Black Power, If It Did Arise, Would Be Scary As Hell!

black power3

Exploitation from Africa to America
Gentrification, another form of annihilation
Exterminate the Negro and plunder his home
Subjugate the male and dominate the female

Fill their minds with false religion
Imprison their bodies behind thick walls
Poison their blood with toxic vaccines
Sterilize the queen and the hive will die

Read them no rights that they never had
Employ against them, our gestapo guards
Litter their environment with hypodermic needles
Shoot them up in Chicago and choke them in New York

They still walk amongst us despite Planned Parenthood
The guns that we gave them, did not finish the job
Hate groups we formed, have failed to intimidate
Black power, if it did arise, would be scary as hell!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

And it so fucking would be if we only knew what to do with the power that we have. We don’t even know our own strength and that is sad. We continuously allow ourselves to be depicted as the poster child for some weird motherfucker’s shit when we’ve been on our own for hundreds of years in this shithole. When will we wake up and stop taking the shit that is slung at us every damn day? When will we stop allowing other groups to hone in on our struggles and tell them just where the fuck to go? When will we ever realize that no one can ever know what we go through but us? We are not some hashtag, nor are we some other motherfucker’s stepping stone to some goddamn rights that they ain’t even denied!

This shithole has been waging war against us ever since they dragged our asses over here and still it continues to this day. Don’t bow down to this ‘politically correct’ bullshit! If you ain’t down with it, tell these shits that you’re not. If something goes against your moral principles, make that fact well known because you are not obligated to like every goddamn body and their fucking shit that’s attached to them.

We are constantly being told that the ‘gay rights’ struggle is OUR struggle. Hell no! It ain’t! We’ve been struggling for rights long before those snakes crawled out of the closet and we continue to fight and now they want to co-opt our struggle and make it their own. Ain’t happening. Not on my motherfucking watch. It ain’t happening. Stand up for you! Don’t let anyone diminish what we are fighting for because goddamn it, we are not fighting over a CHOICE! That’s right, I said, “CHOICE” over whether or not we want to wear a dress today or a suit and tie. We are not fighting for the right to enter a bathroom just because we say that we’ve changed our sex. We were segregated because of the color of our skin and not because we were born with a dick and now, we want it chopped off and so everyone must recognize that we are now, ‘gender re-born’. Hell no! That shit ain’t us! We had no fucking say in coming over here and we damn sure had no say over how we have been treated by this shithole. But now, let some motherfucker with a big ass Adam’s apple claim that he is now spiritually, and cosmically, a woman and break out the federal lawsuits already to get his ass inside a woman’s restroom.

We have men and women who were jailed, hosed down, bitten by dogs, lynched and shot just because they were Black and speaking out against slavery, Jim Crow; the whole nine yards. They were not speaking out against being discriminated against for wearing a goddamn dress with a folded up dick underneath it. We cannot continue to let these creatures get away with suggesting that their perverted cause is our cause because, goddamn it, it ain’t! And don’t you give a good goddam who don’t like it. We don’t like what we have to deal with, but we deal with it every single day. If it don’t sit right with you, then don’t accept it! I’m not and that’s a fact!

You have the power within you, but you just don’t use it. Black folks, don’t keep kowtowing to this shit! We’re better than this! Keep the shit real!!

20 thoughts on “Black Power, If It Did Arise, Would Be Scary As Hell!

    1. Skulz, I wish whitey would be scared because I wish that whitey had a reason to be scared, but Black folks, as usual, are just going to continue to ‘shuck and jive’ and not get real!

      Like I’ve stated on another post, the militants of the 60s are either in jail or dead and ain’t nothing left but bootlicking coonheads that’s being fed Massa’s table scraps and they are thankful to get them.

      And aww shucks! I love you back!! LOL!!

      I thank you for your comment.

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  1. Hang in there Shelby. I know things look bad right now but the pernicious hold our sociopathic billionaires have over society is slipping fast. Once societies get this asymetrical, they decline fast. The whole transgender drama is designed to pit us against one another and distract us from what’s really going on.

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    1. Thank you for that Dr. Bramhall. And I just want those motherfuckers to know that their ‘fight’ ain’t OUR fight! We have been on our own for, AGAIN, hundreds of years in this shithole and we’ve had no one to turn to, to aid us in our cause and I am not going to let some perverted shit takeover and usurp the battle that we have been waging against the status quo!

      However, the decline can’t happen fast enough to suit me. I do realize that this is a distraction, but I want to make it clear, CRYSTAL CLEAR that some real serious shit has been going down against us for hundreds of years. This other shit ain’t on our time!

      Again, I thank you for your comment, Dr. Bramhall!


