Soon, I’ll Be Worth Twenty Dollars!

Harriet Tubman and twenty dollar bill

I was never worth one dime;
not one dime when I was a slave.
But soon, I’ll be worth twenty dollars.
You gone pass that to me in my grave?

Oh this poor old slave woman,
done did her best through all dem years;
kept ignorant and was whipped and scarred,
and that twenty dollar bill is in arrears.

But they ain’t giving that to me.
And it would be too late anyway.
I’m dead and been laid to rest.
I got no more bills left to pay.

I’ll be behind and in front of slavers;
in wallets and purses everywhere.
And the one they claimed freed the slaves,
today? Hell, he’d be a millionaire!

But did he travel in the dead of night
to free people who shouldn’t have been here?
Would he have ever had the courage I had
to fly in the face of all I had to fear?

So, put me on the twenty dollar bill.
And I hear tell Jackson, he got my back.
That ole white man behind a slave woman;
if he knew, he’d have a heart attack!

But what this should really be about,
is that as slaves, we never got our due.
So America, keep your twenty dollar bill.
It’s as worthless as your treaties with the Sioux!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

I am not impressed! Harriet Tubman, in my opinion, would not be impressed either. The slaves are not free. And by merely placing her likeness on a twenty dollar bill, does nothing but add insult to injury. For all that Harriet Tubman did for slaves; guiding them to freedom, such as it was, I don’t think she would have stood still for having her likeness on currency backed by a government that still condones slavery to this day and who still honors slave owners by printing their likeness on the very same currency that will now depict a slave who tried to free other slaves from these very same slave owners.

America, if you want to honor people like Harriet Tubman, then do the right thing. Stop criminalizing and enslaving the very people that she was trying to free. Stop incarcerating those who Harriet Tubman would be trying to free today. Do you honestly think that Harriet Tubman would condone the mass incarceration and slave labor that is associated with it? Hell no! And you know this. This is no celebration. This is no victory. This is no recognition.

When you start dismantling the racist thug police force, when you stop criminalizing a permanent tan, when you stop sending our children from school straight into prison, when you stop gentrifying our neighborhoods, when you stop poisoning our water, when you stop turning back the clock on voting rights, when you stop systemic racism, mass Black unemployment and homelessness, then and only then will you finally start to pay homage to legends such as Harriet Tubman, but you won’t do that because that’s too much like right! And believe me, your twenty dollar ‘tribute’ to Harriet Tubman would not impress her! It is an insult if this is all that you WILL do!

13 thoughts on “Soon, I’ll Be Worth Twenty Dollars!

    1. And they’d need a new motto too …
      In Bullshit And Brutality We Trust
      Or some such thing.
      America is big on cheap symbols, for sure. Justice seems never even to occur to those counting on and profiting from endless injustice.
      Thanks Shelby for a great post, as usual! – Linda

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      1. Thank you Linda, for that spot on comment! Your aim is always true! Yeah! The shit gets deeper by the second and the brutality of the shits that run this shithole, knows no bounds. But we are to believe in their sincerity when they take the easy way out and expect us to act as though they’re doing us a favor. I’d like to tell ’em where they can stick their goddamn fake assed tribute and how far up they can shove it!

        Linda, again, I thank you!


    2. Ain’t that a fact, Dr. Bramhall? Indeed it is! These hypocritical, insulting pieces of shit know goddamn well that they are only adding insult to injury. This is no way to honor or pay tribute or recognize ALL that Harriet Tubman endured, struggled for and accomplished because the beat goes on. Slavery is just as prevalent today as it was in Harriet Tubman’s time, if not more so. Because it has been stated that there are more Negroes incarcerated today, than the population count of the original slaves. And seeing as how the incarcerated are producing goods and services and with nothing to show for it, that’s slavery. Even if they are paid a few pennies on the dollar, it goes right back into the prison system in the form of commissary and phone cards. A win-win for this corrupt ass shithole; business as usual and nothing has changed.

      I thank you for your comment because we all know that J. Edgar Hoover was a filthy, corrupt, criminal asshole his damn self and yet, he is lauded as THE SHIT when all he was, was shit!

      I thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall!


  1. I read someone describe it as “hush money,” just another distraction to shut Black people up about racism and make us believe this country is really progressing because there’s a [half]Black man in the white house and a Black woman on some money.

    Nah. Unless we’re talking reparations, amerikkka can keep their new 20s.

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    1. Kelley, you’ve ‘said’ a mouthful. You notice that they will do everything but the right thing. They’ll do cheap shit that costs them nothing and expect us to be grateful. Like you, they can keep their fake-assed tribute to Harriet Tubman. I have hard enough time now when paying with a $100 bill that’s got a pink-assed motherfucker all over it, so can you imagine what’s going to be the scenario when presenting the ‘Harriet Tubman’ bill? When they ask me, “How do you want your money?” No goddamn twenty dollar bills!,” is what I am going to say. I’m not dealing with that bullshit! But you NEVER hear talk of reparations and you never will! Because these motherfuckers that profited off slavery ain’t about to give up their ill-gotten gains. That’s why they’re killing us every way they can because we are proof of how vile, disgusting and fucking filthy they are. They know why we’re here and they know that they are just like their nasty ass ancestors. Nothing has changed!

