“Black People Are Super Predators! Bring Them To Heel!” Said Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton kissing Down To the Ku Klux Klan. So Black folks, ain't she grand? Now, go vote for this shit!
Hillary Clinton kissing Down To the Ku Klux Klan. So Black folks, ain’t she grand? Now, go vote for this shit!



“Goddamn it! I said HEEL, you goddamn Black assed dogs!!! I’m your Massa’s wife and I say HEEL you Black motherfuckers!!!”

Hillary Clinton was heard using some extremely colorful language when giving a speech on the demeanor of Black people in AmeriKKKa since the official end of slavery. Apparently, there has been marauding gangs of Black Super Predators running amok and lynching white folks by the hundreds. They have also been gunning down white folks for merely attempting to sit at a lunch counter and partake of a sam’ich. They should know better. Lunch counters are not for these Black Super Predators! Lunch counters are for the Ku Klux Klan to socialize, compare schedules and figure out when there is a waning crescent moon, don those white sheets and hoods and commence to showing those Black Super Predators just what it means to invoke the ire of the overseers in this here plantation called, “AmeriKKKa!”

“We also have to initiate an organized effort against descendants of slaves…. They are not just ex-slaves anymore. They are often the kinds of fierce Black motherfuckers that are called super predators. No conscience, no empathy. We can talk about why they ended up that way, but first we have to bring them to heel, and the president has asked the FBI to launch a very concerted effort against descendants of slaves, everywhere.” – Hillary Clinton

“Now, we all know that the slavers were extremely careful with their slave cargo. Those Black-assed motherfuckers in the cargo holds were having all sorts of wild orgies; card games, shooting dice, ordering rum punch and prostitutes. No one even bothered to interfere with their horrible vices. To this day, I cannot figure out why we allowed them to come to AmeriKKKa in the first place to work good paying jobs because now, they have morphed into a race of Super Predators, just a preying on innocent white folks as they lie in their beds at night, counting angelic sheep and hoping against all hope that they get through another night without waking up to white sheets, hoods, torches and crosses. Bill and I have worried ourselves sleepless on how to bring these Super Predators to heel. We have finally found a temporary solution to the problem. We have taken up the gauntlet where Ronald Reagan left off. No MORE WELFARE QUEENS! And this time we mean it. Don’t bother with the statistics that prove that lily-white asses like mine are all up on the dole and hold the dubious distinction of having the highest percentage of recipients on welfare. Yes, they be white, but we will ignore the facts and continue to ‘white wash’ the shit in AmeriKKKa like we always do. There is no need to air our dirty laundry in public. That’s why we got hired help. Thank you Mexico! Where was I? Oh, of course. Not only did my dear philandering husband Bill, overhaul this nation’s welfare program, but he also signed into law that great trade agreement, NAFTA(North American Free Trade Agreement) on December 8, 1993, that literally decimated American jobs, sent them to Mexico and Canada. Once we had taken the jobs away from these Black heathen-like Super Predators, the next step was to find somewhere to house them before they burned down our great cities in search of food and some place to live. So Bill came up with the great idea to get tough on crime AND how!”

“My husband Bill almost swooned with joy when speaking of the ‘three-strikes law’, a $30billion dollar crime bill that created dozens of new federal capital crimes, mandated life sentences for some three-time offenders, and authorized more than $16 billion for state prison grants and the expansion of police forces. And by the time my husband left office in 2001, the United States had the highest rate of incarceration in the world of mostly Black Super Predators. We taught those Black-assed Super Predators just who was boss! We denied them good paying jobs by way of NAFTA and what NAFTA didn’t do, the criminal justice system accomplished. But these Super Predators are a wily bunch of hooligans and for some reason, they just refuse to all drop dead and now, here I am once again, attempting to ‘court’ their vote and hide my disdain, contempt and pure hatred for this sub-human species that we have tried to eradicate, but so far, to no avail. However, once I am elected president, I shall take up where Dear Bill left off because those Black heathens are just so forgiving and forgetful. There was a saying back in the good ole days between the slavers, ‘I sure hope Jeb that these Black heathens don’t have brains as big as their peckers!’ And you know what? They don’t!”

