trumpstart – the age of hellish darkness

You are right! We are having fits and ‘Trumpstarts’! You are your usual eloquent self! Take your bow, Skulz!!

Excellent read! Highly recommended!!!


please to note – the term “trumpstart” is used by permission from the proprietor and wordsmith of the term. Thank you Shelby Courtland and you rock!

AmeriKKKa is on the verge of a national nervous breakdown. Wait…

AmeriKKKa has jumped headfirst into that national nervous breakdown. AmeriKKKa is a land of desperation on the cusp of madness.

Platitudes, hype, bullshit, histrionics, bluster, and insanity rule just about each and every day. Splashed proudly without rhyme or reason by the lamestream infotainment concerns. You know the ones, ABCBSNBCNNMSNBC and of course the raving freaks on FauxNews.

The Donald Trumpf flaunts his neo-nazi hate rhetoric and goes unchallenged by journalists that are allegedly in the business of challenging all that is glaringly stupid. Trumpf panders to the basest of AmeriKKKa’s violent instincts and actual AmeriKKKans buy into his lunacy.

AmeriKKKans supporting the Trumpf are scarier than the dumb ass championing delusion.

AmeriKKKa’s fascination…

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