Diabetes: Do As I Say, Not As I Did.

Mr. Militant Negro shares his personal story. It is one about a fight with diabetes. I would read this one if I were you as it has been stated that the majority of Americans will fight this disease at some point in their lifetime.

Ask your doctor to test you for diabetes. Make yourself aware of your glucose levels and of your A1C. Type 2 Diabetes is becoming way too commonplace in America.

Daily glucose testing is essential for knowing the amount of ‘sugar’ or ‘glucose’ in your blood at any given moment.

A1C testing is a blood test that tests for glucose in your blood over a number of months, usually 3 and is an extremely great indicator of a glucose average. Both tests, however, are necessary to know your glucose levels and where you stand in relation to diabetes.

Ask your doctor about your risk factors for Diabetes. Live healthy!

The Militant Negro™


I am going to die from diabetes…..eventually. But not this second. This post is about information related to MY experience in dealing with this disease. I am not looking for understanding or comfort or support. I am looking to inform someone who reads this blog, who suffers from diabetes and might need some assistance if dealing with the symptoms I am experiencing.

I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2008. I spent the next two years ignoring the disease, which intelligent people are not supposed to do. I suggest you don’t ignore diabetes for two years if you have been diagnosed with the disease. I ignored diabetes and because of my stubborn, macho mindset, I lost both great toes. Do As I Say and Not As I Did.

Diabetes effects a plethora of areas on the body. My concerns are circulation and fighting off diabetic neuropathy, which is damaged nerve pain to my…

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8 thoughts on “Diabetes: Do As I Say, Not As I Did.

  1. What really makes me angriest about Type II diabetes is that most of it is due to doctors who should know better continuing to give patients the wrong information about what they should be eating. Patients who have a genuine desire to “eat healthy” are still be told to reduce their intake of fat and increase their intake of carbohydrates. Moreover they’re still being put on statins – cholesterol lowering drugs – that cause horrendous side effects.

    It’s precisely this excessive intake of carbohydrates that’s driving the current epidemic of obesity, type II diabetes, heart disease and to a large extent cancer.

    The whole food pyramid (that promotes high carbohydrate diets) is based on junk science and falsified studies by Food Inc supported researcher Ansel Keys.

    Human beings have always required fat as a substantial portion of their diet to regulate their appetite, weight and blood sugar. New York Times Nina Teichert examines 50 years of research on the issue in her book The Big Fat Surprise (https://stuartjeannebramhall.com/2015/02/12/why-the-low-fat-diet-makes-you-fat-and-gives-you-heart-disease-cancer-and-tooth-decay/). There’s also an excellent video called Carb Loaded that reviews the same history (https://stuartjeannebramhall.com/2015/08/12/the-role-of-western-medicine-in-the-epidemic-of-obesity-diabetes-and-heart-disease/)


  2. i’ve got that. so’s wilford brimley. dia-beetus! i’ve got the hypertension too. bad knees, bad attitude, lumbago, spots, dots, splotches, memory lapses, the freaking palsy, possibly cancer, surely old age syndrome, and opinions incidental to having seen as much political bullshit from this country that i care to witness. HOWEVER, i shall continue to ignore the glaringly obvious and live my life. just like the greatest of all time did. Mr. Ali was welcomed into the kingdom of god with open arms. me? probably not so much.

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    • Skulz, stop right there! Claim NONE of that! Even if you feel you have it, don’t claim it. Ignore it unless the doctor tells you that the end is imminent. You are too ornery to go out without putting up a fight! And I won’t hear of it! Don’t let me have to take a side trip to Utah on my road trip to Mexico to straighten you out!

      If you see someone step up on the porch teetering on 18″ heels while clutching at a walker, you’ll know it’s me. These goddamn accidents have almost rendered me, wheelchair bound! But I’m still managing to walk a bit dignified on 18″ stiletto heels! Yeah! BABEEE!!

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      • i gots me some maladies. lab work and the doctor confirms it. i takes me some pills and wobble a bit but, i’ll go down cussing and swinging. i had one prescription courtesy of the doc and went to the pill guys and son-of-a-bitch, the freaks wanted $718.00 to fill the goddamn prescript. i told pharmacy guy thanks but you can jam it up your ass. so much for the obomber-care. didn’t help me a bit. ain’t none of us get more than today so, i figure if i wake up well, games on.


      • Oh Skulz, darling! What can I say? You are right though, we’ve only got today. In fact, we’ve only got this moment for we know not when the bell will toll for us.

        And this is how bad I am, after the accident, I could not drive, I just couldn’t. The fear of another accident just rendered me, immobile. I would freeze. And even now, when I am behind the wheel, I can feel my muscles tightening and tensing up and some days, I am still so shaky that I just literally have to pep talk myself to the car. Fear is a frightening thing and I was letting it consume me. But I should understand that I cannot control what is going to happen, I just need to hope for the best and just…live!

        Skulz, I send hugs and kisses your way! I know it won’t help, but I send them anyway!

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      • Oh M’Lady, but it does help. You help me more than you can know. Radical woman and if things were different and we had us twenty years back, well, I would rock your world. I have a prehensile tongue you know…


      • Well, oh my! You have my eyelashes all aflutter, you do, kind sir! I am all a’twittuh, here! In fact, I am quite flushed, I am, I say! Why, sir, you have rendered this Victorian Southerner, quite speechless, except for a few moans and groans and titters behind my fan, doncha know. And of course, all of this is said in my best Scarlet O’Hara voice.

        You are my Rhett Butler come back to liiiiife<—-long I sound there dahlin'! Why I am swooning and need muh smellin' sawlts, oh yes I am!

        LOL! Skulz, I'm just trying to induce some levity here, please fugive me!

        Love YOU!

        P.S. We coulda had a great time down at the lake today! *wink* But if we can make it through another day, then there's tomorrow to look forward too!

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