Transgender Rights, But No Rights for Black People

American hypocrisy





As Margaret Kimberley of Black Agenda Report so succinctly states:

“If you are Black in America, “driving, walking, riding a bicycle, being in a public space at the wrong moment, or even calling the police for assistance” can get you killed. President Obama doesn’t care about that, yet he puts the full force of the federal government behind transgender bathroom rights. “Obama loves to wade in on the side of a small segment of white liberal concern instead of helping the people who love them the most.”

“There is nothing new about people being transgender or using the restrooms they choose. They have been doing so for years. In contrast, black people risk death constantly just because they exist in this society. Driving, walking, riding a bicycle, being in a public space at the wrong moment, or even calling the police for assistance can get them killed. Yet Obama’s FBI doesn’t even maintain a record of killings committed by the police.”

Margaret Kimberley could not be more right!

And as I have been stating over and over again, this president has shown nothing but contempt for Black people in America and yet millions willfully remain ignorant to that contempt and disdain that he displays for them.

I recently tackled the subject of this transgender bathroom mess and fell out with a fellow blogger over it and rightly so as once again, the plight of Black people in this shithole gets equated with some transgender issue that is in reality, a non-issue. Real issues like police brutality against Black people, a school-to-prison pipeline, gentrification, mass unemployment and wage stagnation, voting rights, homelessness, mass incarceration and unmitigated poverty remain back burner issues that will never see the light of day for a ‘fix’ by the Feds. And continued ignorance will be spouted out about how Black people should just shut up already and be thankful that we are no longer seeing ‘Colored Only’ signs and be glad that transgender rights are being highlighted and that we must accept this as a ‘win’ for our corner. Never that! Not on my watch!

When I posted “I Am SO Fucking Fed Up With This Transgender Bathroom Shit!” I never thought that one of my readers would post such a disrespectful comment, but ‘humans’ never cease to amaze me with their thoughtlessness, ignorance, racism and obnoxiousness.

Without further ado, here is the comment in question.

Wow, Tubularsock isn’t much of a fan of intolerance. It wasn’t that many years ago that “Negroes” had their OWN public bathrooms and their very own drinking fountains. And all they did was bitch and complain that these facilities were separate.
They even had “Colored Only” signs. Another sign of a privileged class, Tubularsock guesses.
And all Tubularsock heard from “White” people when he attempted to explain those issues was “just get over it”!
And then the Federal Government made an issue of this intolerance and things started to change.
And all Tubularsock heard from “White” people was why isn’t the Federal Government doing more about important issues. And “. . . just why can’t THOSE “Negroes” just be happy for what they’ve got!”

Years ago a nurse friend of Tubularsock explained that “more babies than you’d think”, she said, are born hermaphrodite and at the time of birth many times the doctor will arbitrarily decide (often without even consulting the parents) which sex that child will be assigned.

Today a hermaphrodite is called an “intersex” birth and 1 in ever 2000 births are “intersex” births.

Standard medical treatment has been to look at the genitals, make an arbitrary decision about the gender and then correct it surgically because they are born with both sets!

But now, many are challenging the ethical basis of surgery, knowing that gender identity is complex, and doctors can sometimes get it wrong, not knowing how a child will feel about their gender assignment when they grow up.

The bottom line is not “just get over it” any more than to tell a black child to “just get over it” because you don’t look like Disney’s Blond Headed Cinderella!

Intolerance is NOT what is needed, knowledge and understanding will bring us together and what this world needs more than anything is LOVE!

And here was MY response of which I am SO fucking proud!

“Tubularsock isn’t much of a fan of intolerance. It wasn’t that many years ago that “Negroes” had their OWN public bathrooms and their very own drinking fountains. And all they did was bitch and complain that these facilities were separate.”

Fuck THAT shit! You can consider me to be an ‘intolerant’ homophobe until the cows come home, go back out and come home AGAIN! I don’t fucking care! I am speaking of MY opinion and only MY opinion and once again, since we have been down this road before, if you take exception to what you see in here, you are free to move the hell along and never come this way again! Do you understand this???!!! I don’t give a goddamn for your fucked up opinion on this issue, nor did I seek it! If motherfuckers want to claim that their sex is not what they want it to be, all well and good. But I am sick to pieces of MY tax dollars going to fund erroneous lawsuits to enable some man who can’t fucking figure out what he wants to be from one day to the next, a new bathroom sign just for his confused ass.

