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I may be late in posting this, but every single word is right on time!

Another must read from Mr. Militant Negro!

Thank you Mr. Militant Negro, from one ‘militant’ to another!

The Militant Negro™



In honor of Minister Malcolm X 91st Birthday today, May 19th, 2016, The Gloves Come Off.

Often asked by many why I don’t like or respect Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King as I do Minister Malcolm X, that answer is easy for me, although some will not agree, and I could really give a fuck that they don’t agree.


Two reason are the focal point of my disgust and disregard for MLK and my respect and admiration for Minister Malcolm…

One: Minister Malcolm was about Negroes becoming a better people by any means necessary, and that’s not just repeating one of his best quotes, but think about what that statement really means. Bettering ourselves, making us non reliant on others to help us, but becoming self sufficient. 

Two: Minister Malcolm kept his penis in his pants and was loyal/faithful to his wife. MLK fucked any & everything that wore panties. You can not be…

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4 thoughts on “Militant World™

  1. Thanks for posting this. Dogmatic nonviolence can be extremely dangerous. When I first learned the CIA was the main funder of nonviolence training throughout the world (via Gene Sharp and Peter Ackerman’s International Center for Nonviolent Conflict) I wasn’t a big surprised.


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