Words Are Spoken So Easily

This one speaks to me in so many ways and on so many levels, it is unreal!

Thank you Nidotopianwarrior!

nidotopianwarrior's Blog

They have stolen the sleep from my eyes
Even the strength to keep running is fading from my legs and thighs
All I hear from their mouths are empty promises and lies
Look what they’ve done to me
They don’t care for me
I cannot let their hate define me any longer
I need to be stronger

Words are spoken so easily
Yet the true thoughts of the heart cannot be seen
For they are not so clean
If it wasn’t for their constant unwanted presence life would be a sweet dream

Centuries and seasons have passed so quickly
And still they continue to torture me
Even the sticks and stones look at me with pity
But even they could not comfort me

Everywhere I turn I see
They are blaming and accusing me
It would be so easy to say I give up
The sun no longer shines through…

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