I Am Not A Shell Of A Human Lacking Humanity!

no humanity

Strong hands rest on gently rounded hips,
smooth dark skin and thick, full lips.
Tightly curled hair, my crowning glory;
a picture perfect, wordless story.

Sculpted features, carved by time,
upon my face, not one wrinkle or line.
Legs that stand firm to bear my weight,
and a Teflon coating that repels all hate.

Torn from Africa and brought to these shores,
compared and found lacking to pale-skinned whores.
Desire in the eyes of sickly white men,
with fetid breath and reeking of gin.

Sent to the fields and whipped every day,
trying to understand why I’m treated this way.
No hope of returning to the home that I loved.
I’m poked and prodded, pushed and shoved.

Stripped and sold and draped in chains,
told that I’m an animal and that I have no brains.
Am I a beast of burden or the white man’s slave?
To him, I am both until I’m lowered in my grave.

He will have to whip me, both day and night.
And still he’ll not crush me nor dim my light.
It glows from within and it will not die.
My bloodline will continue to multiply.

I will not worship his god; a deity of hate,
nor confine my soul to the white man’s fate.
That is not who I am and never will be,
I am not a shell of a human lacking humanity.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

I absolutely refuse to bow down and worship the white man’s god! How can I worship that which produced filth that would enslave my ancestors and me, commit unspeakable atrocities against us and then have the unmitigated gall to then turn around and head inside a church to bow down and worship a so-called, god ‘of love’?You cannot have it both ways. Love cannot come from hate and whatever hatred is praying to, it is not a ‘god’ of love! You are being played! Stop playing the fool!

The ‘white’ man’s god is not a god of ‘love’ if it produced him, he who is filled with nothing but hate! Negro people, where is your capacity for critical thinking? How can you emulate the ‘white’ man’s ways when you know it doesn’t make any sense to follow him over the cliff? How can you know what he has done to your ancestors and is also doing to you and yet, you take up his habits, his beliefs, his justifications for why he does what he does and worship the same false idols? Are you insane? Because that would seem to be the case from where I sit. You dutifully bow your heads at the table and pray to a ‘god’ that produced hate, bigotry, racism, prejudice and a false sense of fake assed superiority designed to keep you in your place when that filth that has you believing that you are inferior is rotten to the core?

And yet, you still believe that evil personified is going to save you if only you will stand in line and vote for that which has been trying Its damned best to wipe you out of existence? Go ahead and continue playing the stooge for something that is less than an animal and is planning your genocide at all times!

25 thoughts on “I Am Not A Shell Of A Human Lacking Humanity!

    1. Ain’t it though, Skulz? And we seem hell bent on continuing the status quo. More’s the damn pity! But I do sincerely thank you for that big thumbs-up on this one, I surely do!!!


  1. “Am I a beast of burden or the white man’s slave?”

    No you are not, Shelby!

    You are a unique individual, like no one else (as are we all), born into a world that has been turned upside and backwards by a minority of psychopaths. And unfortunately, the majority of the rest of us have allowed ourselves to be made compliant and complacent, and thus unwilling to stand up to this horrendous evil.

    Beautiful and powerful, Shelby!

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    1. Thank you Sojourner, for that wonderful comment.

      But I gotta tell you. This post was partly born thanks in part to your post yesterday about how people look to a savior, whether religious/spiritual or political. I just went with it because of the severe brainwashing that is perpetrated on entire countries of people by snake oil salesmen simply because people need to be led like sheep by the hand to believe in something, anything and they will blindly follow whomever is promising some great mansion in the sky or 72 virgins once they ascend into heaven and feast upon such great delights. Oh, the money that has been stolen from the deceived and still, they believe.

      This is one reason we have a huge problem of waking people up in AmeriKKKa, it’s because if they can actually believe in fairytales to the point of handing over their hard-earned dollars, what is there to work with? Nothing!

      So, thank YOU for the inspiration for this one Sojourner! Take your bow, my good man!

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      1. Believe me, Shelby, I got the connection. It was just that this one line of yours, in particular, struck me as being at the heart of all of this hell we are all experiencing, some of us, of course, much more than others. And some, especially whites, have no idea they are in hell, and that their lives have been made meaningless. These are the real losers in life, Shelby, because when they die, most will sit there thinking, “What was my life worth? What did I ever really accomplish, for my self or anyone else?”

        Whites are by far, the most fucked up, and I’m not blowing smoke up your tush, here, Shelby. People of color are suffering and being fucked up by whites, but in the end, the people of color will have prevailed, while the whites perpetrating these crimes will pay the ultimate price: knowing they merely existed in a selfish, bigoted, meaningless life! There is a hell, and this is it, a self-imposed hell!

        We have been so conditioned to believe we are so much less than what we truly are.

        And this may be the subject of my next written out post.

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      2. You are spot on Sojourner and even the statistics back you up. Just recall all the unhappy people in America who are committing suicide because their lives are just not what they wish them to be.

