“So, You Want A Living Wage? Too Damn Bad!”



Have you read the latest? Hell! It may not be the latest, but seeing as how it takes me awhile to crank up my computer to get it running, months may go by before I find out the latest. But now that I have my computer cranked up, what the hell? It appears that Wendy’s is going to fire workers and replace them with kiosks. Those overpaid workers who have been working for an hourly wage of $7.25 just did not know when  they had it so good! Why can’t they just enjoy coming to work with ‘pink eye’ and then upon finishing their shift, have a nice, relaxing nap inside a cardboard box underneath an overpass? Why must they need health insurance and a ‘living wage’?

“Oh, so you’re going to shout and jump up and down that you need a ‘living wage’? Okay! We’ll see about that! Out you go and in with automation! No need to pay you $15 an hour. Why can’t you get a ‘real’ job anyway? Too dumb? Too lazy? This job was for kids, so why are you 49 and working here at Wendy’s?”

This is wrong on so many levels, it is unreal. Jobs have been outsourced for decades and the fallback jobs have always been in retail and in the fast food industries. These jobs, at one point in time, were touted as jobs for kids who were just starting college and I know this to be true because when I was in college, I worked in retail. But suffice it to say, there were more older workers on the sales floor than there were college students. I was only working to put gas in my car for the purposes of partying and having a good time. But the majority of the workforce was there because it was their only source of income for the necessities of life, i.e., mortgage/rent/ lights, telephone, medical bills; the whole nine yards.

And here we are with this scenario still playing out all across this country and the fast food industry seems hell bent on shaming workers who are attempting to make a living. These workers are not asking for wages that would have them eating caviar and sipping the finest French wines every night. These workers are fighting for their  survival and they are fighting for the survival of their children. Not to mention the fact that if they simply gave up and got on welfare, we would be shaming these people.

We need to, for once, let go of the me, me, me selfish attitude and try to put ourselves in these workers shoes. How would we like it if our good paying job had been outsourced to Mexico or Bangladesh and we had to turn to flipping burgers at Wendy’s? There goes the mortgage payment. There goes the health insurance. There goes the means to getting to a job. Have you forgotten the man who walked 20 miles to work for 10 years because his $10.55 an hour job did not cover the cost of keeping a roof over his head, not to mention the $15,000 a year in insurance premiums for I guess, driving in Detroit? And the lamestream media refused to concentrate on the ‘elephant’ in the room; the fact that a man had been walking to a job for 10 years and after 10 years, he was only ‘earning’ $10.55 an hour. That is not just completely and totally ridiculous and ludicrous, it is a travesty! But this man’s plight, according to all news outlets was solved when a stranger came to Mr. Robertson’s rescue and raised money for him so that he could purchase a vehicle to get him to and from work. Did the news media concentrate on the low wages the man was receiving after having worked at the same company for at least 10 years? Of course not! Because what is in charge of what news we get? Corporations! And according to one corporation, another corporation can do no wrong.

If you think that the workers who are fighting for a $15 minimum wage are crazy to ask for this, try to keep in mind that your job could be the next to get replaced by either automation or by getting outsourced. Where will you find employment? At Wendy’s? Not so fast! A kiosk will have taken that job. People need to understand that what affects one, has the potential to affect all. And the people who are not working, are either too sick to work any longer, are too old to work or are too rich to need to work. Which category will you soon fit in? And I do not believe that it will be the latter and another sad fact is that Wendy’s is not alone in replacing humans with machines. Pretty soon, machines will be making your burger and when that happens, tell the machine to eat the goddamn burger it prepared. But before it gets to that point, we all need to send a message to Wendy’s and McDonald’s and to any other fast food restaurant that is replacing workers with kiosks that when confronted with a kiosk, out the door, we go! It is not that these corporations aren’t making any money, it is just that their greed is boundless! Corporations would not lose a beat by simply paying workers, a living wage.

My favorite restaurant is Fogo de Chao because their salad bar is like no other, but if they were to replace their workers who are absolutely fantastic with kiosks, I would never set foot inside a Fogo de Chao ever again. It is high time we stop taking this affront to our right to a decent wage, up the ass and instead, give these greedy ass corporations, a goddamn taste of their own medicine. Without us buying or consuming their product, their bottom line will look like the paycheck of a Wendy’s employee. Something to think about.

12 thoughts on ““So, You Want A Living Wage? Too Damn Bad!”

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    • Ding! Ding! Go to the head of the class JoAnn! That right there says it all! When I think of ‘dining out’, Wendy’s does not even come to mind, not even in last place. I don’t even think I have ever been inside a Wendy’s and the same can be said for McDonald’s, but then I’ve never considered their food to be…well…food. If we don’t take a proactive approach about what we put in our bodies, who will? I am not knocking those who do frequent these types of eating establishments, but I do not think that they were meant to be an everyday meal stop. But even so, their workers should at the very least be earning what is considered to be, a ‘living wage’. Corporate greed is running unchecked and that is why corporations are outsourcing even more jobs or are replacing ‘human’ workers with kiosks and robots. Well, I say to that, “Let the robots buy and consume what the robots make.” People are not spending money now because they don’t have it to spend And the rich cannot prop up this economy and that is a fact.

      Economists pretend that they don’t know why retail stores are shuttering their doors left and right. It is because wages are stagnant, people have been thrown out of their homes and now rents are skyrocketing which means that people have less money for apparel and for eating out and with medical expenses eating away at what little is leftover after rent, there is nothing left. Things are getting worse by the hour and the future does not look good.

      JoAnn, thank you for that spot on comment!

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      • Because they are too goddamn greedy and don’t even know that they are cutting their nose off to spite their face.

        Like I’ve stated, over and over, people can have degrees out the ass, but if they’ve got no common sense, then they’ll never figure it out. And I don’t know where they get these economists from because they’ve either all got their head shoved up their ass or not one of them has any damn common sense.

        So, instead of making it known to these corporations, the reason for their continued decline, the corporations just continue to decline and descend into bankruptcy and the worthless ass economists continue to scratch their heads over it all. SIGH! I just cannot make this shit up!

        Another great comment JoAnn! Thank you!

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  2. Hear, hear! There is no reason why any person with a job, especially a full-time job, should not earn a “living wage” in this country. Unless, like you said, they’re eating caviar and drinking fine wines on Caribbean cruises. It makes zero sense. We must literally put our money where our mouth is and stop complaining and, instead, refuse to spend our money at greedy businesses that operate like Wendy’s.

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    • Well said Kelley! This we ALL should do because who knows when it’s our job that’s on the line? We have got to start looking out for one another and support one another in the fight for our very lives. The shits at the helm of this lopsided, stinking, sinking shithole barge ain’t playing with us and we shouldn’t be playing either. “Fight fire with fire,” is what I always say. And those poor workers don’t even make enough to dream about a Caribbean cruise, much less attempt to book one. A really sad fact is that we never should have let things get to this point, but unfortunately, we’re here and it ain’t looking so good!

      Kelley, I thank you for your comment. It is right on time!

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