Examples Of The Sheer Arrogance, Conceit And Hypocrisy Displayed By Caucasians!

hypocrisy and arrogance and animal cruelty


Once such example is the Michael Vick scenario whereas Michael Vick was sentenced to an animal sensitivity training course and sentenced to prison for running a dog fighting operation and the claim was that dogs who did not perform well were killed by electrocution, hanging, drowning and other violent means by the dogfighting ring. The Caucasian judge who looked down on Michael Vick from his lofty accusatorial and ‘judgmental’ perch had this to say to Vick, “You were instrumental in promoting, funding and facilitating this cruel and inhumane sporting activity.”

Vick then spoke softly to Massa judge about his acceptance for the responsibility for his actions and about how willing he was to accept the consequences of his actions. Oh how apologetic he was to ‘white’ Massa, his judge and still, it got him no leniency. Fuck THAT shit! Hell! If I’m going down, what is the point in apologizing to a piece of Caucasian filth that is going to make an example out of me anyway? The motherfucking judge was most likely incensed that Michael Vick wasn’t some poor schmuck who was standing before him, needing all up and down on a public defender. The sheer arrogance of these assholes, again, never cease to amaze me and yet, at the same time, fill me with utter and absolute contempt for their vile asses!

Now, on the other hand, Preakness Day in Baltimore resulted in the deaths of not one, but two horses and of course, the arrogant assed Caucasians with their blatant and outrageous hypocrisy saw no reason to hold any other pink-assed Caucasian responsible for the “cruel and inhumane sporting activity” that resulted in the deaths of these two horses.

You see, when Caucasians engage in ‘cruel and inhumane sporting activities’, they are not ordered to attend an animal sensitivity training course, nor are they ordered to prison or even admonished by another pink-assed motherfucker about how they don’t seem to be apologetic enough to warrant a reduced sentence for their conduct.

“Ten years after Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro tragically broke down at the start of the Preakness, the owners of the popular colt watched another horse they bred die during a race on a rainy Saturday at Pimlico Race Course.”

And according to the owner of both Barbaro and 4-year-old filly Pramedya, it was ‘tough to watch Pramedya die on the race course as was the case with Barbaro’. If it was so tough to watch, then why continue to engage horses in an activity that causes their demise? Caucasians have always enjoyed spectator sports, especially those that were all about the business of brutality, butchery and death. And yet, they condemn a Black man for engaging in the same types of activities that they relish, support and condone, year after year.

“4-year-old filly Pramedya broke down during the fourth race on the Preakness undercard, and was euthanized on the track. The filly’s jockey, Daniel Centeno, broke his collarbone in the spill that occurred on the turn of a race run over a wet turf course.”

During the very first race of the day, another horse, Homeboykris collapsed and died after winning and having his picture taken in the winner’s circle. It is believed that the horse suffered cardiovascular collapse and a necropsy is pending. But this is all very well and good and no one should face charges over the fact that these horses are put through a grueling ordeal and if they collapse as a result of that ordeal, why, just euthanize them already, but the show must go on. Money has been invested and bets have been placed and the spectator ‘sport’ of horse racing must take front and center. If the poor horse cannot handle the task assigned to it, well, too goddamn bad for the horse! Shoot it! Move its carcass off the racetrack and let’s get the show on the road. Which begs the question, “Where the fuck was PETA and the SPCA?”

Again, the sheer overwhelming arrogance, conceit and hypocrisy of Caucasians never ceases to amaze me even though I should well be used to seeing their displays of it, daily.

Another example of arrogance, conceit and hypocrisy is something that I have been noticing when I am having lunch or dinner in a restaurant. My cousin and I are usually dining out and since he knows I drink, he always suggests that I treat myself to at least one drink even though he knows that I am driving. It is just that he has observed the Caucasians in the restaurants knocking back booze, left and right; everyone at the table, in fact. There is no designated driver. I pointed out to him that it is shits like these that are the reason why so many people are involved in drunk driving accidents and that I am not going to have on my conscience, the fact that I consumed alcohol, got behind the wheel of my vehicle and proceeded to seriously injure or kill some innocent person. I don’t want that on my conscience. But you see, you must first have a conscience. Caucasians don’t have one and this is my observation. Not one restaurant that I have been in that served alcohol, have I not witnessed with my very own eyes, a table loaded down with Caucasians downing alcoholic drink after alcoholic drink and then saunter out the door, get into a vehicle and drive.

