So, Who Is The Truly Fucked? You Are!!!!

fuck you


It would seem that I am always to be taken to task
for my views, my beliefs and my principles.
I stand firm and hold my head up high
because if I bow to the will of others, I would not be me.
And no, I will not go fuck myself because I refuse to acknowledge
that the gay struggle is the same as the struggle of descendants of African slaves in this hellhole.

You have no problem telling people who refuse to kowtow to the gay agenda to “Go fuck themselves!” So, it is okay for you to shoot someone down and rage against them for their stance, but the gay folks deserve special treatment and let’s all bend over and get fucked up the ass by the ‘gay rights movement. I am fucking having none of it and none of you!

I have never seen such schoolyard shit whereas a gay motherfucker comes up in here, asks me where I stand on gay issues, have a problem with my stand because I didn’t get out the gay pride banner and fucking wave it back and forth, they then go whining to another asshole who takes up the cause of the gay agenda and tells me to “Go fuck myself!” But you know what? I’d rather ‘fuck myself’ than have a gay motherfucker, fuck me! And that’s a big ass, real ass fact! Now, have a fucking problem with that! But believe this! Try and piss on my ass, will you and I will fling your piss right back in your goddamn face! I am not the one and never will I be! If you don’t check your shit, I’ll check it for you, motherfucker! I don’t have to conform to the dictates of a fucked up society and nor will I have it shoved down my throat that I must be accepting of some perverted shit and have it likened to the struggles of my ancestors. You can liken this shit to yours, but never mine, motherfucker!

If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times, if I blog to my goddamn self, that is fine with me.
Do not ‘follow’ me because quite frankly, this blog is not for Amerikkkans
because you useless fucks are irrelevant since nothing can make any
of you become a better person because you’re all stupid and worthless!

I refuse to lose sight of what has made me the person I am today!
Never have I asked for nor begged for one goddamn ‘follower’ and I will not do so now.
And quite frankly, the time has come for me to stand alone.
So, I would rather lose blog ‘followers’ than to continue to put up with the shit
 I see on my reader. I thought that I had left this shit behind when I finished school and I am fucking not even on Facebook. This shit is unreal! I am so fucking done with this shit!

Furthermore, I have signed on to actually get up off my ass and do more to help solve the problems that I see scrolling down my screen.
While many of you just continue to post “We are fucked!” every day,
I will be out there in the trenches, attempting to help “The fucked!”
What will you be doing besides continuing to tell “The fucked” who ain’t listening because they are “Too fucked” to listen that they are fucked?
Exactly, not a goddamn thing that’s of any use or any value to anyone!

Here’s an idea, get up off your ass and help “The fucked!” I know. It’s too much goddamn trouble! It is easier to write about it, tweet about it and ‘like’ all up and down on it on Facebook. Meanwhile, people are homeless, hungry and sick. And I for one, am tired of writing about it and am actually putting my money where my mouth is and getting up off my ass, rolling up my sleeves and I am going to get to helping, one person at a time, but at least I will be making a difference in someone’s life as opposed to pissing and moaning about how fucked we all are, on a goddamn worthless, useless ass blog!

Blog away, motherfuckers! You’re fucking useless! Now suck on that! So, who is the truly fucked? You are!


10 thoughts on “So, Who Is The Truly Fucked? You Are!!!!

  1. the lgbtxyz thing…
    i don’t get it. i’m not lgbtxyz and won’t be anytime in the foreseeable future. the lgbtxyz “community” is free to do their thing but i don’t get it. yes, i am a neanderthal. i’m awaiting the test results that will determine how much neanderthal i actually might be. i think being descended from the neanderthals would be pretty cool.
    the lgbtxyz haven’t a thing to bitch about. well except that mass murdering orlando thing. that was some bullshit for sure. native first nation americans have plenty to bitch about. my brothers and sisters of the african persuasion have plenty to bitch about. as would chinese americans, irish americans, latino americans, but lgbtxyz?
    i think being american is enough. being american means by it’s very definition, one is a mutt. that’s quite good enough for me. i’m a mutt. working class mutt. ass out and not even middle class mutt. however, pretty dang soon i’ll know for certain. i’m getting my dna tested by “the” nat geo wonderkind and THEN i’ll know…


    1. Skulz, I don’t care what they fucking do! Who they fuck or what the fuck! But I am sick and damned tired of being asked what my stand is and if I have a problem with the ‘gay rights movement’ being likened to the fight that descendants of slaves have been waging for hundreds of years in this shithole, then I am told to “Go fuck myself!” Not everyone is going to jump on the goddamn ‘gay’ bandwagon. I don’t shoot gays. I don’t cuss gays out when I see them, I simply ignore them like I do damn near everybody else, but I will not state something that is not true just to conform to the dictates of a fucked up society. My views on gays are my views and I am entitled to them and I will not be told to “Go fuck myself” for my own goddamn views!

      I will not have this shit shoved down my throat and then be told to swallow it and fucking like it! It ain’t happening! Not fucking hardly and I have no problem calling a motherfucker out on their shit! I don’t give a goddamn who the fuck it is or even if I’ve re-blogged their shit!

      And this ain’t aimed at you Skulz, this is aimed at the motherfucker that got my goddamn goat up!

