It’s Time To Face Reality

Powerful poetry from my dear blogging friend Nidotopianwarrior!

nidotopianwarrior's Blog

A poem written by Nidotopian Warrior

This is he Who sacrificed himself
Who carried the name of his father
And was hated for it
The one who now sits in glory
The one who sees our suffering
The one who sees our tears
The one whom the House of Judah will be proud to call their king
He will soon come

Wake up and listen my brothers and sisters
It’s time to face reality

Open your bibles and history books
And tell the people who are oppressed and erased
All you so called preachers and pastors or better yet, leeches and swindlers
Tell everyone whom Deuteronomy 28:68 really refers to
Tell them about their lost heritage and nationality
And how our enemies spoiled us with deception,  misery and abnormality

Wake up and listen my brothers and sisters
It’s time to face reality

Ask the vampires who rule Babylon
Oops I…

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4 thoughts on “It’s Time To Face Reality

    • Thank YOU for taking the time to read it and to comment! And what you say is true, for only by confronting our sins can we acknowledge them and attempt to not continue to make the same decisions that led us to where we are. The future depends on our ability to get our act together and come up with real solutions and real answers as opposed to disregarding the wrongs we have done to the point where we ‘whitewash’ the truth because it is ugly and should be hidden. It should not be hidden, it should be acknowledged and we should learn from it so as not to repeat our actions that resulted in where we are today.

      Again, thank you 1EarthUnited for your comment. It is most sincerely appreciated!


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