A Travel Advisory Issued Against The United States By The Bahamas Government

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Now, we all know that the U.S. government is always issuing travel advisories and alerts against other countries, but in a new twist, the Bahamas government has issued a travel advisory to all of its Black male Bahamas citizens to use extreme caution when visiting the U.S., citing racial tensions that have exploded over the past few days. The Bahamas government goes on to state that all of its Black male citizens who are visiting the United States should cooperate fully with law enforcement and be non-confrontational.

Excuse me! But, that is not going to work, Bahamas Government! Just you ask Philando Castile. He cooperated fully with law enforcement and was non-confrontational and he is still dead; shot multiple times while sitting in his vehicle with his girlfriend and her four-year old daughter. The man was merely complying with the officer’s request to retrieve his ID to show for identification purposes and he was shot and killed for doing so. So, just what did the man do to cause his own demise? Not a goddamn thing! He did everything right and yet he is still dead, so explain that to your citizens, Bahamas Government! Explain to them that it does not matter how careful they are when visiting the United States since they don’t have to do a damn thing to provoke these vicious and feral racists over here into murdering them. Black people don’t have to do shit, but breathe and that is against the goddamn law in AmeriKKKa!

“Why the whites are killing us”, is what the world should be asking of the AmeriKKKan government for it is not on the Blacks who are in AmeriKKKa for why we are here. That is not on us. Our ancestors did not row themselves to the shores of AmeriKKKa, whites did that and so why are whites gunning us down, eight ways to Sunday over something that their ancestors put into play? Whites shoot us because they are as evil and vile as what spawned their filthy asses; they are no different from their slave-owning sires. The evil and depravity that IS the white man will never die because it is inherent and cultivated from generation to generation; that should be well understood by all as it is clear for all to see!

I say this to the Bahamas Government, “Encourage all of your Black male citizens to NEVER, EVER visit the United States under ANY circumstances as that is the only way to ensure that they will not be racially profiled and murdered for having the audacity to not cover up their Black skin tone from head to toe.” But then, that would not work either because our driver’s license and our vehicle registration is pulled up by the KKKops whenever they pull up behind us and so they know the skin tone of the person they are pulling over. That is why whites are not pulled over because only Black people are racially profiled and it makes no difference how cooperative  and compliant we are, we still end up dead!

However, it is an extreme indictment on this shithole to have another government instruct its citizens to ‘use extreme caution’ when visiting the United States. If that does not tell you how bad this racist shit is here, then what will?

And then people have the nerve to wonder why those KKKops got wacked in Dallas, TX? It is because violence begets violence and some Black people are not scared of dying and are sick and damn tired of living on this prison planet. When people have nothing to lose and have been trained to kill, what will they do once they’ve had enough? Why, what they were trained and hired to do, kill! You would have no problem with the man who shot those KKKops in Texas if he was still over in Afghanistan shooting up some so-called ‘members of the Taliban’, but when he was fed up with people who look like him getting themselves murdered by racist KKKops and goes the fuck off, why that is just too horrible for words. No, it is not! What is too horrible for words is what led up to why this young man went the fuck off. That’s what’s too horrible for words. And I for one, get why he did what he did. An ‘eye for and eye’.

In the words of Malcolm X, “It’s got to be the ballot or the bullet.” The ballot ain’t working, so what does that leave? Exactly!

Rivers of blood has flowed from the bodies of Black people killed by racist KKKops, skinheads and the like and not one goddamn thing of any consequence has been done about that, but let a few KKKops get some bullets up their ass and stop the goddamn presses already! No, that shit don’t cut no ice with me, not a bit of it! Every Black nation and country on this planet should be issuing the same advisory and alert that the Bahamas government issued because it applies to every Black skinned man, woman and child on this planet and it should forever remain in effect.

