Muhammad Ali Said It Best! “I Ain’t Got No Quarrel With Those Vietcong!”

Muhammad Ali



As we all know, boxing legend, Muhammad Ali has died. He was 74. And though, I am not a fan of boxing, nor any contact sport for that matter, I hold Muhammad Ali in high esteem for the fact that he refused to let himself get drafted to fight no enemy of his. At least he stood up for his principles against a country that has never held a valid and undisputable claim on championing the rights of her Negro citizens. So, why would we fight for this country? We should not and Muhammad Ali made no bones about the fact that he would not go to Vietnam and fight against people he had no quarrel with.

Another fact, Muhammad Ali was all about staying true to his Negro heritage. He was not into intermingling and erasing our culture. He said it best again when he said,

“We are different. We are not the same. Blue birds fly with blue birds. Red birds fly with red birds, pigeons want to be with pigeons, the eagles like to hang out in the mountains, while the buzzards like to fly around in the desert. They each want to be with their own.” And when told that this should not apply to people because we have more intelligence than birds, Muhammad Ali replied, “they have the intelligence to want to stay together and we should have more intelligence than them. They’re all birds but they’ve got different cultures. I’d rather be with my own and have a beautiful daughter, a beautiful wife that looks like me and we’re all happy and I don’t have to worry about any trouble resulting from an interracial marriage. Every intelligent person should want their child to look like them. I’m sad because I want to blot out my race and lose my beautiful identity? No! Chinese love Chinese. Pakistanis love their culture. Jewish people love their culture. A lot of Catholics want to marry another Catholic. They want the religion to stay the same. Who would want to spot up yourself and kill your race? You’re a hater of your people if you don’t want to stay true to who you are. You’re ashamed of what ‘god’ made you? ‘God’ didn’t make no mistake. No woman can talk to me, cook for me and please me like a Black American woman, no woman! And the last is a ‘white’ woman that can identify with my feelings and with the way I talk. And you can’t take no Chinese man and give him a Puerto Rican woman and holler about we in love, emotionally and physically when really they’re not happy because she’s going to hear some Puerto Rican music, he’s going to hear some Chinese music and they’re going to be clashing all the time. It’s just nature. You can do what you want, but it’s nature to want to be with your own. I want to be with my own.”-Muhammad Ali excerpt from an interview with the BBC November 1971.

I could not agree more with you Muhammad Ali as no one but my own would get me. And I certainly cannot get with those who have oppressed people who look like me every single chance they get and I am to expect to receive love from them? Get real! Those of you who go in for interracial marriage are making the mistake of your lives. You are not adding to your culture. You are destroying it and that is why this interracial mess is touted at every opportunity. If they cannot wipe us out of existence one way, they’ll damn sure as hell try another. And you are helping them along with this. You are a traitor to your people and no sista or brotha of mine, believe that! I denounce that stupid mess and you!

Muhammad Ali did not say things to make people feel good and to be politically correct. He spoke from his own perspective and from his own life experiences. When after having won the Gold at the Olympics, he came back to AmeriKKKa, thought that he would be welcomed in restaurants that he had previously been denied entrance, only to find out that that gold that he won ‘for’ AmeriKKKa, meant nothing because even gold could not compete against the color of his skin. He put his suit on and went to a restaurant, sat down and the waitress came over and said, “We don’t serve Negroes in here!” Ali responded, “I don’t eat them either. Bring me some coffee and a hotdog!” They put him out. And people have the nerve to take exception to his comments about integration and interracial marriage? You have got to be kidding.

Unfortunately for me, I did not know any of this until I read up on Muhammad Ali after reading about his death. I watched videos of interviews given by him and he mirrors my thoughts exactly on so many issues, it is unreal. He even made the point of why is everything connected with ‘good’,’white’. Everything, he said, that is associated with purity is white; “why is the ‘Lord’s’ supper ALL white men? Angels are ‘white’ the Pope’ , Santa Claus, GEEZUS, Snow White, Mary had a little lamb and its feet were ‘white as snow'” and so forth and so on. He said that he asked his mama would he get to go to heaven and his mama said yes and he responded, “but where are all the Black angels? If the ‘white’ folks are up in heaven, then the Black angels are in the kitchen preparing the ‘milk and honey'” He said, “Tarzan is the king of the jungle in Africa and he was always ‘white’ and yet Tarzan was talking to the animals and the Black people had been there for centuries and couldn’t talk with the animals. Also everything was white, White Rain shampoo, White Cloud toilet paper, an ‘angel’ food cake is white but the ‘devil’s food cake was the ‘chocolate’ cake and the president lives in the ‘White House’ but everything that was bad was associated with Black; the little ugly duckling was a ‘black’ duckling, and the ‘Black’ cat was the bad luck and if I threatened you, I’m going to ‘Blackmale’ you, and he said, “mama, why don’t they call it ‘whitemale’, they lie too?”

