“I’ll Call You Racist And Raise You One!”

warren and ryan


I find it quite ridiculous to see so many racist politicians calling Donald Trump out on his racism. Paul Ryan, for one, has called Donald Trump’s remarks regarding a judge, racist.

Paul Ryan Calls Donald Trump’s Attack on Judge ‘Racist,’ but Still Backs Him

Speaker Paul D. Ryan, the nation’s highest-ranking Republican, on Tuesday called Donald J. Trump’s remarks about a Latino judge “racist,” an extraordinary indictment that generated a fresh wave of criticism and panic from other Republicans. By the end of the day, Mr. Trump was forced into a rare moment of damage control and said that his words had been “misconstrued.”

Mr. Trump, who said last week that a Mexican-American judge in a case involving Trump University was biased against him because of his heritage, issued a statement Tuesday saying, “I do not feel that one’s heritage makes them incapable of being impartial.”

Now, if I am going to say that someone is a racist, if I were NOT a racist, I would NOT continue to back a person who I called, racist. But if I were also racist, then yes indeed, I would continue to back another racist because I am racist! It is not rocket science, but you cannot have it both ways. If you are going to stand up and shout to all and sundry that Donald Trump is a racist and then state that you are going to continue to back a racist, then what would that make you???!!! A goddamn racist! For the love of …..!!!! I just cannot make this shit up.

And now we come to Elizabeth Warren.

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren unloaded on Donald Trump on Thursday, calling the presumptive Republican presidential nominee a “loud, nasty, thin-skinned fraud” and a “racist bully” during a fiery speech in Washington.

I swear, white folks act like Donald Trump is some sort of anomaly. Racists calling out another racist! Wow! Just fucking wow! I have never heard so many white folks go on and on about another white person being a racist in all my born days. Who is writing the script for these people? Because this is most definitely some scripted shit. Every other week, some other white politician unloads on ole racist Donald Trump, who apparently, is out in racist ‘left’ field all by his lonesome and let us racist politicians distance ourselves from this racist while calling him out as a racist at the same time.

“Look everyone! Look over there at that racist! So you see, I could NOT be a racist because I have the balls to call another ‘white’ person, a racist.”

No, you’re all racists and you’re thinking that if you continue to point the finger at Donald Trump who says OUT IN THE OPEN, what you all say in private that you make yourselves look better by attempting to depict yourselves as not at all racist when nothing could be further from the truth. Face it! It is a classic case of the ‘pot calling the kettle, black’! And I don’t care if it is a democrap or a rethuglicon that’s doing the calling out!

Donald Trump is not, what you would have us to believe, ‘The Lone Racist’ in political circles or any other circles for that matter. But now that whatever is behind the rise of Trump is not backing down and the rethuglicons must accept Trump as the presumptive republican presidential nominee, why let’s continue to call this racist, a racist and get the AmeriKKKan people to believe that there is a difference between Trump and all the other racist shits slithering and crawling around D.C.

And quite actually, Elizabeth Warren needs to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up since she has endorsed racist ass Hillary Clinton when we all know that the Clintons are the reason why over a million Black people are cooling their heels in ‘For Profit’ prisons on bullshit drug charges. Hillary Clinton is the one who said that “Black people are super predators and need to be brought to heel!” I have yet to hear Elizabeth Warren address that statement that was made by Hillary Clinton and I am not going to because that does not fit in with a certain narrative; that is not in the script. But I suppose, in the eyes of Elizabeth Warren, since Hillary Clinton is a democap, then ‘he’ must be one of the ‘GOOD’ racists! Newsflash! There is no GOOD racist! Hillary Clinton is no better or worse than Donald Trump. And despite what some would believe, Hillary Clinton has not gone out of  ‘his’ way to hide ‘his’ racism. And this is why I know that the entire voting system in AmeriKKKa is rigged because Hillary, with all the corruption that is behind ‘his’ ass could not have possibly won, fair and square, the democratic presidential nomination. There was indeed, a movement by the people who are sick to pieces of these assholes destroying their livelihood while thumbing their noses up at everyday people, every day! People have gotten fed up with the status quo and yet, we are to believe that when the votes were tallied, Hillary Clinton’s ass came out on top? Hell if that’s so! And this is exactly why I am not going to yank my voting status from Virginia to where I am now and waste my goddamn time, standing in a long ass line for nothing! And believe me, I will not complain when that skank with its big ass jock strap on slithers into the Oval Office. And even now, women are going on and on about how it’s finally time for a ‘woman’. That he-man is NO woman! Hell! Bill Clinton knows it and that’s why he has been chasing everything in a skirt since marrying that man! Hillary Clinton’s got more pants in its wardrobe than Bill Clinton has.

