Huddled In My Cloak Of Widowhood


I will always remember you,
on this day over all other days.
A country that had always hated you
took your life and left me, your kids to raise.

Even in war, segregation was maintained.
You were not even equal in a combat zone.
But you gave your life anyway.
And all that’s left of you is a flag and a tombstone.

I knew you when you laughed and loved
but not the you who learned to shoot to kill.
And our children will never understand my pain
or the heartache that is a war widow’s bitter pill.

So many decades have come and gone.
And still, young men are sent to die.
It would seem that no one is paying attention.
They just heed yet another battle cry.

For some, today is all about hotdogs.
And for others, a day off is just as good.
But for me, I will spend this day alone,
huddled in my cloak of widowhood.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

5 thoughts on “Huddled In My Cloak Of Widowhood

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