Hillary Clinton’s Theme Song!

Hillary battles the devil theme song

The devil called to Hillary and said, “Come home my dear to me!”
Ole Hillary answered back, “I didn’t sell my soul to thee!”


That devil, he was fired up for no one should call his bluff.
Hillary had sold her soul to him and he knew she liked it rough.

He threw ole Hillary across his back and took her down to hell.
But he was no match for Hillary, she put him under her spell.

She called Lockheed and she called Boeing, her personal munitions teams.
And now if you listen real close, you can hear the devil’s screams.

She launched her drones and fired her missiles and attacked hell’s vaulted gates.
And now the Christians can’t burn in hell, Hillary destroyed its fiery lakes.

“Where to now?,” Hillary asks of her rich and rowdy friends.
And don’t hold back, I’ll shit myself, that’s why I wear depends.”

“We’ve bombed hell and destroyed Iraq and Libya is up in flames.”
“We’ve killed Gaddafi, hanged Hussein, so let’s add more to those names!”

“We’re running out of land to grab and leaders to kill for sport!”
“Let’s turn on our own and show them whose boss, a mission we won’t abort!”

“I’ll soon be the man in a DC house, I’m a madman, doncha know?”
“America, bend your ass over, you’re now my goddamn ho!”

Hillary requested that her theme song be written by,

Shelby I. Courtland (and I was quite happy to do it! P.S. You’re welcome Hillary!!!)
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

So, since I am privy to the inner sanctum of Hillary Clinton, I know what that warmonger has in store for AmeriKKKa and even without being privy to the inner sanctum of Hillary Clinton, you should know as well! And for those of you who are thinking of turning to Hillary Clinton when Bernie Sanders concedes to her, I would rebel and refuse to get behind this warmonger. If you must vote, write-in a third party candidate or at the very least you could write your own name in. Better that than that warmonger. I do understand that the only other alternative seems to be Frump, but hey! We are still here even AFTER Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II and Obama, so hey! We will deal with it! Did we like it and will we like it? Hell no! But we should have done something about this long before it reached this point and so who do we have to blame for it? Something to ponder.

6 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton’s Theme Song!

    1. Ain’t that a fact, Linda? The Christian’s ‘devil’ didn’t stand a chance against evil as vile as Hillary Clinton and her ilk. We’re in hell. I’m still surprised that folks think they’ve still got to die to get there. Hell’s bells! This here ain’t purgatory! Hell is where we dwell! Christians can stop paying their tithes now! This is it! LMAO!

      Linda, thanks for that great comment and for the compliment on this one! This was fun to put together. I still can’t stop singing it! I wish I had a better singing voice. I’d post it all over YouTube.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. “We’re in hell. I’m still surprised that folks think they’ve still got to die to get there. Hell’s bells! This here ain’t purgatory! Hell is where we dwell! ”
        ~ Shelby, I came to that frightening realization many years ago.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. We ARE having a frightful time of it, aren’t we Rosaliene? I cannot believe that people still BELIEVE that if they sit up in church, listen to the words of snake oil salesmen and pay their tithes, they are headed for the ‘rapture’. St. Peter is gonna welcome them into the Pearly Gates wherein lies ‘many mansions and streets paved in gold and crystal goblets to sip the nectar of the gods GAWD!

        I do declare, millions of us are so willfully obediently blind!

        Thank you for your comment Rosaliene!


    1. LOL! You are quite welcome to it Kelley! I’m got plenty more where that came from. And yes, it is funny because at this late day, ain’t no need for crying, might as well laugh!

      Thanks for your comment!

      Liked by 1 person

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