The Killings Will Not Cease!

pulse nightclub shooting

The Pulse beats no more.
Music died and faggots too.
What makes some happy.
Makes others blue.

He saw two men kissing.
And it drove him quite insane.
He took a gun, went to the club.
Oh, look at that big blood stain.

I’m not making fun of this,
for that would not be right
Although, I cannot help but think,
this really ain’t my fight!

They say this was a bloody day;
the bloodiest one in history.
Tell that to the dead in Iraq
since we brought them so much misery.

Oh America hates to reap what she sows.
And the killings will not cease.
You cannot spread hate, worldwide
and expect a reward of peace.

Steeped in Indian blood,
and the blood of slaves too.
A legacy born of hatred;
murder in AmeriKKKa is nothing new!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

I did not see this coming! This IS AmeriKKKa and since hate is fostered every single day, get used to this. AmeriKKKans are not better than the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, Syria, Gaza, Libya and any other place that is being bombed thanks to our apathy and complacency towards people that have done us no wrong. AmeriKKKan ‘exceptionalism’ does not stop a bullet!

We have had how many mass shootings in just the last two years alone? And the Newtown CT folks are sending their thoughts and prayers to the relatives and friends of those who got shot up at the Pulse Nightclub. What for? What use are prayers? Apparently, those people at the club had not a prayer of a chance, even with SWAT on the scene.

And from what I understand, the situation was so tense, the police let people bleed out even with sophisticated equipment that is supposed to allow them to see through walls and find a suspect with a gun, but yet, hours went by while the perp was on the phone kicking the bobo. “Yeah, homey, what’s up with that shooting going on in there? Your boyfriend mad atcha or what?” Right! As soon as I put this donut down, I’ll get to dealing with you but for now, the hostages are on their own.”

Of course, once again, the champion of the ‘gay rights’ agenda has ordered that flags be lowered to half staff. Obama to the rescue! YAAAAAY! Black folks, did Obama order the flags to be lowered at half staff for those nine innocent Black people that got themselves shot up in church by an avowed white supremacist? Uh..nooooo! But those Newtown angels got the flag lowered and now those that went clubbing and got shot up, in their honor, the flags have been lowered to half staff. I sure hope, Black folks, that your AmeriKKKan flag is flying in the breeze today on flag day and be sure that it is at half staff. Obama insists!

I am certainly not adding worthless condolences or hypocritical words of sympathy because they are useless. Actions speak louder than words and sitting on our asses expressing tripe sentiments won’t stop this, nor will it bring the dead back. Ask the dead.

This was ‘just another fucking day in paradise’!

7 thoughts on “The Killings Will Not Cease!

    1. Exactly Leslie! That is why on my other post, “Dead On A Nightclub Floor” I stated that this man was probably tortured in his mind over his sexuality and his religion because if he was practicing Islam, Islam frowns on homosexuality and it has been stated that the shooter was a regular at this gay nightclub and so with his religion saying one thing and his emotions and feelings and sexual leanings going another way, he may have just blew up mentally and this is the result. Of course this is all just pure speculation, but apparently, the KKKops are still speculating at this point as to why he shot up that club.

      Also, I just read that they are concentrating on his ex-wife and about how much she knew. Because it has also been stated that she told him not to do it. So, I guess, if she “Told him not to do it,” they are wondering why she told no one that he had admitted to her that he was thinking of shooting up a gay nightclub. Oh well, more fodder for the continuing stream of lamestream news. What makes any of these people who go in and shoot up movie theaters and schools and churches and blow up federal buildings, is a mystery to me? I could only hazard a guess that it is due to hatred, anger, a certain ideology; it’s just no telling. It could be all of those and so much more. We can never completely get into the mind of anyone; even psychiatrists cannot.

      Leslie, thank you for your comment.


  1. The killer of these people manifested what many americans. IMO would not mind doing and have done(via military or one of or all of the alphabets eg fbi,cia…) to many a people around the world. Killings ( no matter how large the exponent) are done and praised as righteous once those marked for extermination have been made less than human in eyes of those who wishes death to befall them so the mass killing are “justified.” America is in shock that one deem to be the other would whole heartedly use the demonization process to justify killing those he deemed worthy to die.


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