And we have the audacity to take up what Caucasians put down and run with it. How the hell can you expect shits that view you as evil to have anything ‘good’ attached to their ass? They cannot and they do not! You worship the same false idols as they do. Your ‘god’ is also blond-haired and blue-eyed.  Their ‘god’ is just as fictitious as the saying, “A ‘white’ man is a ‘good’ man.”You will live beside the Caucasians in mansions in the sky when they don’t even want you to live beside them on this god forsaken planet?! What the hell is wrong with you? You have your children paying homage to another fat white fictitious bastard in a red suit and he is the one who is bringing YOUR children, their toys? Are you serious? As hard as you work and for less pay than they receive?! And then I have the nerve to wonder why the Negro race in AmeriKKKa is in such trouble. With the shit that you take up and run with, it is no wonder! People like Muhammad Ali tried to school you fools on exactly how it is and still you wouldn’t listen and to this very day, you don’t listen. But will wonder instead, why you’re fucked up! Keep wondering because your willful ignorance will lead to your demise which is what the Caucasian is after any way, but you’re hell bent on helping his cause along, aren’t you? Indeed, you dumbasses are! Our demise benefits the Caucasian in every way because our blood is stronger than his. You can’t figure out that this is why he wants it weakened? And the reasons for all the experimentation on you that goes even further back than the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment. You can’t figure out why the Caucasian invented AIDS? You have no clue, do you? Again, it is because OUR blood is stronger than his. And he cannot have that! Why do you think Bill Gates’ ass is funding experiments in Africa? It ain’t for the good of the Africans and that is for damn sure. Why do you think the Red Cross is so prominent in Africa? They are not there to help! Why do you think AmeriKKKa has sent the U.S. military to Africa? Again, it ain’t to help, that’s for damn sure! Yeah! Keep on sitting back and taking this shit up the ass and you will find your ass handed to you!

Now, some of you may think that what Muhammad Ali said was quite funny, but it is SO not because what Muhammad Ali said is quite true and it still rings true today. Don’t think so? Just take a look around. Negro people are still perceived as the ‘bad element’ when in reality we ALL know that the very last thing the Caucasian is synonymous with is ‘good’. Ain’t a damn thing ‘good’ about you and that is a fact and Muhammad Ali knew this and made no bones about his knowledge of that fact.

Muhammad Ali, I wish you “bon voyage”! Be at rest and at peace for you have earned it and thank you for speaking these truths and likewise, they are just as relevant today as they were decades ago when you spoke them! More’s the goddamn pity!

20 thoughts on “Muhammad Ali Said It Best! “I Ain’t Got No Quarrel With Those Vietcong!”

      1. I’m present and accounted for, but that’s about it! Sigh! This is one of my ‘bad’ days of pain from the accident. It’s making me wonder if I’m going to be able to go forward with my plans. And you know what they say about ‘the best laid plans of mice and men’?

        And you?


  1. Wow sis, you really laid it down….

    “but everything that was bad was associated with Black; the little ugly duckling was a ‘black’ duckling, and the ‘Black’ cat was the bad luck and if I threatened you, I’m going to ‘Blackmale’ you, and he said, “mama, why don’t they call it ‘whitemale’,”

    To add to that, when you’re “black-listed” no one wants to hire you. When Hollywood decides to kick you to the curb, they “blackball” you. Items considered illegal are sold on the “black market”. A person considered evil has a “black heart”. When you’re on drugs you’ve been “black”. When you’re sad, a “dark cloud” is hanging over your head. You get the picture…

    “Tarzan is the king of the jungle in Africa and he was always ‘white’ and yet Tarzan was talking to the animals and the Black people had been there for centuries and couldn’t talk with the animals.”

    That’s not the only example there is, if you’re familiar with the Wild Thornberries movie series, the protagonist Eliza Thornberry, a white girl was gifted with the powers to talk to animals by an AFRICAN Shaman. And not only that, her best friend is a chimpanzee. Imagine that….

    Anyway check out my newest posts

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    1. “Wow sis, you really laid it down…. ”

      Don’t I always? Of course you know that was a rhetorical question because we ALL know that I always do!

      And I sincerely appreciate that you included all the other ‘Black’ is bad shit that’s put out by the Caucasians because this blog post would have gone on into perpetuity if I had continued to name all of them and I do think that between the two of us, we have not managed to cover them all. That is telling, in and of itself. But for some strange ass reason, we cannot figure this out. I despair of us and FOR us because it would seem that many of our people are on some dumbass time! And the really sad part is that people have been trying to school these fools for hundreds of years and still they just don’t get it.

      The ‘white’ man don’t need to ‘school’ me on a goddamn thing! Because all he wants me to know is that my ass is SO goddamn hated by him, it don’t even make sense. And I already know that! And he can best believe that it is reciprocated to the ninth degree and then some! Best believe that! If those pink-assed motherfuckers think I’m bad because of what I post in here, they should get a clue as to how I am in my day-to-day dealings with their ass! If they don’t know, they better ask somebody!

