Choir Boys Were Killed In Dallas By A Demented Ex-Soldier……



….so says Barack Obama.

“The demented individual who carried out those attacks in Dallas, he’s no more representative of African Americans than the shooter in Charleston was representative of white Americans.”

Oh, but that is where you are wrong Obama. The so-called ‘demented’ individual, Mr. Micah Xavier Johnson just could not have been ‘demented’ because after all, he was given a clean bill of both mental health and physical health by the U.S. military since he had been deemed fit enough to be deployed to the killing fields of Afghanistan or was he simply over there protecting the poppy plants that when harvested will be given a free flight straight to the United States and into the mouths and arms of the opioid drug addicted Americans, especially ‘white’ AmeriKKKans?

All of a sudden, this man who had served in the U.S. military is now ‘demented’ when he was, apparently, not demented enough to be rejected from serving in the military. The article goes on to state that Micah Xavier Johnson killed fellow veterans seeing as how four of the five KKKops who got wacked had served in the military. Wow! And they came straight from warzones with the killing fever and immediately joined the police force which enabled them to continue to gun down people even though they can do that in their spare time since they obviously have access to weapons by virtue of their military clearance since they’ve been cleared of having mental disorders that would deem them too ‘demented’ to purchase weapons. So, what Obama said does not even make any sense. Who is writing his speeches for him? Fire him!

But the good part is that according to Obama, Micah Xavier Johnson does not represent African-Americans. He has that part right because Micah Xavier Johnson was not an African-American, he was an American citizen. He was not born in Africa and immigrated to America and acquired American citizenship after having taken some citizenship test,  he was born in AmeriKKKa! Micah Xavier Johnson is representative of descendants of slaves who are fed the fuck up with seeing their numbers declining daily simply because their ancestors were dragged over here and they are the result of slavery. Oh, yes! Many of us are just as fed up as Micah Xavier Johnson was, now you think on that Obama!

And as for Dylann Storm Roof, that piece of white shit that murdered those nine Black people while they were holding Bible study in a church in Charleston, SC on June 17, 2015, he is most definitely representative of his group, the Ku Klux Klan, The Aryan Brotherhood and other skinhead groups that are endemic to this shithole. This shithole was founded by so-called ‘white supremacists’ who deemed any other group to be inferior and therefore, incapable of displaying human qualities and who were then relegated to three-fifths human status and were enslaved or rounded up and placed on reservations. And the very same continues to this very day. How does it not? Black people are enslaved in for-profit prisons by the millions and if they do not make it inside the actual prison, they are shot dead before they can be handcuffed and escorted there. And where are the Indians? Why, they are for the most part, still living in abject poverty on reservations all across this shithole and no one even mentions their plight. So, tell me, what the fuck has changed in over 400 years? I’ll tell you. Not a goddamn thing.

But coonhead Obama wants to get up there and declare who is not representative of what when he is not even representative of Black people in this shithole. He has never once stood up and did a goddamn thing about a goddamn thing that pertains to racism, police brutality, discrimination, bigotry, unfair housing practices, the school-to-prison pipeline, mass homelessness, poverty, wage stagnation, the high unemployment rate of Black men and income inequality, but he wants to mouth off about what is and is not representative of what the fuck?

And oh yes, I did mention ‘choir boys’ did I not? Indeed I did. The article also states that one of the wacked officers routinely gave out department stickers to children at his church. Again, WOW! That was just so thoughtful and considerate of him. Now, after signing up to shoot people and rob them of their money, erroneously, because that is what is happening when KKKops pull people over for bullshit reasons and cite them for a seatbelt violation which means that they must pay a fine, they are not looking out for the welfare of the driver, they are merely looking out for their own wallets because you have no idea how much money the corrupt criminal justice system makes off fining people for victimless ‘crimes’ and minor traffic offenses, this ‘choir boy can be found handing out department stickers to the little children in his church. How nice.

