Too Hot To Handle!



Or just a blip? For the past two days, I have been trying to post comments to other blogs and have been getting an error message. On one of the blogs that I ‘follow’, I tried to post a comment and was re-routed to an error page. Then when I tried to post the comment again, a message popped up that read:

“Duplicate comment detected. It looks like you’ve already said that!”

When I attempted to get help with this on the WordPress Forums, after I posted the request for assistance, I received a message, “Topic Closed!” ‘This topic has been closed to new replies.’

When I tried to post a request for help again, I received this notification, “slow down, you move too fast. Back to WordPress Forums.”

On the WordPress Forums, it reads:

Cannot post comments to other blogs 1 admin 4 hours

This means it was immediately closed by Administration. Again, no help, no explanation. Just ‘that’s all folks’.

Now, I am not one for conspiracies, but something fucked up this way comes. I don’t know if I’ve got a major bug in my computer or if I am simply too hot to handle or if there is a bug in WordPress, but I am having too many issues for this not to be a major situation of some sort. So, if I have not commented on your blog, this should explain why I have not.

26 thoughts on “Too Hot To Handle!

      • Leslie, at this point, I should very well imagine that they should! LOL! I have never held back even when contacting the, if I can borrow Mr.MilitantNegro’s word, ‘Worstpress’!

        It just galls me when I have an excellent comment to make and I cannot make it and ‘Worstpress’ will not even attempt to help me with THEIR issues! For the love of …..!!! So many errors just don’t make sense to me, not any way, not at all. They continuously ‘fix’ shit that’s not broken and then this is the result, shit that THEY break!

        Leslie, thanks for your comment. You see, everyone’s comment has gotten through, but I cannot comment on other peoples blogs. Now, something is up with that! So, hell! In all actuality, I may just be TOO hot to handle! Prove me wrong ‘Worstpress’!! Sorry, Leslie, the preceding sentence was not meant for you.

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      • Now, this is really getting weird. Leslie, when I tried to click on your WordPress comment email, I saw a blank screen. I had to click the ‘reply’ button and STILL, I could not load your blog to even post a comment.

        I haf been a verrrah verrah baaad gurl, methinks. Some weird ass shit is happening. I cannot even go to your blog Leslie!

        If I am not posting in the near future, then perhaps it would be safe to assume that I have been dragged to a GASP……FEMA camp!


      • I am most definitely on someone’s shit list because I am blocked from making comments, everywhere! I was surprised that I could even put up this post. Again, I think I will eventually be shut down. I have noticed that since my blog has become more popular, at first, starting being ‘troll stalked’ and I saw that a number of times, an outrageous amount of hits had been on more controversial subjects, such as wars and about the military. Someone read ‘Military Whores” numerous times and also the post, “This Is How I Really Feel About The Military!”

        Something is definitely rotten in Denmark!


      • Oh you really like my new song “Nevermore”. I collaborated with Rajiv Chopra. He has a fantastic site and is a great photographer and poet.


    • So, are we ‘officially’ terrorists??!! Geefuckingwhiz, I’ve never been a GASP ‘terrorist’ before! My stars! I guess I can expect a visit from those fumbling morons at the FBI and maybe a SWAT team or two to eat some donuts for about….say, 3 hours or so, while I cool my heels?

      Thanks Skulz! Bullshit it be!

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      • back in the bushco days, i was under surveillance. phone taps, spooky boys in the backyard, dumb fucks across the street with a video camera. ‘they’ are fucking hilariously stupid. stupid and a complete waste of taxpayer money. these days i think i’m flattered that i was even considered suspicious

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      • Skulz, I am indeed flattered but I am still pissed off that I cannot comment on your blog and the blogs of others. And I just wanted folks to know that the reason I could not was not because I did not want to, but because I cannot thanks to whatever has deemed me to be a threat to….to…to…I don’t know what the fuck to. But, I am probably on the ‘no-fly’ list if I was not already on it. I expect it is a very good thing that when I leave this shithole and tell it to kiss my ass, but only from a goddamn distance, that I will be driving for I fear that I would not be able to step aboard a plane seeing as how I cannot even comment on a blog, for heaven’s sake.

        You see, when I was in a little obscure corner of the net and no one paid me any mind at all, I was never bothered, but now that I am getting word from ‘Worstpress’ on a daily basis that my ‘stats are booming’ and even Afghanistan hailed a passing satellite and came right on up in here to read THE TRUTH, well now, that right there tells the story, I’ve gone VIRAL! LMAO!!!

        Skulz, we be the ‘ELITES’! Yes, indeed! LOL!

        Thanks Skulz! Keep up the good work. I cannot comment, but I am there in spirit and heart!

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    • Thank you for the information Dr. Bramhall. I tried on several occasions to post comments to recent articles on your blog and when I could not, that is when I finally got on the forums to get help with this and you see the results, no help and still no comments can I leave.

      So, do not think that I have been ignoring you. It is just that they want me ‘silenced’. Who ever they is.


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