Your Battlefield Is Your Very Own Body!

war against us

You don’t need a pair of fatigues
or to get shipped out to foreign lands.
Your battlefield is your very own body;
before and after, they cuff your hands.

They blind you with canisters of tear gas,
 turning your tear-filled eyes, a fiery red.
For you cannot protest over one of your own,
just trudge through the cemetery to bury your dead.

There is no dignity on a coroner’s slab,
as they dig the bullets out, one by one.
Organs in a jar, weighed and tallied,
while a jury says, “No harm was done!”

Your mother and your sister shed crocodile tears.
And look to politicians to hear their pleas,
not understanding that this was all planned.
But the shame of slavery, your death will not ease.

The blood of the dead; slaves one and all,
cry out for vengeance as they walk with you.
Your ancestor’s features are carved on your face,
and the ‘white’ man and his fate will rendezvous.

There will be no mercy for the cruel and the heartless.
And when the chains enslave him, the whips lash his back,
as he displayed no mercy for his hapless captives,
slaves freed by death will rise up and attack.

Though he may beg for mercy, calling to his ‘god’,
 the day of reckoning has come at last
and he shall be made to pay for the blood he spilled;
both in present day and for days long passed.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

What I have written here, is my most heartfelt wish and hope!

4 thoughts on “Your Battlefield Is Your Very Own Body!

    1. Well, unfortunately for many, the dark ages are kicking our ‘dark’ asses and how! We ain’t hardly fucking liking it! But what do we do about it? Why we continue to feed the beast! Starve the beast and it dies! But we have become dependent on the beast or so, it has us believing because why else do we know why we are drug addicted, depressed drunks who hate our fucking jobs and yet, we continue to trudge into work every day unless it’s like today, when many of us are off thanks to our sons having died in past wars to feed the beast.

      The worthless shits that have their feet on our necks wouldn’t have it so good if we all recognize that it is because of us that they have power over us. We cannot see that they have made us believe that this is the only way to ‘live’ and in reality, this is NO way to live.

      Thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall.


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