“Smile When You Heel(and vote for me), You Black Super Predator Motherfuckers!” Says Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton to Black super predators, "I said HEEL, motherfuckers, HEEL!..oh and remember to vote for me!"
Hillary Clinton to Black super predators, “I said HEEL, motherfuckers, HEEL!..oh and remember to vote for me!”


By now, everyone is aware that I was temporary ‘chant’ writer for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Thanks to the popularity of my ‘chant’, I have been given a new position in the Hillary Clinton for President camp; that of visual artist to summarize, artistically, Hillary Clinton’s position on descendants of slaves in these Divided Snakes of AmeriKKKa!

Remember the quote from Hillary Clinton as it pertains to Black people in AmeriKKKa? Never mind, I shall be more than happy to refresh your memory.

“We also have to initiate an organized effort against descendants of slaves…. They are not just ex-slaves anymore. They are often the kinds of fierce Black motherfuckers that are called super predators. No conscience, no empathy. We can talk about why they ended up that way, but first we have to bring them to heel, and the president has asked the FBI to launch a very concerted effort against descendants of slaves, everywhere.” – Hillary Clinton

So, to ALL the other Black super predators out there, be sure to smile and HEEL when you vote for that warmonger Hillary Clinton because she thinks the world of you…uh…I mean, us! And I know this to be true because we ALL know how white folks feel about their dogs. And being compared to a dog should not rankle with us; it should make us feel special. You know that the whites cozy up to their dogs in bed. When they go on vacation, they can rest assured that Fido is being taken care of in a 5-star pet hotel and that he is wrapped in his favorite cashmere sweater and is consuming the choicest of meats and other doggie treats. Massa treats his dogs well. Table scraps for Fido and for us Black-assed super predators that should be made to HEEL because we are sadly lacking any conscience and empathy and Hillary Clinton does not know how we ended up that way, but she does know that the thing to do is to make us HEEL!

Again, Black-assed super predators, remember to smile and HEEL like a good doggie when you vote for that warwhore, Hillary Clinton, because as predatory animals, we act on instinct and only on instinct. We lack empathy and we have no conscience and that is why we have been terrorizing white folks for hundreds of years in this shithole called, AmeriKKKa! Never let it be said that Hillary Clinton got it wrong when she stated that we Black-assed motherfuckers are super predators! I wish to piss that we would actually show Hillary Clinton just what a Black motherfucking super predator with no conscience and no empathy is capable of, I really do! It is way past time!! But of course, we won’t do that. We will simply smile and HEEL and vote for a warwhore that has reduced us to the status of an untrained mutt. No thoroughbreds are we, because remember, we were not considered totally ‘human’ in the early days of slavery and not much has changed. In fact, nothing has changed. Don’t think so? Ask Hillary Clinton. She’ll tell you! She’ll tell you to “HEEL, you Black-assed motherfucking super predators!” Now, go register to vote, dogs!

Who let the dogs out? Why, Hillary Clinton did! Woof! Woof!

I just cannot make this shit up! And I would like to give a ‘shout out’ to all my ‘dog’ Peeps that marched, got hosed down, had the ‘other’ thoroughbred dogs sicced on them and was jailed so that I could have the right to vote for a racist pile of filth that sees a dog that needs to be brought to heel when it looks at Negro people. Yes! Thank you, indeed! I am simply thrilled that I have the right to vote for the likes of Hillary Clinton because according to Hillary Clinton, I was ‘whelped’, I wasn’t ‘born’, Black-assed super predator, that I am!

33 thoughts on ““Smile When You Heel(and vote for me), You Black Super Predator Motherfuckers!” Says Hillary Clinton

    1. I also thank you kindly for the re-blog! It is much appreciated! If I’m still in AmeriKKKa for the elections, I’ll be writing in Jill Stein’s name, but I highly doubt I’ll be in AmeriKKKa.


    1. Thank you! I just can’t let this one alone! It’s got my goat up to no end! Even if that nasty ass bitch is a shoe-in, I’ve still got to give it my best shot to wake Negro people up about her racist skank ass!

      And thank you again for that most kind welcome back!


    1. Rajiv, you must of missed out because I wrote a piece prior to this one titled “Black People Are Super Predators, Bring Them To Heel,” Said Hillary Clinton!
      and in it I included a ‘chant’ that was really a poem, but I was just following Hillary Clinton’s orders and calling it a ‘chant’ since I’m on her payroll. LMAO! The following are Hillary Clinton’s words to Negro people. She was on a ‘hot’ mic and didn’t know it.

      “So, yeah! Vote for me, you stupid Black motherfuckers! You’ll get just what you’re dying for. I shall see to it! And I’ve got a new campaign chant just for these Black Super Predators.”

      Here is the ‘chant’ Rajiv!

      I would hang you high myself,
      but I wouldn’t want to soil my hands.
      Mamie, come bring me some lemonade
      as I wow these niggers in the stands.

      They will vote for me, I am sure,
      because their brains are the size of peas.
      Just take a look at all those Black faces
      wanting me to do to them just what I please!

      I will take care of you and that’s a fact.
      You can believe that what I say is true.
      You’ve forgotten what Bill did and now here I am.
      We gone put y’all niggers back in the zoo!’

      Written by,
      Shelby I. Courtland (temporary ‘chant’ writer for Hillary Clinton)
      ©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

      So THAT, Rajiv, is Hillary’s latest ‘chant’ to ALL her Negro voters.

      I thank you for your comment!

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      1. “I am surprised she is still a candidate for the President”

        Rajiv, we ARE talking about the shenanigans that go on on a daily basis in these here United Snakes of AmeriKKKa! I wouldn’t be surprised at anything that goes on here! Nothing coming out of the U.S. makes any sense, the whole world should know that by now. We’re some dumb, stupid brain dead and hypnotized shits, we are and we just love living down to that! Doncha know? LOL!