  2. One thing about you I respect Shelby is that you cut deep with yours. You don’t kowtow or subscribe to the diluted milk toast scribe of political correctness. Hell you don’t play politics. This right here is the best in your Black face for your Black life on the real message I’ve seen since the days of Malcolm and Martin. I’d love to reblog with all credits back to you. You hit em hard here girl and they can’t run from it.


    1. Wow, Geo Gee, again, you render me speechless with your comment! I just tell it like I see it and damn the consequences. I have never been the type to just quietly acquiesce and conform to the dictates of some fucked up shits. I will not now or ever stray away from what I stand for and for my beliefs. I will not play the ‘political correctness’ game. That ain’t me and I make no apologies, as you can see. Who the hell is apologizing to us for all that we have been through and continue to be put through all over something that WE cannot help; the color of our skin.

      Above all things, I am MY people first and yes, I said, “MY people,” because no other group is as vilely treated as we have been and still are, except for the Indians and I have spoken out loudly about their plight as well.

      I had thought to go my way and give up blogging. I was going to go to an island and walk the beach every damn day, but that just ain’t me. Something will not let me take the ‘easy’ way out. I finally had my ship come in and I could go just about anywhere I want, but for now, I am going to stay right here and do what I can. I am thinking of investing in affordable housing for formerly homeless people. I am bouncing a few ideas around in my head. And if I can finish my novel and put together a collection of my poems, I may get around to getting published because we need a voice. If it’s to be me, hell! I’ll step up to the plate!

      I have no problem with you re-blogging whatever you see here. I sincerely appreciate the compliment and your comment! Thank you ever so much! You have no idea how humbled I am by your words!


  3. Attn: Americans! Know this! Your vile ass shit that you do and is exposed by just me alone is getting worldwide attention. So, you can believe that you’re drenched in ‘American Exceptionalism’ all you like, but I am getting the real deal out about AmeriKKKans and your sorry asses are filled with anything and everything vile, but there’s not a goddamn thing ‘exceptional’ about your ass!

    Why, today, alone, the United Kingdom has been all up in here, as has The European Union, Germany and Canada. Hell! Even Vietnam, Romania, Haiti and goddamn, I didn’t even think Haiti had internet service, but they got a goddamn satellite from somewhere and came right on up in here, also New Zealand has been in DA house as well as Russia, Kenya, Guam, Spain, Norway, Qatar, The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and even poor shell-shocked and drone struck Yemen as well as Pakistan and South Africa. No wonder my stats are booming!

    So, I will continue to put your dirty ass shit, front and center. Count on it!


  4. Some blacks are having sense come back into them.

    I am not on twitter, but apparently the phrase #not my mule has been coming up lately on black Twitter. It means that they do not want to go and fight all out for another group. Aside from the fact that they know we are the ethnic group most against homosexuality and transgenderism, those pushing homosexuality and transgenderism use only black people, NEVER any of the many other groups here in America for their purposes.

    What black people here have been through cannot be compared to any other group except those other blacks who have been sent on slave ships. It is on a completely different level. Most of what we see in the so-called history books about what happened to us is so watered-down it is not really true. There is no good conventional explanation for why we are still here or not all completely insane. Yet despite what we go through, we have the lowest suicide rates, we are not insane, we don’t go around intentionally shooting everyone in a school, we are the most friendly group to everyone else(especially white people), etc(though some of us are a little too overconfident and are ignoring obvious signs, but that is a subject for another day). is a link-not that you need it- by an Irishman historian showing that ‘the Irish were slaves too story’ is almost completely untrue; the last few paragraphs is good for anyone wanting a quick read)

    Someone said(this is definitely non-PC): Black people get this in your head. You are hated more than Isis when they are defeated they will be given loans and live here in America in prosperity. You are hated more than any enemy this country has ever had. Yet you’ve never tried to destroy this country but ask for fair treatment. You are hated the most yet you have the least. This country revels in your misery and suffering. The more you suffer and experience anguish the happier they are.

    As for who we are…look, everyone can see it but some of us. Whatever our identity is, we are definitely not inferior. I am not going to talk about it all today, but a few American historians here are finally admitting the obvious truth: America became a wealthy nation first off the slavery of “blacks”-and only “blacks”- and their work. Even afterwards, Lincoln couldn’t get us out the country after the civil war and Garvey was stopped during his “back-to-Africa” campaigns. The U.S., if it really did not need us since they claim we have always been a burden, many times could have sent us away but they haven’t. Even past slavery, blacks have been essential to the country.