“So, yeah! Vote for me, you stupid Black motherfuckers! You’ll get just what you’re dying for. I shall see to it! And I’ve got a new campaign chant just for these Black Super Predators.”

‘I would hang you high myself,
but I wouldn’t want to soil my hands.
Mamie, come bring me some lemonade
as I wow these niggers in the stands.

They will vote for me, I am sure,
because their brains are the size of peas.
Just take a look at all those Black faces
wanting me to do to them just what I please!

I will take care of you  and that’s a fact.
You can believe that what I say is true.
You’ve forgotten what Bill did and now here I am.
We gone put y’all niggers back in the zoo!’

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland (temporary ‘chant’ writer for Hillary Clinton)
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

So, to ALL the Negroes out there, go right ahead and vote for Hillary Clinton and when that warmonger hands you your ass on a platter, shut the fuck up! You got just what you deserve!

29 thoughts on ““Black People Are Super Predators! Bring Them To Heel!” Said Hillary Clinton

    1. Oh Skulz, dahlin’! You send me too, my love!! I played the song and sung along and now wolves are at my door, howling! I know I can’t sing, but goddamn! No wonder they refused to let me sing in the choir in church. Both my sisters were pressed to join the ‘young adult’ choir, but not me. Sometimes, I have to look in the mirror to check and make sure I’m of the ‘permanent tan’ variety. Hell! I can’t sing. I can’t dance. I can’t cook. WTF!!!

      Sweetie, I am SO glad that I’m not too much for you! But then again, I’ve been to your blog and you are most likely too much for some, just like I am. But never mind that, we gone be who we be!!

      I am tickled to pieces that you like this one! It is oh so true and we both know it. I’d send it to my mother down in Hooterville, VA to get her all worked up but she ain’t online. I am SO bad!

      Thank you for the BIG thumbs up on this one and for Sam Cooke. I love that song! I’m still singing and the wolves are still howling! I guess, at this point, I can assume that I’m howling too! ROTFLMAO!! Thanks again man! Love you!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. LOL! I love it too. In fact, I’m gonna ‘like’ all up and down on this one myself.

        Uh…hold up! Wait a minute! Someone just handed me a note. It says, “Shelby your mother is now online and here is her email address:”


        Let me make sure I got that right!

        There! Sent! You’re welcome mother!! ROTFLMAO!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!

        Skulz, I’m having so much fun with this one! I’m also sending it to her via snail mail. I wanna make sure she ‘gets’ it!!! LOL!

        Thanks Skulz! You DA man!!

        P.S. Folks, I wouldn’t click the link if I were you, no telling what you’ll find!


  1. This was very funny, especially the paragraph after the Hillary Clinton quote. President Clinton “apologized” for helping to lock up all those black people during his administration late last year. I think we will almost certainly have a Republican over our country next year, though it has been really hard to make a prediction but Hillary has a relatively low level of support for a black Democrat right now. Not that it matters too much who is running the country eleven months from now. Her disdain is starting to peep through.

    “The first black president.” One of the worst things said by Toni Morrison. Any black person who thinks that we will not receive more of the same from Hillary if she is president is delusional.

    You just need to put her chant in a Southern dialect. Though, Mammy bring me the lemonades was hilarious(also, sadly true given how certain black women will show up and tell us that she will help us). “You’ll just get what you are dying for”… Classic

    Great post.


    1. N.S., Clinton also apologized for the Guatemala STD Experiment, but that didn’t help the Guatemalans who died because of it. I am sick to pieces of these useless, lame ass apologies that I can’t even wipe my ass with. Vile ass shit is done to people and decades down the goddamn road, some lame dick apologizes and that’s supposed to make it all better and right the wrongs? Like fucking hell it does! So many Black lives have been ruined by Clinton policies and an ‘apology’ is NOT going to correct THAT shit! I have no idea why Black folks revered the Clintons so damn much, anyway. They fucked AND fucked over the people of Haiti and they’ve done and will continue to do the same things to us. We never, ever learn.

