Folks, My Comments Are In Your Spam Folder, AGAIN!







Apparently, someone at WordPress thinks it extremely funny since I received an email yesterday from, get this, “A Happiness Engineer.” Newsfuckingflash, I am SO not happy!

I have been trying to get this straightened out for more than three days now and still, no go! This is the latest email that I received from WordPress:

“Thanks, I’ve looked into it and this should be fixed for you now :)”

Happiness Engineer |

The one before this one asks me to fill out a form since apparently, according to WordPress my comments should not be put in the spam folder.


I can’t see why Akismet would be catching your comments, so I need to ask you to complete the form linked below. Please fill this form out as you would comment on a site you’re having trouble with, we’ll need to see the content that you’re trying to leave in order to diagnose the issue.

This link will expire, so please use it as soon as possible. Let me know when you have completed the form.


Greg Stewart
Akismet // Automattic Inc.

Today, I went back on the forums and requested help. No help!

So, Dr. Bramhall, I tried to comment on your blog today and I am in your spam folder. Lou, I tried to comment on your blog today and it was a most excellent comment too, and it is in your spam folder. So, folks, they win! I give up because this is becoming entirely too tiresome!

31 thoughts on “Folks, My Comments Are In Your Spam Folder, AGAIN!

  1. Shelby, try leaving a comment on my blog, I’ll let you know if it goes to spam.
    I have access to “Happinees Engineers” here at WP every day during working hours because I bought a premium service: no advertisements
    and with that service, as with any other premium service WP gives a person personalized service. I can get them to fix it fast if your comment goes into spam. You shouldn’t have to fill out a form! That doesn’t make any sense, I have much better service than that when I need help from WP.

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    • I see that it made it, however, it is sporadic. Some comments get posted and others do not. I have no explanation for it. But the problem just started a few days ago.

      So, I never know which comments are going to post.


      • Maybe some people marked your comments as spam? If that happens, askimet will often put all of a person’s comments into spam.

        Also, if there are any swear words, askimet will often mark the comments as spam.

        Just some thoughts.

        As you may have noticed, I make it a habit to never swear, not that I object to other people swearing, it’s just that I don’t find that swearing adds anything to a point that I am trying to make, nor does it add to conveying anger and frustration, but that’s just my thoughts, I’m not the thought police which is why I think that everyone has their own style of communicating.


      • I don’t generally swear as a rule when commenting on someone else’s blog. And I have never had this problem before and I don’t think my swearing has anything to do with it.


    • Skulz, I just received yet another email from WordPress and I could not even reply to it. Some seriously fucked up shit is going on. Eventually, I am not going to even be able to crank up my computer. I think it is getting to that point. I don’t think that this is a conspiracy. I seriously believe that there are some fucked up shits behind this!

      I am tired of playing Russian roulette with comments. Sometimes they post, sometimes they don’t. I never know. So, just know that I am reading what you guys post and I do understand that it is tiresome attempting to go through spam folders to search for my comment. And I don’t think this will be worked out. I don’t think it’s meant to be. Because why now? Why all of a sudden? And no one can figure out what to do!


    • Well, Dr. Bramhall, it does my heart good to see that you have been out and about, actually doing something constructive about all of the fucked up shit that is going on.

      How in the world does the people indigenous to New Zealand NOT have representation on the council? Oh, I guess the same way that the Indians in AmeriKKKa have no representation on the council and the same way the people indigenous to Australia don’t have representation on the council.

      For the love of …..!!!!

      This is exactly why I am unsure as to where I will end up because everywhere I turn, so-called ‘ex-pats’ have turned other countries into a ‘Country Club’ for their asses. Even in remote areas of Ecuador and Belize, the ‘ex-pat’ communities are steadily building spas and country clubs and everything they fucking had in the states and in Canada and wherever else they hail from. When you go to those places, all you see are McDonald’s and Burger King’s and the same shit that’s in the states, sitting all up in Central America, sitting all up in South America and Mexico. A body cannot get away from this shit!

      The Maoris should already have representation and no outsiders should need to march to get them what they should already have by right of being indigenous to New Zealand. I fucking swear, that shit is goddamn ridiculous!

      But I thank you for your comment.


  2. Welcome to the big leagues, you have arrived! I believe you have been blacklisted b/c of your politically incorrect/ motivated blog. Just like me, my comments routinely end up in spam – perfectly innocent, polite, respectful comments. But since our blogs are so politically against the corrupt establishment, calling them out with the truth, the powers that be decided we’re not worthy to leave comments (possibly infecting other innocent bloggers with that inconvenient goddamn truth)! LMFAO!!
    Another option is to open a shell blog or empty account and comment with that. Since it doesn’t have any content, you won’t be flagged for “spam”.
    Wordpress is definitely a screwy operation, but i don’t find other platforms better. Guess we’ll have to live with it. 😉


    • Thank you 1EarthUnited, I have indeed, ARRIVED!!! I know this shit is not at all happy with what I post and I don’t give a good goddamn! They’d shut this goddamn blog down if they could but the fact is, my shit is all over the world and has been translated into several different languages. I know this for a fact. When I google one of my posts, I am at the TOP! I am the very first item on the very FIRST PAGE. When I first started blogging, no one could find me anywhere and now, I am everywhere!

