Police Retaliate, Arrest Man Who Posted Video of Cops Killing Alton Sterling — the Next Day

Still think we don’t live in a police state? Read this and it will disabuse you of that notion.

Psychopaths are running the asylum from the very top on down and there are no amount of anti-psychotics that could cure these assholes!

And if you have the nerve to also wonder why Barack Obama does nothing about any of this, it is because he is also a psychopathic war criminal with a string of felonies that he has committed and should be behind bars for the rest of his life, along with members of congress, the Supreme Court justices, all other judges, lawyers and every asshole affiliated with the criminal justice system. They ALL need to go!

Tales from the Conspiratum

Scumbag police tactics that will merely enrage the public at large. Why can’t these cave dwellers be fired? I mean from the top brass and all the way down. Most coppers today should not even be in law enforcement. Self-entitled psychopathic doofuses with badges, that’s what they are.

After he filmed cops kill Alton Sterling, this man predicted that police were going to trump up charges against him — he was right.

Source: Police Retaliate, Arrest Man Who Posted Video of Cops Killing Alton Sterling — the Next Day


July 11, 2016


In what appears to be an act of retaliation, the man who helped make viral video footage of the shooting death by police of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge was arrested just 24 hours later for what appear to be fabricated charges.

Sterling’s killing by police — and a second fatal shooting less than…

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4 thoughts on “Police Retaliate, Arrest Man Who Posted Video of Cops Killing Alton Sterling — the Next Day

  1. Precisely!! It’s gonna be a long hot summer, tempers rising with the temperature. If the KKKops don’t stand down, then it’s up to the ppl to rise up… the 2nd AmeriKKKlan revolution is underway. Yeee-Hawww mf’kers!


    • 1EarthUnited, it is hot as Hades out there and here I sit contributing to global warming otherwise known as ‘climate change’ but there’s no help for it. Unfortunately, I am the electric company’s best customer come summertime. In the winter, not so much ’cause I like it cold.

      But yes indeed, with the hot weather causing already overheated tempers to flare up, the racist asshole cops are insisting upon stirring the pot even more into a boiling cauldron and if they are not careful, they just might get more of what went down in Dallas. People are fed the fuck up with their shit and like the saying, “Take this job and shove it!” Folks are saying, “Let’s take this KKKop and shove a protest sign up his ass along with some bullets!” And I also read that some members of the NRA are calling for the NRA to denounce what was done to Philando Castile because he was a law-abiding citizen with a conceal and carry permit and that what happened to him should not have happened.

      Yeah, we are going to see some shit pop off this year AND with the coming republican and democratic conventions later this month, that is going to be interesting as well and I believe that this pot is going to boil over even when the elections get here because now that Bernie Sanders did exactly what I knew he would do, and that was to endorse Killar E. ‘warwhore’ Clinton, well now, just what is his base going to do now that their candidate has thrown his lot in with that jockstrap wearing war criminal? Interesting times, these are, to be sure!

      I thank you for your comment, 1EarthUnited.


  2. Not surprised at all. Regardless of my familiarity with the place, this kind of stuff has happened all over the country when someone filmed the police. Many states now forbid people from filming their or someone else’s interactions with the cops.


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