Why Attempting To Shut Down The Democratic National Convention Is Too Little, Too Late!

democratic national convention



The Democratic National Convention will be held in Philadelphia, PA from July 25-July 28.

The 2016 Democratic National Convention is the gathering at which delegates of the United States Democratic Party will choose their nominees for President of the United States and Vice President of the United States in the 2016 national election.

So, got your protest sign dusted off and ready for action? Got your ‘tear gas’ repellant handy? I really don’t know if there is such a thing, but I thought if, just in case there is, you could include it because you are going to need it. Now then, got someone’s phone number memorized so that you can use your one phone call to call them for bail money? Got your insurance card stuffed in your backpack so that if you get beaten about the head by the KKKops, when they finally let you out of jail, you can head straight on over to the hospital and have your injuries checked out?

I would not go anywhere near the Democratic National Convention for the very reason that it would do not one bit of good. The attendees at this convention already know that there will be protesters there and that extra KKKops have been called in to help with the arrests. The KKKops will be fully prepared to deal with your ass when you show up. Have you forgotten about all of the armored vehicles that are now patrolling the streets of our cities thanks in part to the Department of Defense(DoD) transferring over $4.3 billion of military equipment to the police? That is going to come in handy when they need to control your ass. And control you, they will. This is exactly why we are at this point. Because we have been controlled and we did not care. So now, at this late hour, we want to start showing our outrage over this sham voting system that we have that has been rigged from day one. We want to protest over the fact that we allowed things to disintegrate to what we see today.

Yes indeed, go to Philadelphia and protest. Take your bandanas and wrap them around your face. Take whatever you can with you to keep your eyes from streaming when the KKKops spray them with mace and then tear gas your ass. And then ask yourself on the bus ride home, “What did I accomplish?” No need to ask, I will tell you. Not a goddamn thing, unless you think that getting a misdemeanor and having to pay a fine, is an accomplishment, if you think getting tear-gassed is an accomplishment, getting beaten about the head by the KKKops is an accomplishment. And some reporter might actually capture a picture of you with tears streaming down your face while being hauled, unceremoniously, into a police van and then whisked away to a stinking holding cell with hundreds of others, sitting around one funky ass toilet.

So, yes indeed, take your ass to Philadelphia and protest the entire time over the fact that you failed to act until now and now, you think that by running to Philadelphia where the elites will be holding their “Fuck you over” ceremonies, that they will actually consider why you are outside somewhere, getting your ass kicked by the KKKops  and they will recognize and give a shit over your dissatisfaction with the electoral process in AmeriKKKa.

When you were busy hanging that filthy rag that is a symbol of this nation on Flag Day, when you were busy celebrating Memorial Day, thanks in part to those who will be attendees at this convention since they are the warmongers,  you could have been protesting, en masse, consistently. Only a sustained movement could make a difference. Your sporadic attempts to protest on certain days and at certain events is not going to get it done. And the elites know that you cannot sustain a movement because you’ve got to rush back to your Wendy’s “Can I take Your Order,” $7.25 an hour part-time job, that is, up until they replace you with brand new kiosks. You’ve got to rush back to your retail sales job that is already up in the air because retail stores are shuttering their doors in unprecedented numbers.

You have waited too late to go rushing around to protest because now that your ass is grass, thanks to apathy and complacency that was the rule of the day for decades too numerous to count and the bill collectors are nipping at your heels and you’ve had to move back home with mom and dad because you’ve got student loan debt out the ass and no way of paying it back, it’s now, protest showdown time in Philadelphia. This is not the old west where you can just shoot it out with your enemy in the street and become the biggest gun in the west until somebody faster than you comes along and drops your ass. Newsflash, your ass has already been drop kicked and you’re about to hit the ground. And so now, it is protest time.  Again, too damn late!