And once again, not one goddamn word from the international community about what amounts to genocide against an entire group of innocent people in a country they never asked to be in since our ancestors were dragged here. And yes, I will continue to state the facts for all to see as to why the fuck we are here looking up in your pale ass face, Caucasians! You think that many of us want to look at you sickly looking pale-skinned vile ass creatures? Fuck no! But your ancestors are the reason why we are here and don’t give me that bullshit about how your ancestors didn’t own any slaves. If you fucking know right from wrong then you fucking know that what is going down in this shithole on Black people is wrong in every way possible! And what the fuck do you do about it? Why, you continue to condone it and then a few of you will get up off your ass for five minutes and pick up a lame ass protest sign stating that “Black lives matter!” You don’t fucking think that because if you did, you’d tell that racist KKKop that you married to “Fuck off!” But you don’t because you’re living large and in charge from all the drug money and gun running and bribes that he is taking. There is no other inherently corrupt organization than that of the criminal ‘justice’ system. The mafia only wish they could compete with the likes of the U.S. government’s criminal ‘justice’ system; a system that is designed to capture and enslave the Black population in AmeriKKKa. But the fact is, the slave patrols are just so trigger happy, many of the slaves don’t even make it behind bars. But then, that’s okay too because the only other good ‘nigger’ is a dead ‘nigger’.

Yes, indeed, countries and nations all across this planet, warn your citizens, the Black ones at least, about what to expect when they visit AmeriKKKa. They can expect to get dead, that’s what they can expect!

Welcome to AmeriKKKa!

25 thoughts on “A Travel Advisory Issued Against The United States By The Bahamas Government

  1. Shelby you are a true warrior for your people! I wish I had the nerve to be so unfiltered but in these times it could cost me my freedom or breath. Keep doing what you are doing. ❤


    1. Lashaun620, the only thing they can do to me is kill me and I am not afraid of dying. A person with nothing to lose is a dangerous one and I clearly write like a person who has nothing to lose. I am not about to filter a goddamn word here. If I get shut down, I get shut down, but until then, I will continue to put the truth in their vile ass faces. They don’t have to like it. We don’t fucking like getting dead because of our skin color, but we do. We did not ask to have our ancestors dragged over here and so why it is open season on us is beyond my comprehension.

      They want us to fear them and that is why they constantly shoot us multiple times to make sure we cannot reach for them because if they engaged in hand-to-hand combat with us, their asses would be toast and they know this. Even a Black woman would kick their scared shitless ass. This is exactly why they invented drones because they can’t face the so-called ‘enemy’ on his terms, they’ve got to kill him from thousands of miles away, all safely locked in good and tight in a room with a button to push that sends a drone to do the job instead.

      And that is why these lily-livered pale skinned Caucasians sign up for the police department because the only thing that keeps them from shitting themselves when facing a Black man is knowing that they have a gun on their hip, otherwise, those pansy pants snot-nosed motherfuckers would whimper and cower under the covers in their mama’s bed and never get out of it.

      Hell no, I’m not afraid of those wimp assed motherfuckers!

      I thank you for your comment.

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  2. Once again shit is staring me in my fucking face. Someone kindly re-blogged this and I had gone over to their blog to thank them for doing so and this comment was staring me in my face from someone named:



    My response and it was tempered only because I was on someone else’s blog and I have always tried to remain respectful when commenting but this took the goddamn cake!


    Tell that to Trayvon Martin! He was walking through a ‘gated community’ and we all know what happened to him!

    I rarely get into it on other people’s blogs, but since this is my original work, I deem it necessary to have my say. How dare you opine that Black people are afraid to walk in, in your words, “a Black neighborhood.” I lived in Baltimore, MD from the mid 90s to 2002 and not one night that I staggered home from a bar, was I afraid to walk the streets of the inner city and here I sit in ‘whitebread’ Menacesnowta scared to drive through the ‘white’ area that I live in because I am more likely to get profiled for driving while Black in a white neighborhood.

    Furthermore, I have traveled through Chicago multiple times and I am still here to tell about the experience and not one bullet has been dug out of my ass!

    I have lived in Minneapolis which has the highest concentration of Black people in Minnesota and not once was I afraid to walk the streets at 2am and once again, I am still here to tell about it.

    You sit somewhere on your sanctimonious perch and speak of who is safe walking where when Philando Castile was driving in an upscale area of St. Paul where he lived and was pulled over because of a broken tail light and is dead because he complied with the law to show his ID. That man was no thug. He worked for a school district as a supervisor in the cafeteria and thus had to pass a criminal background check before doing so.

    Your abject racism is certainly on display with that comment and I have no problem stating this fact. I see you did not bother to post your tripe on my blog because you know I would not have stood for it!

