Never Regret What You Stand For!

will not conform

Friendships may come and friendships may go.
But at the end of the day, it is all about you.
Because no matter what people say,
to thine own self be true.

Never regret what you stand for.
And if you find yourself, standing alone,
hold your head high and don’t apologize
for staying true to your principles and for what you don’t condone.

You will not be liked by one and all.
And that is not why you are here.
For no one can live your life for you.
And those you thought were friends will somehow disappear.

So who can you turn to
when your friends have feet of clay?
You’re all that you need
to keep those wolves at bay!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

To those of you who are second guessing yourself because you feel the need to conform to the dictates of a fucked up society, don’t! If it is against what you stand for, then stand alone, if you have to. You are not here to please everyone and that can never happen anyway. So please yourself. If what you believe in your heart to be true, then go with it and don’t let anyone make you doubt yourself.

So-called friends will come and go. Hell! Even husbands and wives can come and go, so if that doesn’t tell you that nothing is lasting and that you cannot please everyone, not even the ones who have promised to love and honor and cherish you through good and bad times, then I don’t know what to tell you.  And though people may attempt to beat you down and make you feel bad over your beliefs, pay them no heed because at the end of the day, they must answer to their conscience and you must answer to yours.

I know I am not here to please everyone and I don’t even try. There are many who disagree with my stance on different issues and that’s fine but when I know in my heart that something goes against my principles, I’m having none of it.

And if you come up in here with some crazy mess, know this, I am going to shut it down. You don’t live my life and I don’t live yours. So, don’t even go there with me. I am not the one. Now then, I hope we understand each other. If you cannot put up with what you see in here, then by all means, keep it moving. But I am past fed up with some who think that they are going to come all up in here and takeover. Ain’t happening. If you didn’t know, now you know!

Most of you have your own blogs and if you want to argue against my stance so bad, take it up on your own blog. But I am all about ‘Blackness’, not ‘Blackish’, but ‘Blackness’. Everything else is secondary. So take your cross-eyed mess onto your own blog. Don’t bring it up in here. You are not going to turn my blog into a 3-ring circus. I am respectful when I comment on other peoples blogs and when I see something that I disagree with, rather than get bent out-of-shape, I leave it alone, but I am disrespected on my own goddamn blog and it is not going to continue happening. Am I making myself clear? Because if not, there will be some changes going on all up in here; quick, fast and in a damn hurry!

26 thoughts on “Never Regret What You Stand For!

  1. Hey Ms. Shelby, I think about this often and I have to check myself often as well. I consider myself a nonconformist with a confrontational overtone and I’d have it no other way. And I’d rather lick snot off of a public restroom floor than to be a yes-man, do-boy or some “go-alone-to-get-alone”, wishy-washy, jellyfish. My stance is just that, my stance and if you can give me some facts that change my mind then I’ll die taking my stand.

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    1. HLJ, I hear ya! I have very strong convictions and a sense of fairness and extremely deep morals and principles. I am not about to go against who I am and what makes me, me. Those who read this blog are not clueless when they come all up in here and they know that if they come wrong on certain subjects, there is going to be hell to pay. Now, I’ll let some shit go, but when I think the bounds have been overstepped, well, hell hath no fury! I will make it extremely public when I have an ‘extreme’ problem with something that was posted and folks should know that by now.

      I am not some milk toast punk ass snot nosed “Yessum” type. Never gonna happen. And when a motherfucker comes all up in here and claims that ‘Colored Only’ signs are the same as ‘Transgender’ bathroom signs, well, now…we got a problem. I stated more than one goddamn time how fucking tired I was of having the plight of descendants of slaves compared with that of LGBT and still, motherfuckers step right on in and proceed to piss in my face with that shit! Well, the goddamn gloves are off and fuck the consequences. I ain’t having it! They can preach about ‘tolerance’ and some mo shit on their own goddamn blog, but when they come all up in here, I say what goes and there they fucking go!

      HLJ, I thank your for your comment! As you can see, I am still hotter than a goddamn ‘ghost pepper’ over that shit!


    1. Thank you Linda! It is quite apparent that I should have followed your example. Then maybe I would not have to write poetry essentially stating that! I appreciate your continued support. Believe me, I do!


      1. No, no, never follow my wayward croc-clad example! You wouldn’t want that! And think of all the fine poems we would lose! You and your 18-inch stiletto heels blaze an unmistakable trail of truth, as it should be!