        Thank you for your comment!

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    2. “Who is the better choice? Trump or Clinton?”

      Well, I’ve written a piece on Trump.

      Neither is a better choice. We have no credible choice and we need to understand this and recognize more than just this two-party shit. We don’t give any other candidates a glance. We simply do as we are told by the corporations that run this shithole. We follow THEIR candidates right over the goddamn cliff. Trump is an egotistical windbag, but he is not going to become the president, of that I am without a doubt, absolutely certain. Clinton is the choice of the warmongers and we ALL know, they run this shithole. So, it will just be more of the same with that warwhore. AmeriKKKans don’t choose their president and who don’t know that by now is either dead or ain’t been born yet. And it really doesn’t matter what slithers and crawls inside the White House next because we are all fucking done for on this lopsided, sinking, stinking shithole barge that is the unimproved version of the Titanic and just as unsinkable. Why do you think war games are going on as I type this? That’s the only thing we got going, is war, war and more war! This shithole is fucked up from one end to the other and it is only going to get worse. And that is why I am about to bounce my ass on up outta here!


    1. And as you can see, I’m trying to rock it Skulz AND how! Until I exit this shithole, it is no holds barred! I want to thank all my faithful followers and apologize for being gone for a while, but I have been busy planning my escape from this doomed Titanic. I won’t have access to the internet where I’m going, but until then, I shall continue to attempt to stir the pot!

      I thank you so much for that most enthusiastic compliment on this rip roaring piece that’s fucking true and we ALL know it!

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    1. It’s been awhile, I know, but I’ve had other fish to fry! I finally found a little corner of the planet that can put up with me. In a few weeks, I shall embark on a new adventure and become another ‘Gulliver’, only I mean to get lost on deserted islands and I’ve found one damn near deserted. ‘No phones, no lights, no motor cars, not a single luxury, it’s like Robinson Crusoe, it’s primitive as can be’. Damn! I got my islands mixed up. But no problem, both scenarios are fine by me!

      Thanks for the ‘thumbs up’ on this one Tubularsock!


  1. As far as I see it, the only super predators here is that medusa witch-beast grimplork and her inhuman demonic nether-realm ilk


    1. Tell us how you REALLY feel! LOL! You’ve said a mouthful nidotopianwarrior! That you have and I couldn’t have put it better myself. That warwhore is a real piece of shitty filth! And I cannot come up with enough vile ass adjectives to describe that depraved, warmongering scum-sucking bottom feeder!

      Thank you for your comment! Good to see ya!


      1. you know me nuh mek joke when it comes to dat, sombady need fuh haul she rass out in de street an gih she a good cut-ass she mudduh skunt

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      2. I left this shithole for awhile because I am getting the fuck out of here and I had to make preparations for my exit from this doomed sinking Titanic. By the middle of May, I will be living in another country. I’m done with this shit. I won’t have any skin in the game and nor will I care who gets elected. I’m just stirring the pot and shit stirring until I’m outta here!

        I will soon be living primitive. No phone, no lights, no internet. So, no need for a search party, they’ll come up empty ’cause I want it that way. I want some peace and I can’t get it while hooked up to this shit!

        But thanks Nidotopianwarrior! I may even wash up on a shore near you.


  2. Shelby, I don’t know … I hope you’re not getting subtle on us … but no, you’re still making the truth manifest, thank you!
    And can we pass the hat and get you some kind of foot-powered/skin voltage powered charger for your computer, and a satellite internet setup? We’re glad you’re getting away, but hate to lose you! Be well, and give ’em all hell, with my blessing and my gratitude. – Linda


    1. Oh Linda! Bless your kind heart! I’m gonna miss you gutsy guys, I really am! And as much as I love carrying on and being a thorn in the side of everybody, I chose a place that I could disconnect from this shit and just let the cares of the world slide, slide away. I am not getting any younger and before my head does what I’ve been claiming it is going to do(explode), I’m taking myself out of the fray and attempting to get a little peace. I know I probably seem, tireless, but that is just my brave front and before it starts showing wear and tear, I’ve got to do something. Things have become a bit much and I am a people pleaser in my everyday life and so now, I aim to please me and only me. Family is not going to know where I am and that’s the way I like it.

      Of course, it goes without saying that you guys are the family I wish I had and I will truly never forget you, any of you! You’ve all got a place in my heart and I will take with me, each and every one of you and that is a fact!

      Thank you Linda!

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      1. Shelby, Not sure you’d want any part of my real family … can’t say I do either, but never mind. You know you’ve won a big place in my heart and thoughts, and I am certainly not the only one. We shall miss you, and wish only the best for you. But if your refuge is all that nice … maybe you can sponsor a few fellow political exiles someday.
        Then again, maybe we’re also part of what you’re escaping! Good luck eluding all of us smart-asses though, we’re tenacious, and do take care of yourself. – Linda

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      2. Linda, I would dearly love to sponsor you guys! I love you all! And wish you could all come with me or at least visit. I don’t know how much primitiveness you can stand, but if you don’t mind living like you’re on a deserted island, you’re welcome to trek to my new digs any time. I thought I was gonna have to do without champagne, but where there’s a will, there’s a way! LMAO!!!

        You know what they say, “necessity is the mother of invention,” so I did indeed, find a way to keep the bubbly flowing and chilled.

        And who knows, I may stumble upon a fellow lonely planet dweller who got a hankering for the outside world and installed a satellite on the outside of their lean-to and who will allow me to post a “Hi y’all!,” every once in a blue moon!

        So, I’ll never say “never!” Bless your heart!

        Thanks Linda!


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