These are the same people who will not garden, but who will instead landscape backyards to pieces. Their backyards are extremely equipped for ‘drinking parties’. But they insist on driving to a restaurant, drink until they are drunk and then crash into another vehicle or a pedestrian. And we are all wondering why insurance premiums are so high. This is why. In my area alone, the drunk driving numbers are outrageous. They are even considering banning drinking and riding a horse afterwards since there have been so many falls from horses and the rider was over the legal limit to drive a motor vehicle and so elected to ride a horse instead and still could not keep their seat. And how many ‘Black’ folks do you know who drink and get up on the back of a horse? I rest my case!

In my little small town paper, the number one police-reported incident is driving while drunk and in most cases, this was not the first offense as it is also noted that the driver was driving with a suspended/revoked license and had no insurance. And in this area, it is 99.9% Caucasian. So, who is drinking and driving? Exactly!

You Caucasian motherfuckers take the goddamn cake and eat it too and yet you want to point the finger at Black folks and exclaim over Michael Vick and his dogfighting ring when you worthless pink-assed shits run horses into the ground, euthanize them and continue on with the show. Not a goddamn thing is wrong with that because YOU say so. You get to prance around at the Kentucky Derby, The Preakness and The Belmont Stakes with your ugly ass suits on and fucked up looking flower hats and flaunt your wealth and ‘privilege’ with nary a thought for what you are doing to the poor horses that are put through a life or death ordeal just to entertain you assholes. You are truly full of it, but not full of what you think. You are full of stinking shit and while you sit there, I wish the goddamn sun would scorch your ass to ash, you worthless filth!

And for those of you who arrogantly drink and drive, if there was any justice, you would be the ones to lose your life and not some innocent person who becomes the victim of your drunken ass! You are somewhere busily perceiving people who look like me as the problem, when I am the only one who will get up from the table at a restaurant and is as sober leaving it as I was when I entered it, but the same cannot be said for you. If the rest of us were as vile as you worthless shits are, this world would be in even greater danger than it already is because of the likes of you, you pack of inconsiderate, arrogant, pompous, egotistical, worthless shits!

15 thoughts on “Examples Of The Sheer Arrogance, Conceit And Hypocrisy Displayed By Caucasians!

  1. See this is why it’s so hard for me to make through my ever growing email backlog. I get snagged by things that I can’t let get pass me by like this post.

    Thank you Ms. Shelby for your thoughts; I was thinking some of these very same thoughts last night when a read about the horse droppong dead. And how hard do you have to work a fuckin’ horse before it drops dead? A fuckin horse. And bet your sweet ass we’ll never see the results of that necropsy and all the drugs that were undoubtably in that animal’s system.

    This does speak to the greater issue of who these people think they are and better yet who they think we are. Methinks they think that all are here for their entertainment and they can do what they want with whomever they choose. In fact, the arrogrants that puts these people in the driver seat while under the influence of influence is the same arrogrants that makes them think that they no better whats good for us than we know ourselves. But don’t get me started on white people and the shit they do concerning Black folk because my day was going pretty good.

    Peace Ms. Shelby and know that you are appreciated. And tell your cousin he better take care of our Shelby. I swear to Jesus and whole landscaping crew that’ll have to come there (whereever there is) and handle things. LOL!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhh, HLJ, you are too kind! I am in Whitey Whiteville, Menacesnowta! I am surrounded by pink-assed motherfuckers but then, that’s nothing new since I’m from Hootersville, VA, home to 87.6% of pink-assed motherfuckers.

      My day was a gorgeous lazy Sunday until I turned on my computer and saw this outrageousness and of course, me being me, I could not let it pass. I am going to showcase the hypocrisy, arrogance, conceit, cockiness and judgmental filth that is the Caucasian.

      It would seem that every other group of people and every animal on this planet was placed here for the sole purpose of entertaining, waiting on and serving the filth that was deposited on this planet in the form of pink-assed shits! I am so fed the fuck up with their unapologetic and outrageous hypocrisy and how the hell they can claim to judge someone else for ‘offenses’ they commit on a daily basis, I have no fucking idea. These worthless vile and nasty shits should be the last to be able to sit in judgment on others when their evil and depravity knows no bounds. Their arrogance and conceit is just fucking unbelievable! And the rest of the world just sits back and takes it up the ass! We fucking need to get a clue! Our day ain’t gonna be sunny as long as this vile filth is somewhere sitting in judgment on the rest of us.

      I wish that I could wish peace unto you, HLJ. But like I always say, “This is war! Ain’t no goddamn peace!”

