Joke of the Day

You guys are going to think that I’m nasty, but I swear, I could not stop laughing over this one!

Girl eats ass and dude is outraged and THAT is an understatement! I fucking swear, this is hilarious and dude is the funniest! ROTFLMAO!!! Literally!!!!

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Shalom Family, now I like dirty jokes as much as the next person but let’s see if you can stomach this

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13 thoughts on “Joke of the Day

    • Dude was a riot! I just cannot stop laughing! Every time I need a ‘pick-me-up’, I am going to click on that video and voila! Pick-me-up will commence! ROTFLMAO!!! If this ‘Vanessa’ is for real, there ain’t no help for us!! And if dude got a hold of her, she’d have a mouth full of ‘holy water’ and then she’d feast on chicken and ketchup! LMAO!! I thought dude was going to have a stroke. He should take his act on the road, I’d pay to see it!

      Thanks for your comment Skulz! LOL!

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  1. So,… erm, I, ..ah, heard a lot of people telling other people to kiss their ass, ….Chicken and Ketchup?!? Could at least get some Lawry’s and BBQ sauce; what a cheap skate. This way she’ll never learn to eat Chicken!

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    • ROTFLMAO!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! I’ve heard that also, Onnovocks, in fact, I’ve even said it myself, but I didn’t mean it ‘literally’! LMAO!! Especially since I didn’t exactly pull my pants down, spread my butt cheeks, after having first shaved my ass, and said, “Kiss my ass!” LMUAO!! Laughing My Unshaved Ass Off!!!! This is just TOO goddamn funny!

      I think dude thought that he was in heaven whenever HE ate chicken and ketchup! We should try and get a hold of both of them and see if we can redeem ‘Vanessa’s’ hell-bound soul and also at the same time, school furiously outraged dude on how to eat chicken! ROTFLMAO AGAIN!!! I am literally in tears and stitches here!!

      Thank you for that AWESOME comment Onnovocks! And for getting in on the fun!!!


    • Yes it has, Dr.Bramhall, but that was cute! I enjoyed it! Kitty should play before a packed house! Kitty would get a standing ovation even if I was the only one standing and clapping!

      Thanks for your comment and for the link, Dr. Bramhall!


    • I never got my Cats to play Guitar but I had one that was an expert fisherman. He was really nice and would share the catch of the day. Lucky for him I’m not Japanese and he would get to enjoy the Sushi all by himself. Thanks for sharing Dr. B.


    • Isn’t it though, Toritto? Every time, I come in here to respond to comments, I click on the video first and I am still laughing just as hysterically as when I watched it for the first time. I can only imagine what else is out there on YouTube. I am afraid to look. LMAO!!

      Thank you for your comment, Toritto!! I am glad you could appreciate the humor in this one!


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