12 thoughts on “with authority

  1. Crystal Valentine is one fierce sista. I remember when she teamed up with Aaliyah Jihad in that poem “To Be Black and Woman” and then you had some fool from a website call Dream and Hustle who claims to be pro-black post some asinine rant putting down those young women.Crystal is the kind of women you wish would never stop talking

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    • “Crystal Valentine is one fierce sista”

      She is that! And like you, I wanted her to go on and on and on and ……. You get the message.

      OOOOOH! To spit out truth like that and in such a way! WOW! I would floor myself!

      I had to re-blog this one because it is just SO powerful and SO true!

      Thank you for that wonderful comment nidotopianwarrior!


    • “Holy Shit!,” is right! And I am SO mad at Skulz for showing me up with this one! It is going to take me at least 99 years to forgive him for originally posting this one because now, I am back in pre-school poetry class. I haven’t even made it to kindergarten yet. Sob! Sob!

      *Shelby is wringing her hands and gnashing her teeth*

      Thanks Tubularsock! Sista rocked it AND how!!! SHAZAAAAAM!!!!! SHIMMYSHEBANG!!!!! GODDAMN!!!!


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