      This is exactly why, motherfucker, that I never called you despite you giving me your telephone number because I never know what the fuck’s coming down the goddamn road. I am not so desperate that I need to call some motherfucker on a blog and kick the bobo! Quite obviously, you are! So, call up all the gay motherfuckers that you love so goddamn much and see if they’re willing to kick the bobo with your ass! But guess what motherfucker, despite your shit that was aimed at me, I still have the same views. Not a goddamn thing has changed except another motherfucker got kicked to the curb! Why the fuck motherfuckers want to ‘follow’ me, I don’t fucking know! I am aiming this at you motherfucker and you know who the fuck you are!

      Skulz, sorry about the above, but apparently, I wasn’t quite finished.

      I sincerely thank you for your comment. You have always been fair and not pushy. You have your views, but you don’t constantly denigrate others for theirs. Thank you for that also!

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  2. People have to lose their fear first; for many that means having nothing left to lose. Even MSM don’t have the “balls” to report on some things until bloggers make it go viral, only then will they cover the story. Greetings.


    1. Thank you onnovocks, for your comment. I don’t really understand what that comment has to do with this post, but thank you for your input.

      I’ve never made anything go viral because as much as I rail against the U.S. military and against these wars of ‘naked aggression’, still the useless military whores continue to sign on the dotted line to go fuck people over who’ve done them no wrong. I’ve railed for 2 years about the plight of the homeless and what do city officials do? Why, they make it even harder for those who are homeless to be homeless. This is why I have decided that instead of taking myself off to a deserted island, that was really not so deserted since it was filled with ex-pats, that instead I would put my money to good use in helping the people that I’ve written poem after poem about, for over two years. I was not in a position to help them before, but I am now and so instead of useless poem writing, I will put actions to words.

      Again, thank you for your comment onnovocks!


      1. You wrote: “Furthermore, I have signed on to actually get up off my ass and do more to help solve the problems that I see scrolling down my screen.
        While many of you just continue to post “We are fucked!” every day,
        I will be out there in the trenches, attempting to help “The fucked!”
        What will you be doing besides continuing to tell “The fucked” who ain’t listening because they are “Too fucked” to listen that they are fucked?
        Exactly, not a goddamn thing that’s of any use or any value to anyone!”
        My response was to that particular part. People need to lose their fear first; no MLK, Gandhi or Joan of Arc, Superman, etc. is going to save them, and speaking out can be dangerous since we all still have something to lose. In some places it’s actually illegal to feed the homeless in an effort to drive them out of town. This is an outrage of course, but to go against the grain of the powers that be, requires some courage. In 1989 I fed a homeless Korean war vet who was living in a dog house behind a store on the Delray/Boca border. The store owner didn’t mind since most people bought the food at his store; he even ran an extension cord for light and a radio and there was a spigot for water. Sometimes the cops from one town picked him up and drove him all the way to Ft Lauderdale, or the cops from the other town drove him past West Palm Beach and it would take 2-3 days before we’d see him again. One day he disappeared. Later in life when I had better resources I had a Vietnam vet living in my house for about 2 years to get him back on his feet. Many are willing to help build a better society, but few are willing to face the brutality one may encounter; they need to lose their fear first, that’s why they post.


      2. Well, I do indeed, understand fear. It can be extremely debilitating. I am still attempting to overcome my fear of driving due to the fact that I was recently in an extremely horrific multi-vehicle pile-up on the highway.

        I cannot overcome my fear by refusing to get behind the wheel again. I must resist the urge to continuously hire a driver to drive me everywhere. This I had to do while recuperating. But I am now, well enough to drive again, however, the fear of the accident has never left me. So, I do understand fear, all too well.

        If as you say, people need to take the baby step of writing about events that they would like to see changed, that is all well and good, but there must come a time to take that next step. And if the problem with taking that next step is that we fear that we will lose what we have, I can only say that those who are homeless more than likely at some point prior to them becoming homeless thought that they had much to lose, but they lost it anyway. Nothing is forever. Not our creature comforts that many of us take for granted and this should be well understood by simply looking around at so many people who have lost what many of us have yet to lose.

        The reason why the numbers of homeless people increase each year is because the vast majority of people look at them in passing and hope that it won’t happen to them. That hope is in vain because all it need take is a debilitating illness to wipe out a savings and cause a job loss and thus, the person is either dead or near death and homeless. All it takes is a job loss due to outsourcing or by the job being replaced with a machine and the next step is out the door to homelessness.

        If we don’t understand that our fear of what could happen is quite actually hurting us more than helping us, we will never rise above that fear and act to hopefully work to enact changes to take place where people will not have to worry about if their next paycheck does not come to them, will not have to worry about getting sick and losing their home.

        We have become a society that refuses to look out for one another and that has enabled TPTB to put into play what we see now; a society where people are afraid to even take vacations for fear that their job will be gone when they return, a society where people fear the government because the people allowed the government to enact a police state complete with militarized equipment from warzones and have quite literally turned America’s cities into warzones.

        I don’t have all the answers. All I know is that we need to understand that we have let things devolve into what we see now and we don’t like it one bit, but doing nothing beyond writing about it, will not change anything either. We’ve already lost so much and I do think that we have lost more than we really know.

        Thank you for your comment!

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