My Tribute To Prince!

UNITED STATES - SEPTEMBER 13: RITZ CLUB Photo of PRINCE, Prince performing on stage - Purple Rain Tour (Photo by Richard E. Aaron/Redferns)

UNITED STATES – SEPTEMBER 13: RITZ CLUB Photo of PRINCE, Prince performing on stage – Purple Rain Tour (Photo by Richard E. Aaron/Redferns)

Purple rain is falling in Minnesota tonight
 for the Purple One whose voice was dynamite.

Doves cry while my guitar gently weeps,
 and a tear beneath my eyelash seeps.

Do me baby, I wanna be your lover!
Just you and me underneath the cover.

Breakfast can wait until  we party like its 1999!
And then afterwards, we can go somewhere to dine.

In my little red corvette, I’ll be your lady cab driver.
Your candle burned out, but your music is a survivor!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

Prince, thank you for so many great songs and for entertaining us for so many years. Doves are indeed, crying tonight for a voice that was a gift to us has been taken. And though you will never open your mouth and sing us another song, thanks to recordings of your music, we are blessed for having the ability to listen to you still.

Thank you and bon voyage!

26 thoughts on “My Tribute To Prince!

    • Thank you Prince! I still cannot grasp the fact that Prince is dead! The man, from all accounts, was a vegan and was extremely health conscious. It just makes no sense. And 57 is certainly not ancient. Sigh! We don’t have many more great ones left, if any.

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      • That’s so true. Most of my favorites are all gone. James Brown,Whitney,Michael Jackson,Marvin Gaye…and now Prince. I think Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin are two of my last favorites that are still with us.

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      • I love Aretha’s ‘There Is A Rose In Spanish Harlem’! And you certainly cannot go wrong with Stevie Wonder!

        I was simply devastated when Barry White died. My mother got fed up with me for having one of his songs on ‘repeat’. I just loved that deep sexy voice of his. That man could have my blue panties, black panties, grey panties, purple panties,………..

        Uh…you get the message! ROTFLMAO!!!

        Yep! The Greats are going going, almost gone!

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    • I do as well, nidotopianwarrior and that is why I did not say, “RIP!” That is why I said, “Bon voyage!” I hope that somewhere Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross, Barry White, Maurice White of Earth, Wind & Fire and Prince are all collaborating for a jam session like never before heard. I couldn’t even imagine! Have mercy!

      Thank you for that most wonderful comment nidotopianwarrior! It was right on time!


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