the leaky boat, I go.

      1EarthUnited, Black people are going to continue to vote for the Clintons even though the Clintons have done nothing for Black people. Hell! Black folks won’t even do any research to find out how badly the Clintons fucked over the Haitian people. If they knew about that, you’d think they’d get a goddamn clue and realize that they’re been played for a fool.

      Just like I stated in a previous comment, my mother and her cronies will all to a one, have a Hillary Clinton for President sign sitting up high and proud in their front yards and my stupid, dumbass cousin will as usual, volunteer at the campaign headquarters just a spreading the word that Hillary Clinton is a gift from Gawd. They’re all conservative democratic voters, doncha know! That is exactly why I got the hell out of my hometown ’cause I did not fit in with that shit! And I refused to stand idly by and listen to that dumbass prattle.

      And she can just keep on abusing ’em cause they’re begging for it!

      1EarthUnited, I thank you for your most excellent comment!


  6. Yeah, the story that AIDS came from a monkey virus has been debunked. I think most blacks have at least some idea of what is really going on with this disease. Prison, where they had already been infected, was the number one reason it is such a problem today. It is sad how many of our people have the disease. The cities with the most infected are those with very large black populations, such as N.O., D.C., and Memphis. The disease was never really meant to kill gays in general. All the diseases blacks have are not by accident, and only the right care can cure them.

    Homosexuality is not part of our culture at all. Even LGBT promoters should know it. However, they always try to use us, never any other group, for their agenda.

    We have no reason to vote for Mrs. Clinton. A lot of blacks are fed up with the Democrat Party but I don’t really see why the Republicans are worth our vote either. I will not vote for president. This incident reminds me of President Clinton going to an Arkansas prison and putting on sunglasses as a black chain gang worked in the hot sun during his first campaign. It meant something.


    1. Hell no! AIDS did not come from a goddamn monkey. If a monkey had AIDS, it’s cause they gave AIDS to the goddamn monkey just like they’re giving it to Black people all over the world. They smacked that shit right down in Africa and in Black communities along with crack and killer KKKops. They want us dead, dead and dead again! We can’t just be dead, we’ve got to be dead, dead DEAD!! To the white motherfuckers that put that hit out on us, the only ‘good nigger is a dead nigger!’ And that is why many people in the South refuse to even go to a doctor and many whites down there won’t even go. I’ve talked with people from my hometown who tell me that they’ve never seen a doctor and many of them end up dying at age 89 and 96. The folks that went to doctors are pushing up daisies at the grand ole age of 45, 49, 53 and some mo shit like that.

      And N.S., D.C. was ground zero for that AIDS shit and that is why they’re moving all of those infected Black people all up out of there. D.C. is no longer known as ‘Chocolate City’ because now, it’s GENTRIFIED! My little hometown is loaded down with Black folks from D.C. and now AIDS is all up in my hometown thanks to the infected coming there and spreading it.

      I’ll never forget, when I moved back there to take care of my mom and I went to the pharmacy to pick up her prescriptions, the pharmacist told me, “I haven’t seen you before, you new in town?” I told her yes and she said, be careful of who you mess with here because AIDS is so bad here and the doctors really don’t know what they’re doing because they’ve never seen anything like it. She didn’t have to tell me to basically keep my legs closed. My chastity belt was on, the key was lost decades ago and even if it was hanging around my neck, that shit in my hometown was already on my “Leave the hell alone” list because I already knew about who had what. That’s small towns for ya!

      And no, homosexuality was NOT a part of our culture. I don’t know why these fools are taking up with that shit other than because of prison. And some man told me months ago that the sagging pants look is due to prison and bending over with the pants already down and just plug away in the butt! Now, that’s what I was told, if it’s true, I don’t know ’cause I ain’t never been inside to find out and I ain’t going. That’s why I’m not trying to shoot anybody before I can get the hell out of here. I don’t have a poker, but some prison guard with AIDS could poke my ass and there I go sitting up looking sick and some mo shit!

      Black folks can’t look to Bernie Sanders for a goddamn thing! What the fuck is he gonna do for Black people? Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are cut from the same cloth. They are no different. And no politician has an ounce of empathy for the plight of Black people in this country or anywhere else for that matter. We are on our own. But you can’t tell the dumb, the stupid and the clueless that. They’ve got to believe in some ‘white’ savior.

      I thank you for your comment N.S.


      1. Yes, my own hometown is near the top. Unfortunately, every place with a high number of blacks is on the list. I agree with you about Bernie Sanders. Our current president endorsed him, and said that he was just like him when he was running in ’08. Well, I should probably stop talking about this, and think about more positive things.


      2. Well, I am sorry that this post got you down N.S. It’s got me down as well. There doesn’t seem to be any good news when it comes to us Black folks and there will be none. We’re all fucked and some of us still don’t realize how fucked we are. They insist on pretending that if a particular candidate gets elected, then all will be right in their community. Sigh! The delusional, walking around in a hazy daze, must be nice.

        Again, thank you for your comment.


      3. I didn’t mean we should ignore it by the last statement. Just hard to look at this situation came to be.


      4. A very astute comment, why would any intelligent capable black person look for handouts from white elitist politicians who want to keep the peons down. Hillary is big proponent of exporting all US jobs overseas and Mexico via TPP and NAFTA, to benefit her crony capitalist. Blacks get to feed off the “trickle down” effect… what a load of crap!
        LMAO “white savior”, they’ll be waiting for the second coming of Jesus… ain’t never gonna happen.

        I pray to god these are not the typical ppl who vote for Hillary:


      5. Not every black who supports her is poor. A lot aren’t. Even the poor who choose to vote for her are really not looking for handouts.

        Yes, she is supporting the “trickle down” effect.