The signs for ‘Colored Only’ were not over some ‘gender’ issue and whether or not we were born with male and female body parts. What we have been subjected to in this shithole from the time our ancestors were dragged over here are far more horrific than is the case with a motherfucker born with male and female body parts, “1 in every 2,000 births.” Every single African that was dragged to this shithole to become a slave, was put through an indescribable hell. There was no “1 in every 2,000” Africans had to go through this. Every single goddamn one of them did and their ancestors to this day are following suit. So don’t you sit on your pink ass and compare what happened to our ancestors and what is happening to us to some “1 in every 2,000 births” of some motherfuckers that are born with both male and female body parts and in fact, I don’t even think that is where the problem lies and you don’t either. The problem lies in the fact that it has now become à la mode to claim that a motherfucker was ‘assigned’ a gender that he/she feels is not theirs. No one has lashed their back, shackled, enslaved, tortured or brutalized them for hundreds of years over their female and male body parts and you know this!

So, don’t you dare come all up in here with your “nurse said this” and “nurse said that” about some goddamn shits that may or may not have been born with both male and female body parts because I can damn well believe that this is not at the heart of what we are seeing today!

You will not come up in here and downplay the ‘Colored only’ signs that my ancestors had to deal with and this was AFTER the fact of slavery! No one is enslaving motherfuckers who were born with both male and female body parts! No one is going around burning crosses in the yards of motherfuckers born with both male and female body parts. No Ku Klux Klan was formed for the sole purpose of intimidating, lynching and otherwise fucking up those who were born with both male and female body parts!

Don’t you goddamn EVER come back in here and I fucking mean that and I fucking swear that if I see one more goddamn comment from you, it will be deleted and you can rest assured that not another one will appear here, EVER!

If you want to post about how ‘tolerant’ your ass is, then use YOUR goddamn blog for that purpose, but in here, I am all about Blackness! And if you can’t understand that, too goddamn bad! Get ta steppin’, you pink assed motherfucker!!!!

Now then, I wonder what it is that gives Caucasians the right to think they can just overstep the bounds of propriety and just come out and say whatever they damn well please? Oh, that’s right! It’s called ‘white privilege’. Well in here, check your ‘white privilege’ at the goddamn door or I will check it for you and relish doing so! As you can see from the above comment. I have told you time and time again, that I don’t care if I write to my goddamn self, I will not have this shit in my face from Caucasians who have no right to speak on what they absolutely know nothing about.

You have no firsthand knowledge of what it means to be a Black person in AmeriKKKa and for you to come up in here and speak on this as though you are some sort of authority tells me all I need to know about your racist ass! It tells me more than I want to know which is why when you do so, you will get ta steppin’! I don’t give a good goddamn for followers. A damn war is being waged against us and in the midst of battle, the last thing I need to see is a comment of that sort from the likes of you! Shits like you are the reason why I am in the midst of battle. And make no mistake, your professions of “I am not a racist!” don’t cut no ice with me because shits like you sit up and condone what other racists say and do because if you didn’t, maybe so many ‘openly’ racist motherfuckers would no longer consider it to be a la mode to continue to parade down the goddamn street in white sheets. Maybe, it would no longer be business as usual in this shithole of denying Black people, access to good paying jobs, decent health care, a decent education, drinkable water and flourishing neighborhoods. But all we hear about is how bad Detroit and New Orleans and Chicago and Baltimore are doing. Like you don’t know why! But you’re ‘all good’ because you pronounced to all and sundry that “I am not a racist!” Like hell, you’re not! You are the epitome of racism and to suggest otherwise would be a goddamn lie! It is eating you from the inside out and you couldn’t die from it soon enough to suit me!