The criminal justice system is a multi-billion dollar business and I suppose no one has wondered why we never hear KKKops talk about a KKKops lousy ass salary anymore. Oh, they don’t need a salary; that ‘job’ comes with too many other perks and benefits like taking guns from suspects and selling them on the Black market or how about absconding with drug money from busting drug dealers. Do you honestly think that all the drug money that police take from drug deals they interrupt ever gets placed on a shelf in the evidence room? Ha! You dumb ass sucker, you! The corruption that is the very essence of what IS the criminal justice system of today, puts the mafia to the blush…AND…out-of-business.

Here in Menacesnowta alone, a gang-task force was assembled to handle the gang situation here and turns out, the gang-task force was more corrupt than the gangs it was assigned to disperse and the gang-task force had to be shut down and the public actually recovered damages. Yes indeed, our dear choir boys in blue who hand out department stickers to children in church are the salt of the earth, doncha know. No, you don’t know because they are not! So, for those of you who sincerely believe that KKKops are choir boys who do their duty of ‘protect and serve’ and then hand out department stickers to little children in church, one of these days, you will be in for a rude awakening because these choir boys are going to show you their true colors; the color of racism, corruption, murder and greed and guess what? They are indeed, representative of ‘white’ AmeriKKKa, and that means, YOU, the lovers of these choir boys; the Ku Klux Klan, The Aryan Brotherhood and all your brothers that make up skinhead hate groups all across this shithole called, AmeriKKKa who after coming back from the killing fields in the Middle East, take that same mindset onto the streets of every shitty city in this shithole! Now, suck on that!

12 thoughts on “Choir Boys Were Killed In Dallas By A Demented Ex-Soldier……

  1. Very well put Shelby! If these idiots want to play soldier in the killing fields of AmeriKKKa, then they too much accept collateral damages and death. Surprise surprise, war is a two way street, they could actually get hurt too dontcha know. Being a KKKop these days ain’t even that dangerous, fewer cop deaths than a couple of decades ago due to their shoot first ask questions later policy. Kkkops stopped doing real police work a long time ago, it was always a racket since the turn of the century, but now they’re just rabid beast killing machines. Shelby this is just the beginning of the second revolution!


    1. 1EarthUnited, your comment is spot on! The sad and fucked up part is that the U.S. government is complicit in the deaths of so many people, both on foreign shores and on this one. And the shits in the government are never held accountable for what they put into play. They drone on and on about patriotism and what a patriotic thing it is for young, healthy people to sign on the dotted line and be taught to kill and have no empathy for human life and then when their tour of duty is at an end in foreign lands, why, send them straight into a police department knowing full well that the same mindset of war, follows them wherever they go and then we have the nerve to wonder why so many ex-military whores are going the fuck off. I don’t wonder over it, not at all!

      Here, we have ex-military killing ex-military and one is perceived as bad for doing what the others are doing on a daily basis, killing unarmed innocent Black people. It is somehow always perceived to be worse when a Black man does what white men do without even blinking, every single day. Killing is killing and it shouldn’t matter who is doing the killing, they’re all wrong. The U.S. government has turned this shithole into a warzone complete with military equipment from Iraq and Afghanistan AND ex-soldiers who were trained to kill. This is partly why we are facing this shit storm of shit that we see going down, daily. And you are right, the party is over. Let the war games begin, in earnest.

      I thank you for your comment, 1EarthUnited.


  2. One of the most interesting facts I learned from David Swanson’s book War is a Lie is that during WWII, most GIs deliberately aimed high when they used their weapons – owing to their unwillingness to kill people.

    The Pentagon rectified this in subsequent wars by modifying basic training to ensure they deliberately traumatized recruits (continually yelling and swearing at them and hitting them). Trauma apparently is a secret ingredient you add to military training to make sure GIs shoot to kill.

    So you’re absolutely right – this “killing fever” is deliberately instilled in our troops – and it definitely doesn’t go away when they’re discharged.