        We hear about suicide prevention all the time because folks are just a killing themselves left and right and it is mostly white folks who cannot cope with a downturn in their lives. I am not suggesting that Black folks don’t commit suicide because they do, but by far the numbers point to a rash of suicides yearly by white folks. Now, that speaks volumes of the fact that many whites just feel that their lives are so meaningless that the only option is to kill themselves and many will look at their family members and take them out as well.

        We just had that very thing play out here. A man had some sort of nursing business and was living in a $1.5 million dollar house with his family, the business wasn’t going so well and the creditors were knocking at the door. The next thing we know, the man’s business associates don’t hear from him for days and someone calls the KKKops and they find all 5 family members shot dead in an apparent murder/suicide. This is some white folks solution to money/status quo problems. If that be the case, I’d rather be poor than feel that I must maintain a certain status to be accepted among a certain peer group and then when hard times arrive, ponder how I will be treated by that group that once welcomed me when things were going great, but when things ain’t looking so good, you get tossed out like yesterday’s garbage.

        Keeping up with the Joneses has always been problematic for many white folks and they would rather kill themselves and their families than face the contempt and disdain of their peers. That speaks of a sad lack of character and strength of will; not to mention, setting great store by material things over the simple pleasures that life has to offer.

        Thank you for your comment.

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  2. Christianity is a Stone Age religion based on the sun god myth. The movie Zeitgeist establishes this quite clarity. The sole function of Christianity has been to colonize other civilizations – that’s the only reason European monarchs so carefully preserved a Stone Age religion. It’s ludicrous to think there has been no evolution in human thinking or morality since the Stone Age – until you start listening to Donald Trump rallies, that is.

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    1. Dr. Bramhall, go to the head of the class! The Stone Age is right! We should still be sitting somewhere with bones in our noses and animal hides hanging from our midsection. Oh, wait! We do! Pierced noses with hoops in them and PETA up in arms about the whores of Hollywood only draping themselves in ounces of animal fir, otherwise known as ‘wardrobe malfunctions.

      When I wrote a poem about how we have not ‘evolved’, turns out, I was spot-on in that respect. We, ‘humans’ are not a work in progress, we are a clear case of a failed experiment and like all failed experiments, we will cause this experiment to ‘terminate’. Eventually, we are going to blow ourselves up anyway, it’s just a matter of time now.

      Dr. Bramhall, I thank you most kindly for that excellent observation! It was right on time!


    2. What else should we expect from a religion created by a Roman emperor and the ancestors of the Hyksos/Hebrew elite?

      All religion is about control and power only. Every last one! And the three major religions are by far the worst of the lot!


      1. “And the three major religions are by far the worst of the lot!”

        Sojourner, to the point that there have been so-called ‘religious wars’. Now how in hell does that make sense if ALL religions are supposed to be about “peace and brotherly love and I love you and you love me and we all get together for the jubilee.” I mean, seriously??? And these religious zealots wonder why Atheism is growing by leaps and bounds. I don’t wonder. It comes with an awakening. It comes with being fed the fuck up by taking a look around and seeing that religion is all about control, power, war and committing other untold atrocities. Why, you have only to enter the doors of a ‘holy sanctuary’ one time and you’ll get an idea of what it’s all about.

        And who can deny the ludicrousness of the Catholics, what with Priests molesting young boys and girls and I have witnessed the Reverend at a church that I was a member of rub one of the female ushers on the ass and he was married. I have seen them put poor people out of the church for not being able to pay their tithes. But then, churches want to be heralded as the stalwart figures of hope for the hopeless and sanctuary for the lost, homeless souls. HA! That’ll be the day!

        I’m gonna have to preach it all up in here without benefit of a degree in theology. I am filled with fire and brimstone myself when thinking of the fraud that IS religion!

        Thank you Sojourner! You’ve started a fire all up in here!

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  3. Servants, obey in all things your masters according to the flesh; not with eyeservice, as menpleasers; but in singleness of heart, fearing God:And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;
    Colossians 3:22-23

    5 Slaves, be obedient to those who are your masters according to the flesh, with fear and trembling, in the sincerity of your heart, as to Christ; 6 not by way of eyeservice, as men-pleasers, but as slaves of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart. 7 With good will render service, as to the Lord, and not to men, 8 knowing that whatever good thing each one does, this he will receive back from the Lord, whether slave or free.9 And masters, do the same things to them, and give up threatening, knowing that both their Master and yours is in heaven, and there is no partiality with Him.
    Ephesians 6:5-9

    Both of these verses are from Paul, who wrote the vast majority of the New Testament. How do Christians explain this? There are and have been a lot of black Christians with good intent, but this is not our religion. There is a lot more on why Christianity is not our religion and Paul and Saint John are plainly wrong. We will find our original religious practices instead. Almost all the NT was written and edited by white people. Look at the Council of Nicaea. Christianity is the religion of white people and their god.