And yet, you want to sit somewhere on your pink asses and preach to us about LOVE?! Are you fucking serious? Since when have you gone to Ku Klux Klan Central and preached to them about LOVE? Since when did you go to the Aryan Brotherhood and preach to them about love? You know just what the fuck you would get for your worthless ass efforts. But you have no problem coming at me with that bullshit as though you are doing me a favor by telling me about LOVE! Something of which you know absolutely nothing about because if you did, you’d be preaching it to your damn self. But you don’t! Because your damn worthless ass ain’t fucking human. You are no different from the motherfucker that dons a sheet. You are one and the same! I am fighting against your ass the same as I am theirs. You are both two peas in a pod! And you mean, you didn’t have a clue as to what would happen if you spouted your racist ass bullshit to me? Did you fucking think that I was the one to put up with it? Really? Yeah! Bring some more filthy racist ass shit up in here and see just what the fuck you get for your efforts. If you don’t slither the fuck up out of here on your own, I’ll bounce your candy ass on up outta here. Count on it!

26 thoughts on “Transgender Rights, But No Rights for Black People

  1. There is one woman on Worstpress who is as Militant as I think I am, and that one woman is Ms. Shelby Courtland. This post was MagFuckinNificent.

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    1. WOW! I cannot thank you enough for reblogging this and for that most wonderful comment!

      I saw red and I went with it! And I don’t back down as you can see! And I am SO not playing with these racist shits!

      Thank you SO very much Mr. Militant Negro! I am just Wowed over the compliment on this one!!!!


  2. Wow! You went really HARD at Tubes!lol He probably wont come back after that. He got mad at me a last year when I did a post about racist white women. He didn’t like it too much. I told him I was going to be honest about racism even if it hutr someone’s feelings. I was not going to hold back. I guess he didn’t like that response and I haven’t seen him since. I think whe it comes to the oppression of black people it makes many uncomfortable. Most whites have a limit on how much “racism talk” they can deal with. And many like to compare the black struggle with the gay,trandgender or lesbian issues. But the two are NOT alike. And I get tired of the comparison as well. The line has been drow in the sand. AS you get deeper into the suffering of black people you will lose followers. I have lost followers…and gained some as well. It’s all a part of the process when reaching for true liberation from this wiked,corrupt,racist corporation known as Amerikkka. Keep fighting the good fight!
    Happy Malcom X Birthday as well. 🙂

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    1. Prince, I was not hard enough! But I did my best with just words on a computer screen because believe me, if I had been face to face with him, the results would have been much worse than what you see here!

      I have told these racist shits over and over again, that I am NOT the one. Now, why they wanna mess with me, I don’t know! But like I’ve said before ALSO, it SO ain’t about them! If they don’t like what I write, get ta steppin’! I could not be more clear if I tried.

      He and I have got into it before now and for some strange reason, he eventually comes back. I had banned his ass once before from commenting in here and his comments showed up in my spam folder and I deleted them. It was apparent that he thought I did not mean what I said when I stated that I would delete any further comments from him. After a bit of time went by, we settled back to business as usual. Emails were exchanged and I said, “Okay, I’ll give the motherfucker another go!” But this is it!

      As for gaining readership, despite what has been going down in here with regards to my stance on transgender motherfuckers and all that shit, I have actually gained followers. Now, do I care if I have hundreds or none? Not at all. Because each week, I receive at least two notifications from WordPress that my stats are booming and I much prefer my readership to be from countries other than this shithole because my aim is to expose for all the world to see, just what the worthless ass racist shits are about here in AmeriKKKa. The lamestream media will never print the truth, but when folks come all up in here, they’re getting the real deal. If they cannot deal with it, then the rainbow-draped cunt flag is down the hall and to the right! They can go there and get their political correctness and faggot fix! They ain’t getting it up in here! I am ‘intolerant’ because these motherfuckers are not going to continue to pre-empt our fight and struggle in this shithole that has been going down for hundreds of years.

      Their asses were not considered to be three-fifths human, and whipped to pieces while enslaved, nor were they denied the basic rights of humans in this hellhole and I will damn sure not allow them to continue to throw us into their perverted ass mix. Not going to happen up in here.