    Because it is quite apparent that according to you, whites are the peacemakers and have no need to be feared. Tell me, who was it that bombed that federal building in Oklahoma? Who was it that killed those children in Sandy Hook elementary school, Aurora, CO’s movie theater? How about who killed those nine churchgoers in their own church in Charleston, SC? And how many skinhead groups have gone on a rampage over decades, lynching and terrorizing Black people in their own neighborhoods? But that is of no consequence to you because you’ve got an agenda and this post of mine doesn’t fit in with it. Everyone can feel safe around whites? You have got to be kidding!!!

    If this was my blog, I would give you what for and in no uncertain terms and this you could count on!


    Now, since the original of the re-blogged post is here, just why do you think that this ‘Futuret’ motherfucker refused to post his comment here but chose instead to post it elsewhere? And we really have to wonder why what is going down today is going down and is getting worse? When I read shit of the likes of this, I don’t wonder because these racist bastards are all over the place and then claim that they are not responsible for what their ancestors put into play when they have picked up the mantle and continue to carry it forward.

    Even a blind man that’s been planted should be able to see the writing on the wall, whites will never accept responsibility for the vile ass shit that they do. They will pass it on and make the victim out to be the aggressor and vice versa. Shits this vile have no conscience as you can clearly see from the above comment. They will twist shit up until it is unrecognizable and tell you to eat it up, like it and ask for more. This is exactly why I have to take breaks every now and then because I would surely explode and do some serious damage if I did not take some time to breathe. For the love of …..!!!!!!!

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      1. That is SO very true Kelley and why Black people continue to allow them in on our protests, beats the hell out of me. If whites felt so goddamn bad about what they are doing to us, they’d fucking stop doing it. Their attendance at a goddamn rally over the murder of yet another innocent Black person flies in the face of all reason because they know exactly who is doing what and why. It is their family members who are filling us full of bullets and yet, they want to pretend some sort of solidarity with us? They are shitting some Black folks with that bullshit, but not me. I’m not falling for that “kumbaya” shit from them! They can take their lame ass shows of fake ass solidarity and shove it up their pale-skinned assholes!

        Thank you for your comment Kelley! And as always, it is war! Ain’t no goddamn peace!

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      2. We were never included in the kumbaya circle, so what’s new?

        If they truly wanted to help, they’d understand + respect that we Black people need our exclusive spaces to come together and not even attempt to infiltrate. They’d simply leave us alone. But I don’t think those kinds of white people exist.

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      3. Kelley, you know their arrogance knows no bounds. They think that they own us because they’ve never thought of us as human. We are somewhere underneath Fido. They would save a goddamn dog before they’d lift a finger to save one of us and that is why they don’t have a problem with watching us get gunned down every single goddamn day. We are nothing to them. And Black folks cannot see that?!!

        If the cameras are not rolling, you are not going to see whites standing somewhere protesting with Black folks on a daily basis. They only protest directly after an incident when it is fresh and they get to show their pretend ‘solidarity’ with us. I don’t want their fake assed displays of falsehood. They are the reason why we are dying by the thousands on every shitty street in this shithole and I am going to stand shoulder to shoulder with what’s killing me? Fuck no!

        Some Black people really need to start figuring out just why they have a brain and then use it!

        Kelley, thank you!

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      4. Thank YOU, Shelby.

        I saw an ASPCA commercial and this man was damn near in tears talking about the rescue of some dogs from these deplorable conditions………………… I’m like…uhmmmm………. there are PEOPLE fucking HOMELESS and HUNGRY! Why don’t we have human branch of this ASPCA? And another for all the veterans I see begging for money! Shit is so backwards.

        Thank you again. I feel that you feel me, that I can always vent + be understood.

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      5. Indeed, you can vent to your heart’s content Kelley because at least you have one and you know that humans above all, should be saved. Damn a dog!

        Black men, women and children are getting gunned down for showing their ID, for playing in a park, for selling some CDs. They are getting their spine severed because they ran from the KKKops, and with good reason because Freddie Gray certainly ended up dead after the KKKops set their sights on him. They are lynching us in jail cells. They are choking us to death ON CAMERA and no charges were filed and I am going to worry about a dog? Seriously?

        And yet, when that ‘white privileged’ motherfucker went over to Africa and shot Cecil, the lion, all hell broke loose! When the little Black child fell into the gorilla pit and the gorilla was shot, why, what the fuck for? It was ONLY a Black child! Let the goddamn gorilla maul the child to death, no problem! Seriously?

