In Memory…….

In memory 2

In memory of the dead, who were sent to war
In memory of the dead, yet to be sent to war
In memory of the dead, who sent them to war
In memory of the dead, who will send you to war
In memory of the dead, who were bred for war
In memory of the dead, yet to be bred for war
In memory of peace that has yet to be the result of war

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

Do I really need to explain this???!!!!

11 thoughts on “In Memory…….

      1. Bless your heart Curi56! I appreciate the fact that you bring to our attention, the plight of so many people and animals who have been ill-treated, misused, abused and murdered. Many of the pictures and some of the videos are hard to watch, but we need to see this because many of us have become to complacent and need to be dragged from our apathetic and complacent slumber and be made to recognize that depravities are being committed against the innocent and it needs to stop!

        So, it is I, who thank YOU!


      2. Shelby, you pictured well the cause, why I am posting some Blogs; each word you wrote here is true!
        May God bless you with the grace of open eyes…
        Annamaria Curi56blogs

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    1. Thank you Rosaliene Bacchus! It is extremely short, but extremely to the point. And we just carry on with the celebrations; the parades and hot dog eating and don’t even care that even as we wave flags back and forth and host solemn ceremonies, supposedly to honor the war dead, we are at this very moment hell bent on adding to their numbers. The U.S. has soldiers deployed all over the globe and what do we do about it? Have a parade.

      Again, thank you for your comment Rosaliene.

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  1. Joseph commented:

    “All the dead soldiers are trying to tell all of us,
    no more wars!!!”

    Thank you Joseph! They are indeed attempting to tell us with the endless tombstones of the war dead to not continue to add to their numbers, but what do we do? Continue to add to their numbers and then have the nerve to say that we are honoring them. For real? Really? Because if we really wanted to honor them, we would refuse to ‘breed’ our children for rich shits wars! But we don’t do this. We simply tell them that they are protecting the empire and get to the VA if you’re having issues, if not, the homeless shelter is down the street and around the corner. Out of sight, out of mind. But just for today and on Veterans Day, we “thank you for your service!” We fucking never get a clue!

    And Joseph, I did not post your comment directly because I have been having a bit of trouble with trolls, but I do however, thank you for your comment and I will post your other one shortly.

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  2. Joseph commented:

    “How many more will die for the Drumpf’s wars with Iran!!!!”

    A very good question, Joseph. Why don’t we ask those who continue to sign on the dotted line? Any ‘military whore’ wish to answer Joseph’s question? Be my guest. I will post your comment in its entirety. Because I am also curious since if you refused to get shipped out, who would man the torpedoes, so to speak? Stump ‘for hate’ Trump? Killary ‘Whitewater Benghazigate Emailgate’ Clinton? Bernie “I’ll get behind Killary” Sanders? ‘The liar-in-chief Obadroner’?

    Again, Joseph, thank you for that spot on question!


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