      And a racist motherfucker is going to preach to ME about LOVE when what has he done about preaching that LOVE shit to skinheads, but he is going to tell me that “all we need is love?” For real? He fucking went there? Speaking about how we need, “some knowledge and understanding?” Who the fuck did he think he was preaching to? Because I ain’t sat up in a goddamn church pew in decades and when I did, won’t no goddamn pink-assed motherfucker preaching a goddamn thing to me! And that ain’t about to start now.

      But he can try and get back up in here if he wants to, but I don’t think he really wants to go there and his little entourage can just get ta steppin’ right along with his racist ass! They ain’t paying MY goddamn bills and I don’t ask those useless pink-assed motherfuckers for a goddamn thing!

      Like I always say, “This is war! Ain’t no goddamn peace!”

      I thank you for your comment Prince. And I could not agree with it more! And Happy Malcolm X Birthday to you as well! He was the real deal and not that namby-pamby assed Dr. King with his peaceful this and peaceful that. Where the hell has ‘peaceful marching’ gotten us? No goddamn where!


  3. The fact we even need to have a discussion on this makes my head spin.

    Disrespectful does not even come close to Tubularstock’s words. You are right about the racism. I somehow missed this: “It wasn’t that many years ago that “Negroes” had their OWN public bathrooms and their very own drinking fountains. And all they did was bitch and complain that these facilities were separate.” The golden-haired Disney princess was too much but this…He should

    You are right about the racism and KKK. It has been my experience that homosexuals and transgender become very prejudiced and racist when a black person says the obvious truth that there is no valid comparison between being black and being homosexual or a transgender.

    Only a week ago, I asked another group-one who was a transgender- to not use slavery and Jim Crow law to the the N.C. bathroom bill. I asked them why the blacks in Houston-which now has many blacks from other parts of the South- did not vote for the Houston bathroom bill if they were the same. They started accusing us of everything under the sun. It was too easy to prove them wrong, but the crazy things they accused blacks of included: 1)transphobia; 2) being responsible for the unemployment rate of “black transgender people”; 3) black people who practicing transphobia suffering from more violence than the average black person(no,that is definitely a lie); and 4) black straight people giving black transgender people AIDS/HIV( yes, I actually was given a citation to the ridiculous African green monkey story). I am not going to post the whole conversation because your IQ may drop 10 points.

    Your response was correct. You, of course, have a different style than me but that was completely disrespectful and racist.

    Tubularstock, that comment was of an idiot and a fool!! Do not go around talking down to any black lady like that, even online. You are a sick racist.


  4. I have no idea what gave Tubularsock the idea that he has the right to tell you what to think and say, especially on your own blog.

    Then he does a post about “Tolerance” (it’s about this post of yours) on his blog, I did two replies to it, however, I didn’t do a like.

    Taking it upon onself to be the thought police (as Tubularsock did with you) , is not anything that I can relate to.
    Dialogue, is useful (if it’s sincere), but telling others what to think, feel, say, do — is outargious; and certainly not respectful of other people’s autonomy.

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    1. “I have no idea what gave Tubularsock the idea that he has the right to tell you what to think and say, especially on your own blog.”

      What gave him the idea? “White privilege,” is what gave him the idea and I have been saying this ALL along. Even those who pretend to ‘feel our pain’ don’t! They will spout out useless rhetoric but when all is said and done, only those of us with a permanent tan know that no one else has our back. And we’d better have each others. Tubularsock has shown his ‘feel our pain’ but only up to a certain limit before now, however, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. No more! He will not come back onto MY blog and preach to me about what he knows nothing about. And the fact that he was once a ‘teacher’ is the ultimate straw because I can only imagine how he treated those students in his class who were of the permanent tan variety.

      And he is welcome to ‘preach’ about tolerance all day and all night on HIS blog because I couldn’t give a rat’s ass for his ‘tolerance’ speeches since I have not visited his blog since he posted the above comment and I have no intention of visiting his blog in the future. So, he is still not preaching to me even on his own damn blog. That is where he should have posted a comment such as the one he left here. His blog is for that purpose. But I am not one of his students, nor am I going to put up with his shit, nor be disrespected by him on my own blog. And I cannot even count the times that I have stated this, only to have it ignored.