        And once again, I am going to stand shoulder to shoulder with THAT shit when it’s showing me every day just what it thinks of me? But I am going to listen to it when it tells me that it is standing in solidarity with me? It had better get the fuck out of my face or I’ll not be responsible for my actions. And by IT, you know I mean, whitey pink ass!

        Thanks Kelley! You see, I can’t stop venting and so that tells you right there that in here, vent away, I encourage it!

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      6. Definitely! We are definitely a sad, confused people! But we can’t ignore or deny the proof of their feelings that we see on a daily. Why we continuously stand [and lay] with IT is beyond me.


      7. I hear you! I am constantly shaking my head over that as well. But don’t forget, no one on this planet is as vile, deranged and monstrous as whites. And as much vile ass shit that whites do to us, we could never aspire to be as viciously foul, rotten and filthy as they are!

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  3. Exercise caution ⚠??? I think not, better yet I should advise male Bahamian inhabitants against GOING THERE ALTOGETHER… I hope our brothers and sisters in the other caribbean territories have taken note 📝. Lady Shelby hurry and get out of there.. Oh and read my new post


    1. And just where should I go nidotopianwarrior?, to the Caribbean where you guys are treated like third class citizens by the whites who rule the islands and who go there for their vacations and treat the islanders like shit? Or how about I go to Ecuador or Belize or Panama only to confront the same shits that I confront here in the form of expats and have to put up with the shit from the locals? Or how about I go to Africa and state that I am returning home and see how well received I’ll be there, what with the many issues that are ongoing in most African countries? I could go on and on in this vein, but quite frankly, there is no place on this earth that the Black man, woman and child can go to where they will not be persecuted and treated like yesterday’s garbage.

      I do, however, sincerely thank you for basically wishing that I stay well and by doing so, quite obviously, suggesting that the only way that will happen is if I show this shithole, the back of my heels. I am working on it, believe me. Because when Plan A failed as did Plan B, C and D, then it is time to regroup and take stock; that is what I am doing now. Bless your heart! I thank you again!


    1. Thank you Skulz! And now everyone is telling me to take my bow and leave the stage; exiting it either right or left, but just exit it already.

      I do sincerely appreciate the fact that they want this virago to turn tail and run, but I must do, what I must do and if I wait too late to leave, que sera sera.

      Skulz, I thank you most kindly for that wonderful compliment on this one! I had much inspiration, as you know!

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      1. Thank you Skulz! I appreciate your support. It would seem that I am to bury my head in the sand and pretend that all will be fine so long as I don’t know about all the horrid shit that is going down, as if that will stop it. If I am to go out, I’d rather go out on my own terms and if I cannot, then so be it, but I refuse to run and hide simply because some racist shits have issues with my skin tone. I am not trying to become a martyr, but at the same time, what would it avail me to disengage myself from life and pretend that I can obtain peace anywhere else? Has no one looked around and saw that not one country on this planet is a haven? I dare anyone to come in here and tell me that persecution of me would not exist where they live. I simply dare them!

        Skulz, again, thank you for believing in me since I do as well!

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    1. Well, I take it that the UN did not condemn the reasons as has been indicated as to why the suspected shooter opened fire on a shitload of KKKops? My guess would be that UN saw no need, as usual, to point out what is glaringly obvious, for the UN is at the beck and call of the vicious fucks that run this shithole and who run all across this planet causing the same chaos, murder and bedlam that is going down here. The UN has an idea that it is in that entity’s best interest to shut the fuck up and condemn what it has been told to condemn and the UN, when it received its scripted orders, read them, word for word and in those orders, there was no mention made of Alton Sterling or of Philando Castile.

      Just as soon as that ‘right on schedule’ KKKop killing occurred, that is when the calls came in for gathering in a group circle and giving the KKKops, a group hug. Oh, yes, there was mention of what ‘deceased’ KKKop had recently gotten married and what ‘deceased’ KKKop had served in the military, but they failed to hail the ‘suspect’ that reportedly plastered KKKop asses with bullets as a former career military officer. His ‘service’ to his country was overlooked, as usual.

      Nor did they go on and on about the fact that when those military whores come back from overseas deployments, they amass a shitload of weapons and either commit suicide, commit murder or join the police force and commit murder. Never a mention of that.

      Thank you for your comment and for posting the link N.S. It is much appreciated.


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