      We cannot look to these evil, depraved monsters to do anything but what they are doing; killing us! The only ‘good’ Negro is a DEAD Negro to them! And the sooner we fucking figure this out, the better to get on with fixing what ails what few communities we have left. Because gentrification is fast wiping us out along with dumbing us down, killer KKKops, mass incarceration and poor or no health care. Who the fuck is kidding themselves that we are not headed towards the route of the Indians? Shits like Hillary Clinton are hell bent on reducing our numbers and that’s all they are hell bent on doing!

      Her ‘disdain’ for us has long since peeped through. It is glaringly obvious if we’d only open our eyes and see it. She has nothing but pure, unadulterated hatred for us and I am certainly not fooled by her skank, lying ass!

      I’m glad you liked this one. I figure, since the last post was most depressing, I’d introduce some levity into this one along with the truth. Again, I’m glad you liked it.

      Thank you for your comment N.S.


    2. While we have a very high number of hard core democrats, many of our people liked that Mr. Clinton put on those shades and played the saxophone. He also moved in to Harlem. There is another reason, but I am not going to publicly admit to what he did that they liked(though if you have spent enough time among blacks any time after the end of his administration, you should know what it is). Some of our people are really lost. In the case Hillary is the next leader, they will finally wake up. Even most Democrats are finding it hard to vote for her.


  2. What an unbelievable asshole!

    I just told someone the other day, why would anyone, in their right mind, continue to take part in this monstrosity of a government. It is way past time for this fucked-up, three ring circus to come to an end!

    If blacks can read this asshole’s quote and still support her, then there is no hope!


    1. Yes, what is unbelievable is that people can know that this lying piece of horseshit who is a stooge for the warmongers would do NOT a goddamn thing that is good, decent, honorable and aboveboard. Who actually thinks that this warwhore who absolutely loves Wall Street and who never saw a war she didn’t like, would look out for the benefit of the ‘common’ people. And us Black folks are among the ‘commonest’ of the lot in the eyes of the likes of Killary Clinton.

      The only way this three-ring circus would come to an end is if other countries got tired of this shithole, got together and blew it off the face of the planet and since that is never going to happen, the shits that decide to remain here are going to continue to be subjected to depraved warmongers who could care less about the plight of the jobless, homeless and hungry and if you happen to be Black, kiss your sorry ass goodbye, ’cause we are done for! Ain’t no getting around that! And there are going to be some Black folks that will support this vile ass shit and they are going to have a hard row to hoe. And when the bottom drops out, they’ll still be looking around for a ‘white’ savior. May their Gawd help ’em, because I surely would not!

      And just what the hell does Black people think Hillary Clinton meant when she said that Black people were super predators and needed to be brought to heel? Dog trainers teach a dog to HEEL! And she said this about us Negroes and I am going out and campaign for her ass and then vote for her????!!!!!!!!!! For real???!!! SHIT!!! That’ll fucking NEVER happen!!! Yet, we got some dumbass motherfuckers that can’t wait to enter the voting booth and place that ‘X’ by her fucking name! I despair OF us!!

      Thank you for your comment Sojourner!

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  3. Looks to me like a classic case of projection, ie projecting your own bad qualities on other people. I can’t think of anyone who fits the super predator label better than Hillary – in fact this seems to be the main reason people despise her.


    1. HELLO! Ain’t that a fact, Dr. Bramhall?? We got the biggest super predator just a going on and on about who IT believes to be a super predator. And I say IT when referring to Killary Clinton because that THING is no lady! That bitch is walking around with a jock strap on that’s bigger than Bill’s.

