Move Over Cecil, The Lion While Your Cousin, Harambe Takes Your Place!

at the zoo



On my reader, some more bullshit popped up! It would seem that many Caucasians and some not of the Caucasian persuasion, but not exactly of the Negroid race is still all het up about the shooting death of a 450 lb. gorilla named Harambe by a zookeeper who was alarmed that Harambe, because of all the screaming and yelling that was going on when a child fell into the gorilla moat, might accidently harm the child in his agitation.

Now, we have all heard about the incident that happened at a Cincinnati zoo. What I would like to know is why do we need a zoo? If you folks didn’t go to the zoo, there would be no need for animals, endangered or not, to be placed in a zoo for people to look at them in awe struck wonder, I suppose. I’ve never been to a zoo and so I don’t know exactly how you folks are looking in the face when you’re ogling animals that are basically locked up and awaiting the pleasure of you and your screaming brats.

Let us not concentrate on the fact that zoos exist and the reason they exist, let us concentrate on the fact that an incident happened and that this is not the first incident of its kind to happen at a zoo.

This was not the first time a child has gotten into an exhibit. A 5-year-old fell into a gorilla enclosure at the Jersey Zoo in the United Kingdom 30 years ago, knocking himself unconscious. A male gorilla, Jambo, stroked his back until zoo keepers were able to get to the boy.

Ten years later, another 3-year-old boy fell into the gorilla enclosure at the Brookfield Zoo near Chicago. That time a female gorilla, Binti Jua, picked the child up and carried him to safety.

A 2-year-old boy fell into a cheetah exhibit at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo in April 2015 after his mother allegedly dangled him over a railing. The parents rescued the child.

And another 2-year-old was killed by African dogs after, zoo officials charged, his mother lifted him up onto a 4-foot-tall wooden railing to get a better view. He fell into the exhibit and was attacked. The parents sued the zoo and later settled.

So, why the outrage over this particular incident? Anyone care to comment? Share an opinion? I’m all eyes!

On Twitter, it would seem that the latest hashtag rage is #CaptivityKills. “Don’t Buy A Ticket To Support Animal Prisons!

Well now, that’ll do the trick. I am betting that every zoo has had to shutter its doors, release all animals back into their natural habitat and stick a ‘Closed’ sign on the door. Not one ‘human’ has crossed under a ‘Welcome To The Zoo’ sign since this incident. I mean, just read back and see if zoos closed after the first incident when a 5-year old child fell into a gorilla enclosure. Did it? Uh…no!

Did zoos close shop when the next incident occurred ten years later when a 2-year old boy fell into a Cheetah exhibit? Uh…noooooo. Did all zoos shut down after the next incident when a 2-year old boy was killed by African dogs? Again…uh….nooooo.

But now, for some strange reason, let’s indict the parents of this three or four year old child, although, judging from the different news reports I’ve seen, no one seems to be able to figure out whether the child is three or four, but regardless, let’s indict the parents in this case. Never mind the fact that in the case of the 2-year old who was killed by African dogs, the mother was actually lifting the 2-year old up onto a wooden railing for a better view, the child fell and the parents sued the zoo and guess what? The case was settled. Wow! Did you see that coming?

Fifty years or so later, another incident that’s similar to all the others and everyone’s knickers are in a knot. Wow! I did NOT see THAT coming! Sarfuckingcasm!

So, Cecil, The Lion, too bad, so sad, your reign is over and Harambe’s has just begun! He was placed in captivity, for his own good, it has been stated and now, he is dead because we’ve just got to satisfy our curiosity for animals in captivity. Newsflash, we’re all animals in captivity. Some of you just have bigger cages than others, but don’t get too comfortable because your cage is more than likely going to get smaller and smaller. You may even end up taking Harambe’s spot. Now, get all het up over that!

We are all to blame for what happened to the child and to Harrambe because of our selfishness and selective outrage. Where was your outrage over these other incidents as noted here and some were not 30 years old? You know, some of you really take the cake. You sit back and point fingers and exclaim in fake ass outrageous tones to all and sundry, but when it comes right down to it, you’re just a pack of hypocritical assholes who get to pick and choose what bandwagon to hop onto next. You’re pitiful, that’s what you are! Because you actually did something constructive about the animals who are sitting all up in a zoo since YOU want to go and ogle them! You fucking hashtagged for ole Harrambe! WOW! What a big fucking step you took! Ain’t you just the shit? Yes indeed, you’re shit! You’ll get no argument from me there and that’s for damn sure, you pack of hypocritical, pretentious twits!