    1. Thank you for corroborating my point Dr. Bramhall, in that the ‘killing fever’ is most definitely instilled in them and it is most definitely not like working at the post office, finishing a shift and leaving work at work. These ex-soldiers take that mindset into every aspect of their lives. And those who know that they are likely to snap at any moment when they return from the killing fields and would more than likely end up killing a family member, why, they are the ones who commit suicide. Their own mind becomes a battlefield especially since they have been trained to look at everyone as the enemy. So many more servicemen would take out their families if not for the fact that they kill themselves instead. This fucked up government is responsible for much of that. And yet, people will still sign on the dotted line even after knowing that the troops are thought of as ‘dumb animals, so said former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, that dirty piece of vile ass shit!

      And Obama continues to spout useless rhetoric about taking care of the troops when many are not even receiving basic care, much less comprehensive medical care from the VA. You, I am sure, read my post about the VA suicide hotline situation. That mess is deplorable.

      Speaking for myself, I would never have signed up in the first damn place, but if someone is spitting and shouting in my face and poking and prodding me in basic training, I would find myself dishonorably discharged in a New York nanosecond. No one is taking my humanity away from me. No one!

      Again, I thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall!


  3. Good point about the alleged shooter being black or Negro, not “African-American”, that stupid name Jesse Jackson supposedly came up with by himself in the 1980s. Also, “Negro” was wiped out of federal law earlier this year.

    Their president compared him to Dylan Roof. He is playing that dumb game where blacks can be as racist as white. He is saying that Johnson-IF he did what they say he did- is the equivalent of the KKK and Roof. That is completely inaccurate.

    Demented is very coded language. It is like saying “rabid dog”. He would never call a white person that, no matter what they did. He would definitely not call a white cop, no matter how bad the thing was they did. Those blacks who support Obama need to pay attention.


    1. Well, I can speak for no one else, but I am certainly paying attention and what Obama says does not escape my notice. That son-of-a-bitch is not representative of Black people. And in my opinion, it is a bald-faced lie to state that he is the first Black president. They will, of course, laud him as that, but I will never call that coonhead sell-out, the first Black president.

      And I don’t blame you for saying ‘IF’ he did it because to me, that was just a bit too convenient, that Dallas shooting right after nationwide sympathy was being expressed over the brutal slayings by KKKops of two more Black men and one even had a conceal and carry permit AND had no criminal record. You see, that right there even got the NRA up in arms because I read a story earlier about how there is now division within the ranks of the NRA because several members are calling for the NRA to stand with Philando Castile since he was a law-abiding citizen who had a permit to carry a concealed weapon and that the NRA came out; quick, fast and in a goddamn hurry over that gay nightclub shooting in Orlando, FL since dude had a legal right to carry firearms. But no word from the officialdom of the NRA. Back a Black man? Ha! That just don’t set well with them. It doesn’t fit in with their agenda.

      If anyone is demented, code word for ;’rabid dog’, in my book, it would be that coonhead Obama because how he can keep the Nobel Peace Prize when he is a stomp down warmonger, beats the hell out of me. Anyone with an ounce of compassion, heart, empathy and who was not mental, would have long since returned that to the Nobel committee citing hypocrisy as the reason they could not keep it. As many war crimes as Obama has committed and yet, I am pretty sure he sleeps soundly at night. That in my book is a sign of being demented; the heartless, bloodless bastard!

      And a Black person cannot be racist because we don’t control a goddamn thing that we could deny whites and everyone knows this. Only a piece of dirty filth that controls every aspect of our lives can be racist and that is THE very definition of whites. Black people cannot fit that description, so Obama can take that shit and shove it back up his filthy asshole that’s fucking wide open because he bends over for the white man and lets him fuck him in his asshole, day in and day out! Bi-sexual motherfucker, that’s what he is! And I would tell him to his fucking face!

      N.S., I thank you for your comment.


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