      I thank you for your comment Kelley!

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      1. “And none of these racist white folks are gonna want a Black face on their money either.”

        Well then, they can just fucking take it or leave it because I don’t hardly like having slave owners on my money, but that ain’t never been a concern of theirs. Our feelings have never been taken into consideration when they come up with this blatant racist ‘in our face’ shit.

        Hell! In the south, they even expect us to not have a problem living on Plantation Road and Confederate Avenue. Seriously? I thought my Black ass was supposed to be OFF the goddamn plantation and that the ‘confederacy’ had closed up shop thanks to getting their asses whooped! But nothing fucking doing. I’m still on the goddamn plantation and the confederacy is all up in my motherfucking grill!

        But they gone take exception to Harriet Tubman’s picture on THEIR twenty dollar bill?!! Well, they can just cry ME a goddamn river and get the fuck over it like I’m expected to do over their never ending racist bullshit!

        Kelley, I thank you for another spot on comment!

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  2. Excellent post Shelby. Tubularsock believes it is a tell-tail-sign that they put Harriet Tubman on the $20 when a 20 isn’t worth anything anymore. Another subliminal message that AmeriKKKa is putting out to let the people know that massa’ is still in control. “I picked dah cotton massa! May I get mah cornbread now massa?”

    Now all you “black folk” settle down because it’s time for our nation to have a white woman to lead us. And aren’t we so progressive we’ll even have a black woman’s picture on our worthless money!

    Let’s praise step-n-fetch-it for being such a good slave boy and doin’ the massa’ business. Now it’s time for a white woman …….. AmeriKKKa is so progressive!

    And the sleep mode returns to the populaces and we’ll all wait for the next holiday to spend our twenty’s.


    1. Yeah, it’s a tell-tail-sign alright! It’s telling me that they are still full of shit, bull and otherwise and that they expect me to pick up this bone they’re tossing to us Negro folk and shut the fuck up. That goddamn half and half that’s about to exit the White House can love all up and down on Massa’s bone all he damn well pleases, but this descendant of slaves is having none of it. I know very well when I’m being pissed on and I don’t like piss so they can just piss off!

      Harriet Tubman is most likely turning over in her grave over this blatant insult to her memory and all she stood for. She wasn’t into bullshit and hypocrisy and what they are proposing is worse than that.

      They’re going to put Hillary Clinton’s lying and corrupt war whorish ass inside the White House and put Harriet Tubman’s likeness on a worthless ass twenty dollar bill. If that ain’t adding insult to injury, I don’t know what is!

      And Black folks are more than likely jumping up and down in droves, thinking that this is quite an accomplishment. Shit! That’s the fucking problem! We accept any goddamn small ass bone that Massa throws our way and we take it and run with it! Not me! Never me! They can keep this bullshit! I ain’t buying it, nor am I celebrating this as some sort of historical gain when it is anything but!

      Thank you for that great comment Tubularsock! It is filled with truths and right on time!


  3. For those blacks who can’t see through this, this is not something to be proud of. b There is no need to criticize those who disagree with this gesture, including Dr. Carson. Harriet Tubman does not receive a fraction of the respect she deserves for what she did from mainstream America, and many people are just completely disrespectful to her. 10 years or so ago they had a Harriet Tubman sex tape skit, where they had HER trying to rape the slave master. There was no national outrage over that, and only some of the black media covered it. Also, of all the ways to honor Ms. Tubman, this is the most inappropriate. Do I even need to say why putting a woman who tried to free slaves, who were bought and sold, on a 20 dollar bill is a horrible way to remember her? Also, why are they putting her on some money when the economy the worst shape it has been in a long time? That is not to even mention that slavery never ended(see the 13th Amendment). This is just another gesture that doesn’t help the memory of the great Harriet Tubman, or even black women in general(who are already receiving an even higher amount of negative media attention). I will go as far as to say that race baiters put her on the bill.


    1. N.S., many Black people can’t see their way to tying their own goddamn shoe strings, much less can they see when they’re being fed a bullshit sam’ich and told to thank the motherfucker that provided it. I can point this out until I turn fuschia and still it falls on blind eyes. And then, we have the nerve to wonder why we are doing so poorly. It is because we think that the whites are attempting to do ‘the right thing’ by placing a slave’s likeness on a twenty dollar bill when we were bought and sold like cattle and currency was used to purchase us. And we honestly think that this slave woman would appreciate her likeness being on government issued currency? Issued by the same type of government that condoned her slavery and even encouraged it since the so-called ‘founding fathers’ were slave owners themselves.

      This is why it gets my goat up to no end when shits will quote those flaming hypocrites as though they were exemplary ‘humans’ when we ALL know that they not only condoned slavery, they engaged in the slave trade and profited off it just as the spawn of that shit is still doing to this very day. This is not some great and wondrous way to honor Harriet Tubman’s legacy, this is a spit in the face to everything she stood for, endured and accomplished. But many won’t see it that way. They only see a slave woman’s face on a twenty dollar bill and so let’s all break open a bottle of Andre Cold Duck! Meanwhile, Black AmeriKKKa is fucked up, but Harriet Tubman’s likeness on a twenty dollar bill is something worthy of a celebration. I’ll sit this one out!

      Thank you for your comment N.S.!


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