“…And Tomorrow, There’ll Be Another Murder….”

there will be another murder

I am so tired, I almost forget to breathe!
And when it is time to join the dead
will it be because we chose guns
over love instead?

When have you ever picked up a kiss
and killed someone with it?
Did it hurt them when you hugged them?
Or to you, am I just talking shit?

How many times have kind words
planted someone in the ground?
And can you remember the last time
you laughed? Can you remember the sound?

We live like strangers with heads bent low
over smartphones and IPods, just texting
and hashtagging and fussing and fighting!
It’s all just so depressing!

But we display our solidarity
with the murdered on Facebook.
But we don’t even know who our neighbor is.
How do they look?

Have you ever stopped and asked
if they needed something….ANYTHING?
Or do you just assume that they are just like you,
striking out at the people in the world with a scorpion’s sting?
Stuck in their own little world, incapable
of feeling, immune to the suffering and the pain
until the media alerts you to another death;
another life lost, just as these words are….in vain.

Now you can turn away, the cameras have stopped rolling.
The blood has been cleaned up, the crime tape, torn.
And tomorrow, there’ll be another murder;
another senseless waste of human life….to mourn.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

25 thoughts on ““…And Tomorrow, There’ll Be Another Murder….”

    1. Well, you know Skulz, their hands are tied since they’ve taken so much money from the gun lobbyists. Of course they cannot renege on their promise to gun nuts to hold sacred ‘the right to BUY, BUY and BUY, BUY, BUY guns so that we can all say, “BYE, BYE and BYE, BYE, BYE to each other!

      Thank you for your comment Skulz!

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    1. Leslie, it HAS to but it will NOT! We can wish on a star all day and night, but that won’t get it done. And with the gun lobbyists so powerful and our elected officials, so bought and paid for by the gun lobbyists, there’s nothing that anyone is going to do about the situation.

      Thank you for your comment.

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      1. I would not be at all surprised that if they did indeed, lose a child, that it would not phase them one bit. Some people do not even care about their own offspring and that is a fact. If it were not so, we would not have such outrageous numbers of homeless teenagers, who are quite actually, on their own in more ways than one. The so-called, ‘human’ race is in a sad and sorry state.

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    1. Thank you Rosaliene! Your comment is spot on. Love lost out to hate and a lust for guns ’cause we’d rather shoot to kill, than hug and love. I tellya, I miss love and smiles and hugs and togetherness and oh hell! How can I miss something that has been lost for so long?

      As I always say, “Just another fucking day in paradise!”

      Again, I thank you for your comment.


    1. Yeah, it is stinking, just as all the other false flag ops have stunk! And Obama is just SO concerned that he immediately went sightseeing after expressing his ‘not so’ heartfelt condolences to the surviving victims and their families. And with so many indications that this could have been avoided, it seems as though the warning signs were purposefully ignored so as to continue the agenda of fostering hatred towards the people of the Middle East and the Muslim community so that the focus is on “What dastardly deeds those people are up to!” which takes the focus off of what our warmongering (s)elected officials are up to. This is all just another dog and pony show of distraction. And if people can’t see that, then their head is so far up their ass, ain’t no pulling it out!

      Thanks Dr. Bramhall for your comment and for providing that excellent link that proves that warning signs were deliberately ignored…and for a reason!


      1. Actually I have personally known dozens of individuals who have pulled their head out of their ass. Our mayor is one of them. This was a large part of his motivation for leading our Peace Walk. He refers to himself as a “recovering racist.”


      2. A ‘recovering racist’? That’s a new one on me. Does that come with a twelve step program? And if so, what step is your mayor on now? Step one or step 12? I just want to see how far your mayor has come with battling against his racism. I guess I should be glad that at least his head is out of his ass and he is recovering from being ‘coughed on by a racist which spread racism to him’. Lawd have mercy! I could not make this shit up if I tried!

        Thanks Dr. Bramhall, you did indeed, provide me with a much needed laugh today! Bless your heart!


      3. Well, if that is the case, that he is continuing to make ‘racist’ remarks, then I don’t see how that recovery from racism thing could be going well at all. And I did read the article and I do not see how he could say that he is attempting to represent the interests of the Maori people since only the Maori people could know what their interests are and effectively promote them. No other group has ever willingly promoted the interests of another. This has been proven time and time again, down throughout history. That is why history is written by the conquistadors who tell their stories and those of the conquered otherwise known as the indigenous populations which we all know, is never fairly told. Since there can be no impartiality when the oppressor is telling the story of those they are oppressing.

        It is totally ludicrous to me that the people, indigenous to New Zealand have no representation. However, I am not surprised. You would think that in this day and age of supposed, enlightenment, people would have taken a step back and said, “The status quo is wrong and therefore, should change.” But unfortunately, when one assumes power, one is hardly likely to give it up without a fight.

        Thank you Dr. Bramhall.


      4. I and others have been working with Maori leaders to confront rabid endemic racism in this community. Maori have the attitude that racism is properly a European problem and it’s up to Europeans to get rid of it. I and my European friends agree and we take our responsibility very seriously.


      1. You have something important to say. The only way to turn our national mess around is for the silenced one to stand up and say we’ve had enough!

        And we need each to be heard.

        That was probably more than you needed to hear but I’m feeling loquacious this evening..;)

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      2. Oh, quite to the contrary, I have not heard enough. I love what you say and the way you say it. There are many who care not for what I have to say and that is why I continue to say it because I know that it needs to be said and what needs to be said is seldom what people wish to hear.

        So, in here, you are encouraged to speak your, dare I say, “Peace?” Especially, seeing as how there is little enough evidence of that these days.


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