Take a look around you. Read the news. How many times have Negroes taken to the streets to protest over the murder by racist KKKops of other Negroes and what were the results? Even more killings of Negroes by racist ass KKKops, that’s the result. But you say, “You’re not a Negro” and to that I’ll simply say, “It does not matter. If you do not belong in the top income bracket, again, your ass is grass, but you just thought that it couldn’t happen to you. Well, it could and it did!” And so now, you want to protest over the direction this country is going. Too late. It is going there and there is nothing that you can do to stop it. When there may have been a point in time to nip this in the bud, we did nothing. And now we think that a hashtag and a Facebook ‘like’ is going to get things done. Well, you may meet up with some of your Facebook friends at the Philadelphia protest, but in the end, every single one of your Facebook friends will be just as fucked as you are; tear gassed and beaten by the KKKops, arrested, jailed, fined and sent back home with their tails tucked between their legs. Just ask those who were once, OWS (Occupy Wall Street).

Regardless of who slithers inside the Oval Office, whether it be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, this house of cards is going to continue to collapse. Wars will continue. Wall Street will continue its game of smoke and mirrors, jobs will continue to be outsourced, robots will be rolled off assembly lines to take the jobs of ‘humans’, trade agreements will result in more income inequality which will add to the numbers of the unemployed, the homeless and the uninsured until it gets around to affecting US all. Food stamps will be gutted, AGAIN! Funding for other social programs will get cut, again and the soup lines will be endless and more tent cities will pop up. This is the AmeriKKKa that we sat on our ass for decades and waited for. But, you go right ahead and protest now what has already been put into play!

Oh, and before I forget, remember to wear Red, White and Blue on Independence Day. You won’t need to ‘wear’ those colors to your protest at the Democratic National Convention near the end of July because you’ll see those colors, aplenty when the KKKops get through with the disgruntled, FINALLY disillusioned, tired and poor huddled masses of protesters.


7 thoughts on “Why Attempting To Shut Down The Democratic National Convention Is Too Little, Too Late!

    1. Yes indeed, we are ‘independently’ broke, fucked up and not at all liking it. And now, we are going to board a bus and go tell those evil presidential contenders that we will not be denied the ability to act out our outrage over our lack of ‘independence’. We are going to shout and stomp our feet and get dragged off to jail so that those warmongers inside the Wells Fargo Center will know that we are serious. That’ll show ’em!

      And yes, it is extremely fitting that the Democratic National Convention is being held inside the Wells Fargo Center, especially seeing as how Wells Fargo played an instrumental role in the slave trade! I’ll watch for a ‘protest’ sign stating that amongst the other signs of the day!

      I thank you for your comment 1EarthUnited!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. LMAO! ‘Brotherly love’ will be unheard of from July 25-July 28, 2016! LOL! “What? You want some ‘brotherly love’? Where you’re going, there’ll be plenty of brothas trying to give you some ‘brotherly love’. Now into this police van, you go. And watch YOUR spine! But even if I’m accused of severing it, it’s considered ‘all in the line of duty’.”

      And you are SO right, Skulz! It is a ‘foregone conclusion’ and nothing could get me to go anywhere near Philadelphia during those days, nothing! Philadelphia has never displayed ‘brotherly love’ and so I don’t even know where that bullshit came from, but those protesters surely will NOT see hide nor hair of it when they descend on Philadelphia with their useless signs and like you state, the result will be ‘cracked’ skulls. All that headache and for what? Not a goddamn thing! Because no difference will it make. You’ll not find me driving or catching a bus to useless protest, a done and fucked up deal!

      I sincerely thank you for that ‘hit the nail right on its fucking head’ comment!

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    1. And that worthless ass UN is good for nothing. The world sits back and watches these war crimes that is being perpetrated against the innocent Palestinian people by these ‘Zionists’? I don’t claim to understand any of it because of what little research I did, it would seem that there is supposedly some slight difference between Jews and Zionists? I’m not quite sure just how much because I thought they were one and the same. But regardless, how this can be allowed to continue unabated when everyone knows what is going down is just beyond ridiculous!

      The Palestinian people have lost almost their entire homeland and it has just been taken over by the Zionists who rule with bombs, bombs and more bombs and then complain when Hezbollah retaliates in the only way it knows how. But let me stop right here before I expose my almost complete ignorance over these matters. But what I do know is that Israel is wrong! Absolutely!

      Thank you for posting that video Genie! It was hard to watch, but necessary to get some understanding of what the Palestinian people are having to endure at the hands of the Israelis.

      And quite frankly, I can now understand why AmeriKKKa is so bad off and things are only going to get worse!


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