There is No Savior Coming: Not a Religious/Spiritual or Political One!

Chow down on this enticing buffet, Americans!

Thank you Sojourner, for keeping it real!

11 thoughts on “There is No Savior Coming: Not a Religious/Spiritual or Political One!

  1. Beautifully written, thx for sharing this Sojourner, Shelby for posting. Hopefully this would help those sitting on the fence to wake up and question, not just vote mindlessly b/c we’ve been indoctrinated into thinking we have a choice of candidates. Funny how religion, nationalism, politics have in common- they are all illusions of mind, indoctrinated slavery.

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    1. 1EarthUnited, you are indeed, right as rain with that comment! Illusions are all we have left! For what if anything, is real. We don’t know. We are bombarded, daily, with lies, lies and damn lies by politicians, preachers and the mainstream media and so forth and so on. That is why the internet is the place to go to get informed. At least that way, we can peruse different websites and get a general idea of the situation. And as you know, here in AmeriKKKa, we are spoon fed watered down versions of war, false flag ops, budget issues, the national debt and everything in between.

      It is a sad fact that many AmeriKKKans are so easily brainwashed by every snake oil salesman with a good or not so good line. Many take it as ‘the gospel’ and run with it. And then we wonder why the rest of the world looks at us with disbelief for being so stupid and gullible. It’s because the majority of US are.

      “Indoctrinated slavery’ is exactly what it is and we just love what was once gilded cages that have now become tarnished from decades of neglect.

      Thank you for that spot on comment 1EarthUnited!

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    1. Tubularsock, I thought you was the Pope? Don’t tell me that you have ascended even higher than that most highly sought after ‘post’! LOL! Damn! Next, you’ll be Gawd himself! But then, you do be DA man!


  2. Awesome post! Thank you for sharing.. but I believe this piece will only reach those that already get it. We all know christians don’t like to question the word of gaaawd!


    1. Saints alive! Don’t I just know it! My sainted mother, who has told everyone regardless of whether or not they wanted to listen, that she will sit on one side of Gawd because she says that she has suffered much and has not sinned. So, apparently, there is to be Geezus on one side of Gawd and my sainted mother on the other. I am, or course, going to be judged rather harshly for my sins. I’m shaking in my slippers, I tell you, I truly am!

      And apparently, since I have been declared a ‘non-believer’, in the eyes of the ‘christians’, that is a most grievous of sins, never mind the sin of drone striking innocent people in wedding parties in Yemen. Never mind the fact of ignoring the homeless and the hungry. Never mind the fact of encouraging rampant mass hypnosis, zombyism, religious hysteria and an all and out belief in the outrageous; a belief in a being just as outrageous as the belief in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, but I am going to burn for millions of years in a lake of fire because I…uh…let me see, I have not murdered anyone because of the color of their skin. I have not lynched someone, also because of the color of their skin. I have not denied someone the use of a public restroom, lunch counter, swimming pool or school because of the color of their skin. I have not coveted another woman’s husband, and we all know that this is rampant in Gawd’s ‘holy’ palaces of worship, but for all of these BAAAAAD things that I have not done, I am going to burn forever!

      Well! If I am hell bound for doing none of the above, I am so glad that hell is where I am to be relocated because it sure as hell beats wherever those that did commit all of those most grievous of sins, shall find themselves.

      Kelley, I thank you for your comment. I couldn’t have said it better myself!

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      1. You keep it so real, Shelby and I appreciate that in this world that promotes and perpetuates the aforementioned madness you speak of. There’s a reason, well, many reasons, why I never liked church.

        I’m cool with “going to hell” too, far far away from them. I love warm weather.

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