      And I knew the ‘Tarzan’ example was not the only one. Of that, I was in no doubt and I did read your post about how Snoop Dog is pissed, to say the least, over yet ANOTHER depiction of slavery in the form of yet ANOTHER ‘Roots’! All I can say to that is, AGAIN, that is on the stupid, dumbass Negroes that have no fucking problem playing the role of a goddamn slave. They don’t have enough REAL shackles and chains on their ass? They have yet to hear that there are over one million Negroes sitting in prison all shackled and chained up and some mo shit? They don’t read the goddamn news? Those coonheads who are willing to ‘play the slave’ for Massa can just go to hell because that’s on them. I can’t get mad at the ‘white’ man for putting on a show about slavery ’cause that’s a given from him. What I can do is distance myself from those coonheads that willingly allow themselves to continue to be denigrated, made a fool of and used for the sole purpose of being a stooge of pink-assed motherfuckers who will only give them a job if that job means that they must continue to ‘play’ the role of subservient butler, field Negro, house slave and sex slave to Massa. That’s on them. I can’t fault the ‘white’ man for staying true to what he is; a lying, filthy, hypocritical, depraved, vile ass beast that would be rejected from his own hell, he’s too goddamn evil for hell!

      So, Snoop Dog should take his disgust out, not on the ‘whites’ that are producing this project, but on the Negroes who are willingly starring in it. Because if Massa wants some slaves that damn bad, he can just have some other pink-assed motherfuckers, get up in ‘Black’ face and have them portray themselves as Black slaves. Hell! It’s been done before! Those filthy ass ‘white’ motherfuckers even played the role of Indian. Now how sick and twisted is that? They ain’t never had a problem making fun of other cultures and peoples. They fucking do it all the time. Did not the Asians just produce another racist ass commercial about detergent? And Negroes are steadily running through the doors of Chinese Dog And Cat Carryouts. Running to those filthy racist fuckers to get their nails done. Yep! And those funky breath motherfuckers wouldn’t live beside the very people that they make a fortune off. And I’m going to give those foul-breath motherfuckers, my hard-earned money? Not fucking hardly!

      Hell! I’ve turned this comment into a blog! Nidotopianwarrior, you done gone and got me all het up! But then, what’s new?

      I thank you sincerely for your comment. Spot on, it is!


      1. I love brining out the warrior in you…. Who needs Xenia when we’ve got our own kickass warrior princess. And her name is Shelby Courtland

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      2. Thank you! I can only hope that I live up to ‘WARRIOR’! Because being a ‘coonhead’ sell-out, I don’t aim to become and that’s for damn sure! I am here to kick ass and I don’t even worry over taking names and THAT’S for damn sure!

        Thanks again Nidotopianwarrior!


    1. Thank you for posting this video Prince! I watched it in its entirety before posting a comment! Muhammad Ali was something else! I declare, it has taken his death for me to fall in love with him. I was never really into boxing and sports like it and so I never really knew much about Muhammad Ali and this makes me sad because I can only imagine all that he was subjected to and yet, his sense of humor is there for all to see. The man was truly ‘The Greatest’!

      Again, thank you!

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      1. I wish more athletes spoke out on social injustice and equality. Ali was from a different era. He demanded that you respect him even if you disagreed with him. That’s what I admire about him. May he rest in power!

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      2. Well now, you know that for the most part, the shit we’ve got to work with these days are just in it for the money and the pink-assed slut that’s hanging on their arm thanks to those big bucks they’ve managed to earn. They’re not about to speak out on ‘social injustice and equality’ when they’re locking lips, that’s been artificially plumped, with some pink-assed sluts. They’re making those half and ‘halfs’ with ’em too. So, what else can we expect but for those house Negroes to be silent and complicit with what goes on here. They’ve been effectively neutered and thus rendered, useless.

        Those of Muhammad Ali’s character exist no more. We’ve got nothing to work with and that is why the plight of Negroes in AmeriKKKa is such as it is.

        Prince, thank you for your comment.

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    1. Thank you Genie, for posting this video. This was one of the videos that I watched and I agreed with everything Muhammad Ali said. He was outspoken and he spoke the truth and from his heart and that is to be commended especially back in those days when Negro people were expected to be silent and ‘stay in their place’. Oh hell! We’re expected to do that in present day, so in reality, nothing has changed.

      But it is truly a sad day with the passing of ‘The Greatest’!

      Again, I thank you!


    1. As I stated in a previous comment, Muhammad Ali was extremely outspoken and was not afraid to voice his opinions and how he stood on many important issues.

      What a wonderful and touching tribute!

      Thank you for posting this, Genie!


    1. Except, all up in here! Welcome Kutukamus and thank you for stopping in and for your comment. It is greatly appreciated!

      I stopped by your blog, but unfortunately, I cannot understand the language. However, I applaud all who take the time to learn different languages. It is unfortunate that we Americans have yet to make that, a habit. We could learn a lot from different cultures if we made an effort to learn a different language. But I am sure that it is widely understood that many of us are simply too lazy to bother and that is a fact. I’m not bragging. I’m just saying.

      Again, I thank you!

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