    According to declassified documents, the FBI declared the Black Panthers( a relatively small and non-violent group) was declared the number one threat during the Vietnam War and the battle against communism. Today, we have the fake “war on cops” and all the claims of riots that must require the governors calling in the National Guard when riots by whites-their team winning or losing an important game, a college tradition, Joe Paterno being fired- within the last ten years have caused far more property damage and loss of life(no one called in the National Guard). The strange this is we,as a group, do not hate the country.


  5. Well, I guess you might call me a WHITEY…I am White…but I am not a racist. And, yes, your writing did scare me. I totally agree with your premise that Black Americans have suffered greatly in the USA and across the world. The Native Americans have suffered as much as Black Americans. They are racially profiled and die in police custody, Women across the world are mistreated and used. There is so much violence and anger in our world. I do think everyone needs to wake up and admit to the racism that exists. I think that we need to do all we can to listen to each other and break down the barriers. I do not know the answer. But I do know this, that more violence will only lead to more anger and more death. Yes,the initial reaction is to strike back and hit…but then we are reducing ourselves to the level of the oppressor. I did not realize how deeply segregated our country is until reading the horrific comments against President Obama. I thought we had gotten past the worst. But I know we haven’t. I know that Black Americans are incarcerated at a greater percentage than any other race. It is TOTALLY inhumane and wrong. It is wrong that a Black American male has to be on guard at all times, for fear of arrest. I do agree it is VERY WRONG. I think whenever we see injustice we need to speak out. We need to address it. I do NOT think ALL Whiteys are racists. I certainly have done what I can to speak out about issues of racial discrimination. I think education is totally needed. I know as a child, and even as a teenager, I was NOT taught about the history of slavery and of all the subsequent horrific things done to Black Americans. I learned about them AFTER my university education was over. And I do believe that “modern slavery” takes its form in filling the prisons with Black Americans, unjust homicides by some policemen, and “white privilege.” More violence, more hatred is not going to solve the issues of the human race. We ALL have the same color of blood.


    1. Thank you for your comment Johann! I have never shied away from posting about the plight of the Indian in this hellhole. This blog of mine contains much content on the serious issues that Indians face every single day. They are not forgotten by me and that is a fact!

      And yes, my anger runs deep and it runs true and there is nothing that can stop it, not at this late date and certainly not after all that I have seen and been put through. I cannot have love for those who have done their damned best to fuck me up, constantly AND those who look like me. We did not ask to be here and that fact should be quite well known. I refuse to be a ‘white’ motherfucker’s scapegoat, shame and embarrassment. The ‘whites’ need to own up to what they have done and continue to do, but they don’t. They just continue to blame us for being over here, ridicule us because they keep their boot on our neck, gentrify our neighborhoods, poison us with lead filled water and other toxins and you seriously think that this will elicit love? Not hardly!

      I am not the ‘turn the other cheek’ type! That is never going to happen. And you speak of love, but it is not to me that ‘love’ must be spoken of, speak it to the skinheads, The Aryan Brotherhood, the Ku Klux Klan; tell them about love and just what do you think you will get for your troubles? Deaf ears and blind eyes; blinded by hate, ignorance and intolerance. Hate breeds hate and I am most heartily consumed by it and I make no apologies for it. I am not going to love all up and down on those who continue to view me as less than their dog. Would you?

      Again, I thank you for your comment.


      1. Shelby, You have every right for your anger…and God knows I do not know what it is like to be you or to have suffered as you have…that is for sure. I do not pretend to know that hatred. I think the 964 hate groups in America should not be allowed…I think when any group inflicts pain and killing on another group, it should be disbanded. I know that many turn deaf ears…their hearts are hardened…but I refuse to be like they are! I am from a family of eleven. Two of my siblings married Black Americans. I know what they suffered from my own family–I was the only person who opened my home to them ALWAYS…and still do…I am there for them as they are for me. My sister and brother both died from a horrible disease–myotonic dystrophy–and Terry and Harriette where at their side until the last moment…which is more than I can say for my brothers and sisters. We each are here to help each other…and I do not care about the color of anyone’s skin—all skin is beautiful! Tell me what I can do to help your cause, and I will do what I can. Best to you, Shelby! I am sorry there are so many hateful people in this world…and I am sorry for their hurt to you!


  6. Reblogged this on shelbycourtland and commented:

    Fuck ‘gay pride’! Display your Black Pride!

    Don’t let those motherfuckers make you claim them! You are under no obligation to accept them or their way of life and if a motherfucker comes at you with some “We Are The World” shit, tell them to shove it up their wide open asshole!

    I fucking make no apologies and I will not be told whose bandwagon I need to fucking jump on! Ain’t goddamn happening! To hell with that shit!!


  7. You are really something else, Shelby – you’re exhausting – thank god! And by the way, if you dropped the last 2 lines of your poem, you’d also have a damned good sonnet!

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