“….And The Winner Is…Hillary Clinton!”

democratic national convention

“….and the winner is…Hillary Clinton!”
Bernie Sanders gave up the ghost.
The FBI and Loretta Lynch
handed Hillary the election, with a toast!

Stand back boys and let that whore through.
Hillary Clinton, the warmonger’s favorite horse
to win, she will and she’ll keep them happy
with purses full, she’ll stay the course.

Now, Trump is dead last and that’s no lie!
The GOP has got the flu, that’s their alibi
for not attending the convention this July.
No SuperPAC for Trump and we know why.

I know that Sanders’ supporters have got the blues.
They don’t like the fact that by Bernie, they were used.
Stop moping and hoping that ole Bernie stayed true.
It was all part of the plan to keep you confused.

And did it work or did it work?
That’s alright, I know it hurts.
But, there’s always next time to ‘feel the Bern’.
Think of it this way, we’re getting our just desserts!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

It is over! The fat lady done sung! Who the fuck is surprised that the Clintons are never made to pay for the shit that they do? They get away with murder and even get rewarded for it too. Now, if that don’ tell you that this shithole is the epitome of corruption, avarice, hypocrisy and vileness, I don’t know what will. As much shit as Hillary Clinton has smeared and showing up on her ass, she manages to always come up smelling like a goddamn rose!

Donald Trump’s campaign is basically dead in the water. Those who make up the GOP are distancing themselves from Trump, left and right and even his campaign contributions are drying up like a carcass in Death Valley because those who back Trump will never be able to donate as much to Trump’s campaign as corporations donate to Hillary Clinton’s. Hillary Clinton has been from the gitgo, the warmonger’s whore horse on the track and even Donald Trump thought that he would have gone the way he’s always gone every single time he fakes throwing his hat into the ring. Trump has no choice but to limp his ass to the finish line, even though he is finished. And as for Bernie Sanders’ supporters? Excuse my ‘southerness’, but y’all got played!

“Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Madam warwhore president, Killar E. Clinton!” Now, remember to stand and clap!

16 thoughts on ““….And The Winner Is…Hillary Clinton!”

  1. But, I think the USA will not have a good President. She is very ‘corporate’, and knows how to pander to the money bags. What is worse, going by the recent FBI announcement, she is not above manipulating the system. God Bless America, and God Bless the World


    1. No! GOD DAMN AmeriKKKa! And God help the rest of the world! Because it’s gonna need it. That warwhore never saw a war she didn’t like and she knows that her ass is immune to even getting a tap on the wrist for her dirty ass deeds. Killar E. Clinton is synonymous with ‘corporation’ because that is what she stands for. Warmongers and war hawks never had a better ally than Killar E. Clinton.

      By now, a blind man that’s been planted should know that this shit is rigged. Obama and Clinton were pretending to be rabid enemies, slinging insults and shit back and forth when they were going against each other before Obama was chosen as the democratic presidential contender and then, the nice game got started whereas Killar E. Clinton became Obama’s Secretary of State and that was so that it could not be said that that warwhore had no experience with foreign affairs because she was being primed for when her turn would come to descend to the presidency and that time is now. Bernie Sanders was just another tool as is Trump. This shit is already over. No one need show up for voting day because no matter what, Killar E. Clinton will be the anointed one. That is a done deal! Heavy emphasis on DEAL!

      Rajiv, I thank you for your comment.

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  2. I have just joined a class action lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee for documented vote rigging (confirmed by hacked documents) in several presidential primaries. Sometimes suing these people is the only way to rectify the epidemic of corruption that plagues US society.

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    1. Can I join? I expect to continue to have to pay taxes in this shithole while obtaining dual citizenship. I want in on any lawsuit that seeks to bring about some accountability for corrupt ass liars who get off without even a tap on the wrist for all manner of serious crimes. It is high time that someone or some thing is held accountable for the lack of oversight with regards to our rigged (s)election system! This shithole is corrupt to its very core and makes no bones about that fact! This is beyond the end of enough!

      Thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall!

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      1. Sure. I think you would have to make a small donation to the Bernie Sanders campaign to have “standing” – ie to claim that you have been harmed. I donated $15 – they’re still trying to raise money to get their delegates to the convention.

        Email the attorney Elizabeth Beck at elizabeth@beckandlee.com to tell her you want to join the class action lawsuit against the DNC.

        You can donate to Bernie Sanders at https://secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/bernie-sanders

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      2. Bernie Sanders campaign is finished, done, over and out! There is no point. I just want it known that I am totally against this rigged election system and that we are all harmed by it being so. I am not contributing to a defunct campaign.

        But thank you for the links. I appreciate your efforts, as always Dr. Bramhall.

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    1. I HOWLED with laughter over your comment! It is good that you don’t ‘sweat’ the big stuff Kelley! Your comment was priceless! And sorely needed, I might add. Thank you!

      And please! Write in MY name as his running mate because as Keith Sweat would say, “Something, something just ain’t right!” And THAT is the understatement of the year!

      Again, thanks Kelley! I am still laughing. I love your sense of humor and I try never to go anywhere without mine!

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  3. It’s so blatantly, painfully clear that the fix is in, and the powers that be NEED to install their Hellary puppet and carry out more crimes against humanity. Very astute assessment on your part, “Bernie supporters got played!” At the very least, his campaign exposes election fraud and corruption across the board. If dumb amerikkklans can’t see that, then we all deserve our leaders! Like you said, what a goddamn farce this country is, and the whole world knows it!


    1. Yes, indeed, the world knows it and even Vladimir Putin is absolutely frustrated that the media will not report on the shit that they know is going down and the fact that AmeriKKKa is hell bent on saber rattling and starting shit with China and Russia and it is all because we’ve got nothing except war. That is it because this shithole is collapsing and imploding. They can attempt to keep up the illusion of Wall Street and the smoke and mirrors of the Feds manipulating the economy, but when all is said and done, people know what is not in their wallets and purses. We know that people are spending more on rents than ever before and that homeownership is a thing of the past.

      We all know that cupboards are bare and that people are flocking to food banks and food shelves by the millions. Retail stores are shuttering their doors in unprecedented numbers and even fast food restaurants are reporting dismal sales. And when people cannot afford a cheap ass Happy Meal, there’s a problem.

      And so when Killar E. Clinton slithers her shitty ass into the Oval office, the fur will fly because if we thought our ass was grass before, we ain’t seen nothing yet. And quite frankly, no one need show up at the polls because Killar E. Clinton has already secured the presidency. Remember, the Clintons are the ‘Untouchables’.

      1EarthUnited, again, I thank you for your comment!


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