      I knew this shit was going to start up sooner or later, of that I had no doubt. And here I wanted to scuttle off to a little lean-to on the edge of nowhere and hide out for the rest of my life. Nothing fucking doing. As long as I can stick it to their ass the only way I know how(and it must be working)I am going to continue to post this IN THEIR GODDAMN FACE WITH IT and counter their lies and propaganda, no matter how fucking inconvenient they may make it for me to do so.

      I have received yet another email from Worstpress from Valerie asking me to comment on a blog because she states that the problem of my comments not showing up is fixed. Guess what? It ain’t fucking fixed. I attempted to post a comment and the comment did not show up, unless I am goddamn totally blind! So, this is never going to get fixed because it is not meant to get fixed. But I got news for ’em, when they fuck with my shit, I come back worse than ever.

      And thank you for the great idea 1EarthUnited, you guys are always appreciated!

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    • Don’t worry about it Lou. The comment that I made on your blog the other day is now showing up and here it is.

      Lou blogged:

      And this comment of mine was spammed by WordPress, but is now showing up on Lou’s blog.

      Shelby commented:

      ” the wealthy are celebrating an economic resurgence that has yet to be felt by main street.”

      Correction: The wealthy are celebrating an economic resurgence that will NEVER be felt by main street!

      The situation is so bad here that the food banks and food shelves are giving out food that has passed the expiration date by 4 years or more and is making people sick.

      The situation is so bad here that when I went to withdraw several thousand dollars out of my account, the Assistant Vice President of this financial institution called security on me. I was told that I could only take out $500 and be given a cashier’s check at that. The banks really don’t have any money in them, seriously!

      The situation is so bad here that safety inspectors are refusing to condemn apartment buildings even though they are roach infested, rat infested, infested with asbestos, ceilings have gaping holes and landlords have been taken to court for fraud, but the fact is the status quo must be maintained and that is that those who are ‘the haves’ should continue to stick it to the ‘have nots’.

      The situation is so bad here that the homeless have a union. They are assigned a certain area to panhandle in and no other homeless person can take over that particular spot.

      The situation is so bad here that I daily drive down the highway passing people who are negotiating the highway in wheelchairs and the police have pulled them over and are attempting to get them off the highway. They have no other means of transportation and must get to necessary doctor appointments.

      The situation is so bad here that doctors are illegally pumping people who have mental illness full of poison, causing them to die. I have witnessed with my very own eyes, people in the psych ward of hospitals sleeping in rooms that have water leaking from the ceiling, IN A HOSPTIAL! An undercover investigation team uncovered mistreatment of patients by doctors and staff at an area hospital.

      The U.S. is collapsing and we are certainly not ready for war with Russia or China or even Bangladesh because the Pentagon just spent over $400 Billion of our tax dollars on F-35s that cannot even make it off the ground. So I expect that when the war starts, Americans must sit up in the cockpit and try and look tough and that is supposed to be enough to deter the Russians and the Chinese since the fighter jet won’t even be able to fly.

      We are done for and all the world needs to know it!!!

      So, thank you Lou! I sincerely appreciate all that you do and if my comments don’t show up, at least I can still ‘like’ your blog!

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  3. Shelby, No way. Please tell me you made up the “happiness engineer” thing, it’s simply too ridiculous. How could even a mindless high-tech ‘service’ like WordPress come up with such a euphemism with a straight face?
    Oh hell, ** OF COURSE ** it’s a real thing, it’s too damn silly and insulting not to be!
    And won’t we all sleep more soundly just knowing there are legions of dedicated WordPress happiness engineers working night and day just to make us petulent bloggers happy! If they’re listening, I don’t think they’ve quite nailed it yet — but keep trying!
    (As a total non sequitor, I’d give you long odds that infernal fucking Apple employs fiendish ** UNHAPPINESS ** engineers … who revel in their work … but maybe I will … eventually … learn to use one of their unprintable phones anyway. Maybe. I just accidentally called my uncle Walter at 5:43 this morning, while sweating and swearing to set up my contacts list. Now we both need happiness engineers. Or really good drugs.)
    Thanks for all your fine, passionate work! And for the reminder to check my spam folder … if I can. – Linda


    • Oh Linda, your comment is outrageously wonderful and I can expect nothing less from you! LOL! Your uncle Walter should be quite happy to hear from you even at that time in the morning because I know he knows that he’ll soon be howling with laughter because you are indeed, one who is filled with a great sense of humor and a wonderful wit. I want a copy of your first wonderfully funny and witty book! Autographed, of course!

      “Happy Engineers!” Don’t that just beat all? Who the hell is ‘happy’ drudging away for peanuts and if not exactly for peanuts, then who wants to spend every waking daylight hour ‘earning’ a substandard living? Because if we’re not able to kick our feet back and rake in the dough for putting people out of their homes and getting bonuses for that, then we ain’t making any REAL money. We’re just ‘earning’ enough to keep us out of a box underneath a bridge and out of the soup line. But who knows for how long? And so call us “Happiness Engineers!” PLEASE!! Goddamn, we just cannot make this shit up!

      And the “Happiness Engineers” ain’t earning their pay because my comments are still going into spam folders. I just posted a comment and it did not appear and this was on one of the “Happiness Engineer’s” blog. Like 1EarthUnited stated, “I have ARRIVED!” This shit ain’t gonna get fixed if the “Happiness Engineers” can’t fucking figure their own shit out. This stupid shit gets more ridiculous by the nanosecond, but like I stated in a previous post, my shit was off the chain before, but it’s about to get worse since motherfuckers wanna fuck with my shit!

      Linda, I sincerely thank you for that great comment! I love it!


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