    1. Thank you for clarifying that N.S. with actual excerpts from the New Testament. You know, I should sit down and take a minute or two and write ‘The Newest New Testament’. I’ll just come up with some shit and write it down, get it published and then MY word will be taken as the word of Gawd. I mean, it’s already been done, so why stop at one New Testament when we can have a Newer version of the New Testament in just a few short months? The stone-faced dumblogs can sit up somewhere and listen to ‘The Word’ as written by me. Hell! I could get paid!

      I do realize that as descendants of African slaves, we are not aware of the religious practices in Africa, but we do know, or we should, that the majority of African countries practice Islam. Many are Muslims. The ‘christians’ went to Africa and shoved their brand of religion onto the ‘ignorant savages’ which is what the ‘christians’ thought of the African people. They then decided that along with indoctrinating them into the fold of ‘christianity’, they would also kidnap them as well. Such great ‘humans’ were those ‘christians’, doncha think? So, a win-win for ‘christianity’. They get converts, resources; the whole nine yards and as the Negro in AmeriKKKa started to think for him/herself, why the brainwashing had been complete and voila, a whole race of people who embraced ‘fake-ass christianity’. Welcome! Welcome one and all! Place your money into this collection plate and sit a spell and listen to ‘The Word’!
      Assimilation, complete!! Indoctrination, complete!

      I could not wait until I was able to get from underneath my mother’s thumb and kiss that fire and brimstone shit goodbye! And as far as I am concerned, I am the better for it!

      Thank you for your comment. It will fall mostly on ‘eyes that refuse to see’, but I thank you for posting it!


    2. For the benefit of any readers, while the Old Testament was written by “blacks”, Islam, which has a long history throughout Africa, was written by a Arab-the Qu’ran in many places says that the Prophet was white-skinned- and is an Arab religion. In the 2000s, the Saudi religious authorities rightly said that blacks can’t be Muslims. The whole NT discussion of salvation is very, very self-contradictory, so don’t be afraid of leaving Protestantism or Catholicism.


      1. Well, not having delved into the Muslim/Islam situation, I don’t know much about it. I do know that here we have a large population of Somalis and they drape themselves much like the Saudis do and speak the Arabic language when conducting Jumu’ah every Friday and they consider themselves, Muslims.

        Thinking about religion actually makes my head hurt because it is just too convoluted for me and unnecessary and so I have no use for it nor an interest in finding anything else out about it. Those who prefer to involve themselves in religion are welcome to it and I’ll not argue with them over whether or not they are Muslim, Christian and what sect they belong to. I’ll just leave them be.

        I thank you for your comment N.S. You seem to be all in the know with regards to religion and so much more. So, I bow to your greater wisdom on this.


  4. “If that be the case, I’d rather be poor than feel that I must maintain a certain status to be accepted among a certain peer group and then when hard times arrive, ponder how I will be treated by that group that once welcomed me when things were going great, but when things ain’t looking so good, you get tossed out like yesterday’s garbage.”

    This is it, Shelby, This is the illness, and it has spread all over the world. In fact, this illness had started before Europeans invaded North and Central America.


    1. It is a sickness, indeed! And unfortunately, one that there seems to be no cure for. I mean, here we have had wars fought over religion since time began and we are still at it. Religion actually makes a mockery of itself, it really does. And it does not make any sense and that is the reason why I have an extremely hard time wrapping my head around the fact that millions of people fall for this tripe all across the globe. I would prefer to simply live, SIMPLY, then to constantly worry about some afterlife that we are supposed to be ‘headed’ for, be it ‘The Rapture’ or the ‘Hell fires’. People get so caught up in that mess that they don’t even live a full like because they are simply too into what comes after this one.

      They are most definitely in for a rude awakening and they’ll not be able to get all the money back they basically gave to a snake oil salesman for selling them a bad bill of goods.

      Thanks Sojourner!

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  5. Religion as way to enlightenment imo is not a bad concept we as black people get bamboozled by following the religions as it is taught by those who conquered us or those who wish to conquer us. The 3 major religions were perverted by those who used right teaching as a means of conquest. Islam is a natural way of life that espouses the original people natural way of living it has been in existence as long a G_d has been. Islam is the religion given to Adam in the garden of eden and he rejected it. Islam is the nature in which G_d created the original man which is to obey the creator. Adam(the adamites or Caucasian rejected islam due to it was not in his nature to submit to anyone or anything except by force) was given power to rule the creation for 6000years until the comi ng of G_d. The prophets sent to Jews taught the same religion (obey G_d). Question do a righteous people need commandments telling them not to steal, kill, or not to covet another’s property child or wife? The people given time to rule needed to be told specifically what not to do due to their rebellious nature. The nature of Caucasian is what rules this world that they have built which temporary. It has to be temporary due to fact the universe ( planets and stars) were created in truth and all falsehood has no permanence. The white rulers of this world are the satan of the bible and the quran and according to both books satan has a time of recompense.


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