      And cuz is doing alright by me. Sometimes we have our disagreements, but what family agrees all the time? But I will certainly show him this, so he’ll know what’s what. And feel free to head this way any time HLJ although I know that you are afraid of this “Black Medusa!” LOL!

      I thank you for your comment HLJ!


      1. LOL!!! What can say about my Ms. Shelby? She is and always will be my Ms. Shelby. That mouth/mind of yours needs to be plated in gold and put on display.

        I just realized how that might sound after I wrote it. I’m sorry.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It sounds fine to me! That’s a goddamn compliment considering what many would like to do with my mouth/mind. LMAO! I am SO GOOD, I’m BAD!! And I fucking love it!!

        Well, I am soon to be YOUR MRS. Shelby! We are to be married in less than a month. Did you not receive your invitation to OUR wedding?

        And here, I have been saving myself all this time for you and My Dear Beloved Groom, does not even know when he shall step into ‘Wedded Blitzkrieg’ with Ms. Extreme Militant, herself!

        I declare, getting ‘cold feet’ mere weeks before the supposed ‘happy event’ is just not good ‘ton’, HLJ!

        But seriously, that was a compliment HLJ, and you have nothing to be sorry for! Thank you! I loved it!


  2. Using animals for sport is just barbaric and should be banned. I’m all for incarcerating animal abusers no matter what their color, but u’r right about the blatant double standards, with whitey getting a slap on the wrist and no media outrage. Peta & SPCA are politically and financially affiliated with the establishment, and will do what they’re told. Judges are corrupt, bought and paid for, so no rich white MFs will ever go to jail over their “misdeeds”.

    As for the drunk driving problem in your area, just discreetly call 911 at the restaurant and report it. Oh my bad, being in Whiteyville, the cops will probably show up and arrest you!
    Sadly, we live in a patriarchal ‘good ole boy’ system that’s about to collapse upon it’s own corrupt weight. AmeriKKKa is the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.

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    1. 1EarthUnited, your comment is dead on! There would be no point to my calling the shits who would more than likely sit in the parking lot and watch me leave and lock me up for driving while Black while the ‘white’ drunks are mowing down innocent pedestrians or damaging the property of others and killing people.

      This is why I post about these things, to bring the fact of the double standard to the forefront and to display the sheer blaring hypocrisy of those who judge others for what they, themselves are doing and jailing them. What was done to those horses is not any different from what Michael Vick supposedly did to dogs. But he gets the book thrown at him while the motherfuckers that led to these horses dying, received trophies. These two-faced shits are just fucking vile!

      And this shithole cannot collapse in upon itself soon enough to suit me!

      I thank you for your comment and again, it was spot on!


  3. Yes, even though the race baiting media does not show it but they will show anything negative involving blacks(which is inconsistent coverage), the figures clearly show that they are the most likely racial group to cause fatal DWI accidents. Not too long ago, some drunk white man in OK drove around 12 miles on a highway shooting at multiple cars. He killed at least one person, wounded several other people, and hit other cars were the drivers weren’t struck by bullets. This didn’t make the national news, but had he been black, it would have been on for at least a couple of days. The media should be consistent one way or another, but as we already know, they clearly have an agenda against blacks as a group.

    Vick, I think, is still one of the top 10 most hated athletes. Even though he has done far, far, far, far more to make up for that than was necessary, he is treated as he if was a horrible person.

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    1. meant “where the drivers weren’t struck” in the third sentence.

      I could have added “far” in a few more times.

      Interesting post.


    2. Well, I shall show it and even though, I don’t get the viewership that the lamestream media does, I will take what I get. And I will continue to put it out there just how vile, sick, twisted and filthy those shits are. Not to mention, hypocritical. ‘Whites’ are the very face of DWI. They always have been and they always will be. And yet, we get locked up for ‘driving while Black’ while they are allowed to continue on; drunk, high and crazy, but that’s okay because they are ‘white’. That’s their pass!

      And yes, there is an agenda against us. That ain’t never gonna change. But likewise, I have an agenda. And it is to put the truth out there about how low those snakes really are and even I cannot do justice to how low.

      And if I were Vick, I would not have even tried to make up for a damn thing. I would have simply stated that I learned from the worst and pointed out evidence of that. Someone would have recorded his words. But no, he has to play their game, bow his head and shuffle off to prison, come out and continue to make amends and some mo shit when the shits that judged him are laughing over all of this. It just galls me no end!

      I thank you for your comment N.S.


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