Dead On A Nightclub Floor!


Dead on a nightclub floor;
shot at point blank range,
in the eyes of the deranged,
their lifestyle was just too strange.

I may not like your lifestyle,
but you do deserve to live.
And if I wasn’t afraid of needles,
my blood to you, I’d give.

We will never like each other.
And that is a well-known fact.
But the very least that we could do,
is over our hatred, try not to act.

Guns did not kill those people.
A violent man did so.
He could have easily blown them up,
and still put a tag on their toe.

But even so, a gun was used,
and we can call for a ban.
Although, it is way too late
because guns have many a fan.

Do not think that a gun ban,
will do any good at all.
Too many have already been sold.
And it’s too late to shout, “Last call!”

Their blood was spilled in anger.
Did it wash over the bereaved?
Many mourners understand,
for they too have lost and grieved.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

I have been extremely ‘vocal’ about my feelings over the LGBT community, but no one deserves this and I would certainly never actually pick up a weapon and kill someone, regardless of how I felt about them. That is not in my nature. I don’t know if this murderer was confused over religion and maybe his own underlying sexuality issues or what, but it takes an extremely callous and insensitive individual to do what this man did. If we want to think that this man was prodded into committing this heinous act because of his religious beliefs, then I can only say, would that ‘religion’ was never a ‘creation’ of man. Because it was and it has caused nothing but wars, death, destruction and hatred to seethe and turn men’s hearts, stone cold! And unfortunately, this is not the end. It is only the end for those who were murdered.

So, I do not offer useless prayers. I will however, hope against all hope that we can eventually grow up and stop believing in fictitious ‘religious’ fairytales that have been handed down, added to and detracted from, for generations and look at where we are now as a result. It does not bode well for a future for any of us.

14 thoughts on “Dead On A Nightclub Floor!

    1. Dr. Rex, my views are all over this blog. I have not made a secret of them.

      However, I will not discuss them on this post because I was trying to be..dare I say, respectful about the fact that people were murdered and seriously injured by a mass shooting.

      I had quite actually, penned two poems and I thought the other one was a wee bit controversial but I ‘might as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb’, and so whatever!

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    1. The ‘mental health support system’ is appalling. He would not have gotten the ‘right’ help from that abomination! No one does. Of course, they more than likely would have fried his brain by ECT and he could have just drooled in a vegetative state for the rest of his life. It would have been a toss-up as to whether or not, the mental health ‘non-support’ system would have made a difference.

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      1. I always LOVE your comments! You make me glad that I am never shy, reticent or lukewarm. I come out smokin’ hot, taking no prisoners and letting the chips fall where they may! I call it, “Shelby style!” LOL!

        Thank you GEO GEE! Love ya man!!!!

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