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      2. Linda, that comment is pure poetry! Take your bow! Who can forget my 18″ stiletto heels? Not I! My feet are permanently deformed because of them, but a high stepper, I am!

        I am much to take, always have been and always will be and I thought that was quite clear by now, but apparently, not. But I do however, wish that I had stated something similar to what you did insofar as ‘entering at your own risk’. LOL!

        Linda, again, I thank you! Spot on, your comment is!


    1. Well, I am certainly going to stand up for what I know is right! Now, what others do, that ain’t on me! That’s on them, but if they step wrong up in here, they’re getting fucking called out on it and that is what happened. I am not having them piss in my face and tell me that it’s raining. I ain’t drank piss yet and I ain’t about to start, goddamn it!

      Oh and I thank you most kindly for your comment Dr. Bramhall. I am still rip roaring mad! I am going to have to imbibe tonight, for medicinal purposes, you understand. LOL!


    1. Geo Gee, you are my knight in shining armor! Thank you! I am just over the moon over the kudos for this one and re-blogs on top of that! Why, I am just floating on cloud nine here!

      Thank you again!


  2. Reblogged this on The GeoGee Experience and commented:
    “Friendships may come and friendships may go.
    But at the end of the day, it is all about you.
    Because no matter what people say,
    to thine own self be true.

    Never regret what you stand for.
    And if you find yourself, standing alone,
    hold your head high and don’t apologize
    for staying true to your principles and for what you don’t condone.” – Shelby Courtland

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  3. Keep it up. To paraphrase what Mr. T said,
    “I pity the fool that messes with Shelby.”

    I saw one of the comments. I wish I had seen it earlier. The commenter pretended that intersex is a significant point of the transgender issue-one, it occurs less often than the commenter quoted, and accommodating those who have that condition has NEVER been a real issue. Transgenders are not a bunch of intersex people. Often, like what happened with you, the LGBT supporters will show their racist sides and then claim that because blacks suffered from Jim Crow, we MUST do as they say and support homosexuals wanting to get married or transgender accommodations, which is the same thing as fighting against Jim Crow. They then lie on us and claim we are actively, wrongfully harming them and not supporting what they do, just like a racist would. These people never claim what any group that voluntarily came over here went through. The blonde haired Cinderella comment was really disrespectful.

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    1. Thank you N.S. I see that you caught it too! And believe me, I am So fucking not finished with that shit! It’s getting a blog unto itself. I just had other fish to fry, but that is next on my list. I have had to put that motherfucker in check before now. And he was especially pissed at me since he must be ‘in love’ with that other motherfucker that I ripped into on that post that you and I went back and forth on. You know the one. LOL! “African Tribal Leaders Are why Slaves Were Brought To AmeriKKKa! Fuck THAT Shit!” We carried on there AND how!

      But back to this, I am not going to concern myself with what some closet racist homosexual says except when he wants to piss it in my face. He is not going to get away with that. And he can just fucking sue me for calling him, a closet racist homosexual, I fucking dare him! I just finished relieving another pink-assed motherfucker of some Bank and I don’t mind taking on yet another pink-assed fucker!

      However, I do thank you for your comment N.S. I am just a smiling and a grinning over it, especially over the first two sentences. It ain’t easy to get praise from you! LMAO!! But I do appreciate it when I do!!

      Thanks again, N.S.


  4. Tell him no thanks, I am only interested in black women. It is a personal preference AND conscience/religious thing.

    The same goes for KP, Nido, The Militant Negro, and any other frequent black male commenters you may have.


    1. I am sorry N.S., you misunderstand. The motherfucker that typed the comment about the “1 in 2000 hermaphrodites was a real serious friend of that ‘Sojourner’ dude that I lit into over his comment on ‘The African Tribal Leaders’ post. So, you see, ‘hermaphrodite’ dude was going to start some shit, sooner or later, anyway because of what I said to Sojourner. It was his way of taking up for his ‘special friend’ Sojourner. If you recall the back and forth between me and Sojourner, I lit into Sojourner’s ass and that was the second time that I had had to put him in check also. Those two are ‘bosom buddies’. Then Norman Pillon came in and took up for Sojourner, as well. So, you see, I’m having to clean house all up in here. I know it sounds complicated, but those three are buddies and they pretend to be shocked over racism and some mo shit when in reality, they’re just full of shit! I hope that cleared things up.


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