3 thoughts on “Move Over Cecil, The Lion While Your Cousin, Harambe Takes Your Place!

  1. Pure hypocrisy at its finest. You know something? For the longest while whites have referred to blacks as monkeys and apes and gorillas but surprisingly they are all outraged over the death of a gorilla… Hmmmm. Not only that, on top of certain ignoramuses saying that they preferred the child had been shot instead of the gorilla, we have some stupid racist idiots saying that the parents should be held financially responsible for the loss of Harambe. That they should pay to have him replaced What fucking nerve. I do wonder why these same racists weren’t howling like the worthless dogs they are saying that the parents of the child who fell into the wild dog enclosure should have been held responsible for the loss of the wild dog that got shot to death. No, they were hospitalized and treated for emotional trauma.Or what about the dentist that shot Cecil the lion? He should have been held financially responsible. These muthafuckas don’t realize that the same gorilla they’re protesting for wouldn’t have hesitated to tear their asses apart if given the chance. These people act like they care about animals but yet more than half of the fucking world’s animal population is either endangered or fucking extinct because of these fucking devils. You got some of these devils that hunt animals for sport and stuff them and keep them as trophies in their houses yet the rest of the white population is silent as doves. And then we have other fucktard racists wanna talk shit about “oh this is not a racial issue” and “black people are the most racist people” because he call out their hypocrisy and bullshit.

    I could go on all night, but the bottom line is, we are dealing with creature who lack the capacity to judge righteously and sensibly. They are demons straight from the pits of hell.


    1. >”They are demons straight from the pits of hell.”

      Hell don’t even want them back! Why do you think Dick ‘nasty ass’ Cheney is still walking around? They tried to send his worthless ass back to hell and the devil opened the gates of hell and threw a ‘heart’ out at that ole bastard and hurriedly closed the gates of hell!

      These vile and twisted racist shits are why I had to go back out and commune with nature today or I would spontaneously combust. And you know you right because we have been likened to gorillas and apes for hundreds of years and yet those vile racist ass slithering snakes had no problem raping our ancestors, up one side and down the other. But then, that ain’t saying much since they worship bestiality.

      They’ve gone all around the world, dripping STDs every goddamn where and then want to sit back and point the finger at others and those useless, filthy fucks produced AIDS for the express purpose of wiping us the fuck out! They have been experimenting on us for centuries and yet, they have the unmitigated gall to call us ‘animals’? Those shits are insane; they always have been and they always will be and that is why I say what the hell I please. They don’t fucking hold off on that racist ass shit they spew and I will not hold off on slinging it right back in their foul ass faces. Like I’ve stated before, if these worthless pink-assed motherfuckers think I’m fucking bad ass in here, they still ain’t got a fucking clue! Unfortunately, I was raised amongst em and live amongst em for the sole purpose of causing chaos, havoc, pandemonium and goddamn bedlam. They bring it and I sling it! They ain’t fucking playing and neither am I but even so, I could never in all my wildest dreams become as filthy and vile as their asses are. No other group on this planet could EVER lay claim to that and don’t those useless fucks know it!

      You see, they ain’t gonna step all up in here on some bullshit time over this here post. They know when to back the fuck off! By now, they should! Goddamn it if I’m fucking playing!

      You are right AGAIN! They’re the very ones who go on and on about HUNTING! But it’s good when THEY kill. But if an animal had to get killed because of a NEGRO person, why, that right there is just too goddamn awful for words and let’s fucking hashtag some twitter shit and call for the parents heads on a goddamn platter! I don’t fucking care whose toes I goddamn well step on, ’cause some motherfuckers are going “OUCH!” goddamn it! Every year, they load up the guns and go hunt helpless animals and call it, culling the herd. They’ll pick up any excuse for killing. Hell! They don’t even need one when they go hunting our ass. We’re a fucking endangered homo sapien species but you don’t hear those worthless, useless fucks going on and on about the outrageous numbers of Negroes who are killed by racist ass KKKops on a daily basis and you’re not. But oh no, Harambe was their motherfucking SOUL MATE and he got shot all because of a “Nigger” child? Oh hell no! Lynch them! Fry them! Shoot them! Fuck them up!

      I swear this goddamn hypocritical ass shit has me hopping mad! I’ll be back down at the lake tomorrow, goddamn it!

      Thanks for your most excellent comment Nidotopianwarrior and you could go on and on and on, it wouldn’t bother me none! Your comment was right as rain!


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