Donald Trump is a racist, misogynistic egomaniac, but he is most definitely not the only racist that is attempting to ‘descend’ to the presidency. He had plenty of company in the beginning before the field was narrowed down and what is left standing is exactly what AmeriKKKa deserves, pond scum! So, make no mistake, Donald Trump is not being heralded as the new face of ‘racism’ because those that call him racist are not, Donald Trump is just the scapegoat that the rest of the bigots and racists are hiding behind because Donald Trump is unapologetically, racist! He don’t keep his shit on the down low. He lives exactly what he is! And that says more for him than it does for those other hypocrites because at least he lets you know exactly where you stand with him; Mexicans behind the wall and Black folks, in jail or better yet, dead!

8 thoughts on ““I’ll Call You Racist And Raise You One!”

  1. It’s like an anaconda calling a gaboon viper dangerous because it uses venom when the anaconda is just as deadly if not 10x more. I liken the republicans and democrats to snakes. The republicans are the venomous snakes, every deadly serpent and pit viper known to man. And the republicans are the non venomous snakes like the anaconda, boa constrictor, python etc. The nonvenomous constrictors constantly throw shade at the venomous snakes in order to make themselves appear harmless when in fact they are anything but.

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    1. Quite actually nidotopianwarrior, we are doing snakes a distinct disservice by putting them in the same league with the democraps and the rethuglicons. Actual snakes would more than likely rise up and bite the shit out of us or hug us to death for likening that filthy, racist garbage to them. But hell! What else can we liken them to because even I am running out of adjectives to describe those low-life ass sucking rejects from hell?!!!

      And I bet that the world is just looking on in absolute horror over the AmeriKKKans contenders for the presidency. As if this shithole hasn’t filled the world with enough chaos, pandemonium, bedlam and death, they now will have either Filth No. 1 or Filth No. 2 to deal with but either way, it’s a shoe-in that things are going to get even uglier for the entire world. Why Russia and China don’t just get on with World War III, I don’t know because regardless, some more serious ass shit is going to hit the goddamn fan; flying in all fucking directions!

      I thank you for your comment!


      1. I knew what you meant and so did the others who have more than two brain cells connected and working, but then again, I do have some AmeriKKKan readers, so yeah! You might want to clarify things a bit more. Thanks for doing so.

        And I would also like to add that this whole entire charade of flinging that “Donald Trump is a racist” shit back and forth is straight up bullshit because those who are doing it want us to think that racism is against their principles. They haven’t got any principles because if they did, they would not back a racist. Not one of those hypocrites would be backing Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Hell! If truth be told, in order to find a ‘non-racist’ white motherfucker in AmeriKKKa to run for the office of President of the United States, you would have to…..uh….well…..let me think for a minute…..uh…never mind, you couldn’t! They’re ALL fucking racist! To them, we’re ALL ‘niggers’ when the cameras and the microphones aren’t turned on!

        I thank you again for your comment!


    1. Exactly Dr. Bramhall! And I seriously do not believe that Donald Trump even wants to be president. Some elite piece of putrid garbage has promised him something for the sole purpose of disrupting the usual. That same putrid garbage is behind the Obama presidency and is writing the script that ALL are adhering to. Make no mistake, what is going down in political circles as well as all other circles is not purely by chance. Nothing is done by chance. There is a definite agenda here and the stupid AmeriKKKan people, as usual, cannot see beyond their selfish, racist noses to even begin to dig deeper in an attempt to make an educated guess as to what is behind the rise of Donald Trump, THIS time. ‘

      As we all know, every other presidential election year, Donald Trump pretends an interest, but for some strange reason, THIS year, he is seeing it through. My guess would be that Donald Trump knows that he is not going to get elected and that is fine with him, but at the same time, we are inundated with scandal after scandal associated with Hillary Clinton. So, we have Donald Trump stating exactly what those ‘white blue collar male voters’ want to hear while the White House, meaning, Barack Obama, is hell bent on seeing to it that Hillary Clinton receives every endorsement that’s out there. And I suppose the hatchet was buried long ago between Obama and Hillary seeing as how when Hillary went up against Obama, the insults flew. And yet, Obama prevailed and then made Hillary, his Secretary of State. It wasn’t Hillary’s turn back then, but apparently, it is now. Some people are saying that Donald Trump will become president and to that I say, “No, he’s not!” The script doesn’t read that way. Look at who they put up against Obama and Biden, McCain and Palin. Seriously? It’s the same script with only a few lines changed. And once again, the AmeriKKKan people are lured from the big issues by continuously fed how racist Donald Trump is. This is where the saying comes in, “Can’t see the forest for the trees.” Not to mention, that some things are so simple, they get overlooked by people who overthink things.

      Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for your comment.


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