      So, I thank you sincerely, Genie, for your comment because Tubularsock was SO wrong on SO many levels, it is unreal and quite obviously is so full of it that he is still attempting to preach to others about tolerance when he wouldn’t recognize what he is ‘preaching’ about if it smacked him in his own damn face. A classic case of the ‘pot calling the kettle, black’.

      Again, I thank you for informing me of what he is up to Genie, but Tubularsock is dead to me.


      1. Here is my last comment on his post, Ayer which, I pressed “unfollow” and won’t be going back there ever again.
        Below, is what I said:

        Genie says:
        May 24, 2016 at 9:51 pm
        In my opinion, “I messages”, are a more helpful way to discuss things, on every topic, especially the hot, controversial and charged topics, instead of “You Messages”, now, having said that, it can also be a way to be “politically correct” in one’s words, but not in how it comes across.

        Racism is one of those topics that doesn’t fit into a box, there is no “politically correct” way to adress the underlying issues, resentments, exploitation, ongoing persecution and oppression, etc., thus, to lecture a person on “tolerance” (when they don’t walk in that person’s moccasins, so to speak), often becomes loaded with hurt and anger.

        I was shocked when a friend of mine (a math professor in England), spoke about Jews in the most shocking way, when I asked what was behind this extreme hate, he told me: “I’m a displaced Palestinian, I watched my father as he was shot by the IDF (should be called IOF — Israeli Occupation Forces), then, they raped my mother in front of my little sister and me, and sodomized her too, after which, they made my sister and I go outside while they torched our home. We lived in tents in Lebanon for many years without the basic nessecities of life, but after a long time, a kind family from England adopted us and sent my little sister and I to school and I recieved my PhD in Mathematics. How do you think I should feel towards Jews? My little sister still pees the bed, even though she is an adult, and I have nightmares still, every night.”

        How could I tell him what to feel and think?

        It’s the same with African Americans, unless one has lived through lynchings, houses burned down by the KKK, has deep scars on their back from lashes (or their relatives do), etc., then one is not in a position to judge how their language and attitude “should be”, according to privalged standards that are imposed on racial minorities who are told, “get over it”, but the racism goes on still, so how can they get “over it”?

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      2. “How could I tell him what to feel and think?”

        Exactly, Genie! Because one cannot walk in another’s shoes. And to condemn me and tell me to ‘get over it’ and ‘how Blacks complained about their own water fountain’ was just beyond the end of enough. Give people an inch and they will take a mile and eventually their true colors will reveal themselves. He showed his ass and his true colors here.

        He cannot experience my life and I cannot experience his and so I don’t try and tell him how he should feel and neither should he do the same to me. But, like I stated before, I get disrespected to the 9th degree on my own damn blog and am expected to put up with it and not have a problem with it. Some people just take the cake and eat it too.

        Thank your for posting the comment that you did, although in his case, it probably fell on ‘eyes that will not see. But at least, I’ve got him out of here for good and that’s as it should be!

        Thanks again Genie! I sincerely appreciate what you did!


      1. I unfollowed him because he spoke down to me (in that post) and used children do do it, of all things.

        He roared that “Tolerance” is what is needed, and how can he explain that to me any clearer, other than get out children’s playing blocks and spell it out that way.

        I despise it when children are used as a weapon, first of all, most children are more intelligent than a lot of adults, and second of all, what’s with thinking and speaking about children in a derogatory manner as cannon fodder to attempt to try and make a person apear stupid?! No way, leave children out of any bashing that a person wants to do to another adult, that’s morally bankrupt, in my opinion.

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      2. I am not surprised Genie, that he spoke down to you. He’s got issues, but he is not taking his having issues out on me and I am glad that you are not letting him take them out on you.

        Can you believe that he was a ‘teacher’? Can you just imagine someone who claimed to have been a teacher, now using children to belittle other people? He does not even make any sense. I am not being funny, but it is quite obvious to me that his immediate friends and family should seek help for him.

        And I don’t blame you for ‘unfollowing’ him, I would stay away too because it seems to me that he can only get worse. Yes, in my opinion also, he is morally bankrupt. I’m glad that I don’t have to deal with him.

        Thanks for your comment Genie and as always, I love your beautiful poetry! It is very moving.


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