      Words actually fail me when attempting to describe just what I think of Hillary Clinton; they simply fail me! When that thing guffawed over the murder of Muammar Gaddafi and exclaimed, “We came, we saw, he died!,” I was too goddamn through! And IT just laughed ITS ass off and called it a joke about Gaddafi’s death. Yeah, that vile atrocious piece of shitty filth named Hillary Clinton is ALL heart! And if anybody believes that then, once again, I’ve got a suspension bridge in San Francisco, California that I am selling, dirt cheap!

      Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for that spot-on comment!


  4. Shelby, you wrote,

    “The only way this three-ring circus would come to an end is if other countries got tired of this shithole, got together and blew it off the face of the planet and since that is never going to happen..”

    I’m not so certain about this. I am beginning to believe we are headed for a third world war, as was predicted, in the 19th century, by the same folks who brought us numbers one and two.

    And Russia alone could blow this lie off of the face of the planet. For all of our tax dollars spent on defense, this country is ill prepared to defend itself against a REAL ENEMY. Oh this piece o shit can beat up on the helpless, little countries (and even lose those), just like the cowardly bully it is and always has been, but when faced with a real enemy, like Russia or China, this lie from hell will get its ass kicked right off of the planet.

    And good fucking riddance!

    Damn it, Shelby, you got my ass all stirred up again;-) Now where did I put those ludes and Jack Daniels?;-)


    1. Thank you Prince! You’ve said a mouthful! I wouldn’t trust that bitch with my pet rattlesnake, she’d eat it for breakfast(not that I have a pet rattlesnake)but if I did, I wouldn’t trust it with that warwhore! And yes, racist, she be!!! Without a doubt! But some dumbass Black folks are going to vote for her, nonetheless.

      Again, thank you for your comment!

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    1. Oh, indeed, she said it! That filthy warwhore said it! That thing is the super predator to end ALL super predators and yet had the nerve, the unmitigated gall to call Black people, super predators that need to be brought to heel, like we are some goddamn dogs that are poorly trained! I fucking swear, my goddamn head is going to explode and some mo shit over this blatant and outrageous racist garbage!

      That thing that calls itself Hillary Clinton, is a devil, but ‘she’ ain’t even involved because that thing ain’t no lady and that’s a fact! That thing wears pantsuits to cover up the jock strap bulge that’s bigger than Bill’s.

      Thank you for your comment 1EarthUnited!


    1. Thank you The Lamp! I appreciate the compliment on this one! And it is good to see you. It’s been awhile. I hope everything is going great with you! The battle is still raging, as you can see! And I am taking NO prisoners! It’s tough out there, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

      Again, thank you and good to see you!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for the heads-up! I needed that! Took it and ran with it!

        Like I always say, “This is war! Ain’t no goddamn peace!”

        Thanks again The Lamp! Much appreciated!


  5. Now hold on there Shelby! Hillary was deep, deep, deeply involved in the Civil Rights Movement! She went with here church group and met Martin Luther King! She was 13 years old! Well, that was about it but it’s enough to show how dedicated she is to ye ol’ blackys!


    1. Yeah! And I got myself all up in ‘white face’ so’s I could attend a Klan rally and get some in depth insight as to what those goddamn vile ass bastards was all about, seeing as how they claimed to be the ‘supremes’ and all but that don’t make me a ‘supreme’ now does it? The same applies to that filthy warwhore snake Killary Clinton, just because she met Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., don’t mean that she meant to walk a mile in his worn-out shoes from protesting the likes of Killary Clinton, now does it?

      I thanks ye kindly fer yer cawmint, Tubularsock!


  6. ” Apparently, there has been marauding gangs of Black Super Predators running amok and lynching white folks by the hundreds.”
    1. I’ve got a few ‘white folks’ that I want GUILLOTINED — how do I get in touch with these fine, upstanding folks to take care of this???
    2. My idiot mother had a well-worn phrase that she used regularly that fits Her Reprehensible Cunt to a ‘C’ — it takes one to know one! But I ain’t bitter! 🙂


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