        Liked by 1 person

      6. That is true what you wrote N.S.! We’re not all sitting somewhere on the dole expecting a handout. The majority of folks sitting somewhere who ARE expecting a handout, are lily white-assed. Let’s be real clear about that!

        And I thank you for clearing that up N.S.

        My mother supports Hillary Clinton and she is by no means poor and has never been on ‘the system’ expecting it to give her a goddamn thing! White motherfuckers always go to that Alec Jones ‘infowars’ site because that shit is always attempting to make it seem as though Black people are some poor ass snakes expecting handouts. The face of welfare always has been Caucasoid! Make no mistake about that shit! But you’re not going to find ‘infowars’ spreading THAT particular truth! Oh hell no! Because that truth does not fit in with their fucked up agenda! Come in here with some correct shit or don’t come in here at all!

        And I have fixed that! Because I have told these white motherfuckers that if they come all up in here, they better act like they know or don’t come in here at all. When they bring the shit and it’s fucked up, out it goes and so out, it went!


  7. I didn’t even know Nancy Reagan passed away… May she NOT rest in peace, old vampire demon hag… There was a reason why I called Hillary a Medusa-Witch-Beast-Grimplork and she has proven my words right to a ‘T’. Young people are definitely hip to the game. I even have people at my job here in the Caribbean saying that they want Hillary to win the election, cause they don’t want Donald Trump to win. My my, if only they knew. Donald Trump is only playing a role, by him being an outrageous, bloviating, racist varglornilk that people, particularly black people out of fear will undoubtedly run to Hilary. It’s a typical good-cop bad cop tactic and like clock work and fish, we got caught hook line and sinker


    1. indotopianwarrior, Tubularsock feels you may be correct but Tubularsock would include ALL people not just people of color. The colorless people are also being set up to rush to Hillary. Tubularsock likes your name for Hillary and you are spot on when it comes to Nancy.


    2. Nidotoptianwarrior, I didn’t need to know that dried up wrinkled ole crone had finally croaked, but unfortunately when I logged in, her ugly ass mug was staring me in the face with the caption, “Crone croaks!” And then, there was a picture of Hillary Clinton telling lies about those vicious dirty ass Reagans and about how they were such staunch supporters of AIDS infected people and research for the cure and some mo unbelievable bullshit! Oh, the whole nine yards. The lies and damn lies just leaped out at me and I had to run with it. That’s the only reason I post is when something has just got my goat up to no end. Other than that, I just peruse other peoples blogs and comment. I am pretty much done in attempting to get through to people who are just willfully blind, stupid and brain dead. There is nothing whatsoever to work with over here and I am way past trying to see if Amerikans have more than just helium inside their skulls, cause that’s the only thing that would keep their goddamn head from sagging is that it’s being held up because it’s filled with fucking helium.

      And you are certainly correct in your assessment of Donald Trump’s role in all of this. Trump will never be president. And motherfuckers can take that to the bank. He is there for the express purpose of pushing Black folks towards Hillary Clinton’s camp by scaring them into believing that after Trump is elected president, the shit that goes on at Trump rallies is going to unfold across AmeriKKKa. The only thing that gets people rioting and acting a fool is false flag shit and a new pair of Air Jordan’s. Going hungry don’t even get ’em to riot. They just stand on the corner and beg with a $140 pair of Air Jordan’s on. This is why I just don’t give a damn anymore. They deserve everything they’ve got coming because they’re willfully stupid!

      I thank you for your comment nidotopianwarrior!


  8. “And to Black AmeriKKKa, I suggest you understand that we are not just the victims of police brutality, discrimination, income inequality, mass incarceration, the school-to-prison pipeline, homelessness and the list is endless, we are also the continued victims of medical and scientific experiments designed to eradicate us. You have only to recall the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment. Think the experiments have ceased? Think again! And remember, Hillary Clinton, she got your back. She will give your back a push, right into your grave as she lauds the racist ass Reagans for ignoring the ongoing medical and scientific experiments designed to eradicate us. Educate yourself on HIV-AIDS and all Sexually Transmitted Diseases and protect yourself by taking care of you! Because no one else gives a damn about us! They’d rather see us dead!”
    Thank you for this! Another great post Shelby! You were spot on!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tell us how you REALLY feel, Dr. Bramhall!!! You’ve said it! And in no uncertain terms. Nothing will change in this shithole when Killary Clinton takes the oath of office. Wall Street will continue its smoke and mirrors shit, Black people will continue to get gunned down all over the place by racist KKKops with a badge and gun. The unemployment rate will continue to go down even though the jobs are gone and the TPPA is heading down the pike. I hear tell that Mexico is up and coming. Soon, Mexico is going to have a problem keeping the ‘gringos’ out. If any wall needs to be built, it’s going to need to be built by Mexico to keep the jobless Americans from running down there chasing after their lost jobs. More and more companies are announcing layoffs due to companies relocating to Mexico where labor is SO much cheaper. “Two pesos an hour, anyone?” The ‘illegals’ are going to be former AmeriKKKans. Talk about payback being a bitch! There’s that karma thing. I swear, this is rich! And you are right, Killary Clinton is a bitch, she’s a bitch with a rabid bite. That bitch got rabies; foaming at the goddamn mouth and all. And is just what this shithole deserves because AmeriKKKans are stupid!

      Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for your comment! I could not have said it better myself! You go with your bad self!!! Dr. Bramhall, all up in DA house, telling it like it is!!!


  9. I tend to think the comments above may be on to something. I find it hard to believe that the majority of young blacks would be following suit with blacks my age (66).

    And polls can never be trusted! And as the one comment suggested, the polls could be twisted toward a white advantage. Also, Tube’s point about whites being as duped by Hillary is spot on, in my opinion.

    Great post and comments, Shelby!


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