Revolution! Revolution! Revolution!


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It would seem that TPTB want to see some sort of re-action from ‘We The People’. Will it be peaceful or will it be violent? I do believe, THEY have decided the course that the next revolution will take. And this is just a little poem to get you in the mood.

The Revolution IS Coming!

How can I be content if my brother is in pain?
I would not turn my back if I saw my sister slain.

The world has had enough and the rich should lose their head.
Those who try and stop us will lie among the dead.

Peaceful, we have tried and it only got us where?
Poor, homeless or dead, they don’t really care.

No corner of the globe should hide these thieves and liars.
Light a billion torches, fry their spying wires.

Rest is for the dead and we have no time to waste.
They must know real fear, they must have a taste.

They have played their hand and took our rights away.
Do you think we’ll get them back if only we will pray?

Stand strong and hold your ground for they cannot kill us all.
Tear down the corporate sign and breach the outer wall.

Progress must be made in one form or another.
The protests, they have squashed and dissent, they try and smother.

Hate has been their tool and we must overcome.
They treat us just like dirt and they tell us we are scum.

You should not run, you should not hide for the stakes are just too high.
And when they come for you, will you fight or will you die?

Written, by
Shelby I. Courtland
© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

There comes a time in everyones life when they must make a choice. We have been headed in this direction for some time. Those who initiated this hellish nightmare that is going down have been preparing for this while we were distracted. And now that what is in store for us can no longer be denied, you have a choice to make. You can either go out obediently and quietly or you can make a noise before you go out. Which is it going to be? They are hoping that we will continue to acquiesce to getting our asses handed to us. They are thinking that we have, for too long, been lulled into apathy and complacency and in addition to this, they have been destroying us little by little and weakening our bodies by filling us with poisonous toxins. This was intentional. For those of you who can remember a few decades back, you can remember a time when obesity was not as prevalent as it is today. And we did not need Facebook or Twitter to help us remember what we saw with our very own eyes because back in my day, people actually talked face-to-face with one another. There were no smartphones, nor was there Skype and the like. And I for one, can remember when food tasted good and was good for you, not like this garbage that we spend much more on than we used to and quality is non-existent.

As long as we are alive, we can change things. The obstacles may seem insurmountable but the alternative is not to be endured. If we don’t take a stand, we never will. Anything that comes too easily is not worth having and when you have given something your all and you see the results, you appreciate it more. Just something to think about as you look around and wonder what in the hell happened? This is not how we are supposed to live. Too many people are hooked on drugs to escape the pain of reality and this just should not be. Too many people are imprisoned today and this was not always the case. But you must understand that psychopathic monsters have been in control of us for far too long and it is time to show them that we will not continue to aid in our demise. We will resist. That is why those worms militarized AmeriKKKa and terrorized the rest of the world into submission. They expect the status quo to remain; they expect to continue their reign of terror, brutality, destruction and death.

Those of you who have family members in police departments all across AmeriKKKa, you should be telling your daddy or your spouse or your brother, cousin, uncle, aunt or sister, if they are a cop, that you will be facing them the next time another cop kills an innocent man, woman or child. You should tell them that just because they lost their humanity, it does not mean that you have lost yours. And for those of you who have loved ones in the military, ask them if they would appreciate some general commanding them to send a drone to kill you. Ask them if they were so ordered, would they murder you for standing up to tyranny, racism, brutality and war crimes. You may not want to hear the answer, but you should know all the same, if you don’t already.

We could all play a part to ensure a better future for us all. Most of us have children and we want our children to have a future. They will not if we continue to remain hypnotized by those who would continue to control us if we allow them to. Look into the face of your child. Go outside and watch the children playing together. We used to do that. We were not always looking at skin color. I know I didn’t. When I was a child, I did not play with someone based solely on their skin color, I played with them because they were human, just like me. Just like us all! Why did we, collectively, move away from each other; physically, spiritually and emotionally? If you can answer that question, honestly, then that is a start!

9 thoughts on “Revolution! Revolution! Revolution!

  1. I swear you’re like a female Malcolm X. That poem was on point and on fire 🔥. For the past day or so we have been inundated with these images of white officers and black people holding hands and praying like seriously? It’s absolutely sickening to watch. These dumb kneegrows clearly haven’t learned from Dylan Roof’s actions that you can’t trust these devils…. Yeah go on and hold hands and pray to your white Jeezus and sing Kum Ba Ya and when you’re done, don’t be surprised if you wake up with bullet holes Ya cuckoo ya sauve

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Nidotopianwarrior, I am definitely pissing some folks off. I have been getting comments that are so vile, I cannot even post them here. I have never, since the 3 years and 5 months that I have been blogging, ever received the type of comments that I am receiving now. That just shows me that I am getting underneath the skin of some racist shits that are squirming because they now, see the writing on the wall. Their turn is coming and it is only a matter of time. Some of the motherfuckers even claim to be Black, cussing me out eight ways to Sunday.

      The haters are all up in DA house! Damn! I am most definitely doing something right because when I got white folks pretending to be Black coming up in here and cussing me the fuck out, that’s a pissed off motherfucker.

      So yeah, motherfuckers! Cuss me the fuck out, I don’t give a good goddamn but you will continue to not appreciate what the fuck you come up in here and read! So, fucking read it assholes and then go fuck yourself because I could care less about your no account comments! Your potty mouth does not disturb me ’cause I got one! Fucking deal with this shit, motherfuckers!!

      Sorry about the above paragraph, Nidotopianwarrior, but I just wanted the pissed off motherfuckers to know that I love the fact that I am getting underneath their thin ass skin! I’m loving it!!

      Thank you for your comment Nidotopianwarrior! It is war! Ain’t no goddamn peace!


      1. Shelby, the way i see it, u’r just calling a spade a goddamn spade. Haters hate accepting the truth that’s plainly in their face. There’s definitely deep seated prejudice embedded- so deep beneath that collective unconscious, most ppl would have to deny or easier yet, curse you for bringing it all up to the surface. Majority of white ppl can’t handle that unmitigated truth about racism which manifests in their reality, so they turn a blind eye to it, otherwise we would all have to take responsibility for each other and stop this madness. Like you said, token gestures like solidarity marches ain’t cutting it, we actually have to fight oppression, not just talk about it.


      2. You are right, token gestures are not cutting it. The majority of the police force in AmeriKKKa is white and yet, I am pretty sure that many of the whites who attend a protest rally over the police killing another innocent Black person, know a KKKop, know his/her family, more than likely had dinner with them and yet, will think that they have done something to offset what they know is wrong by merely attending a protest rally. Have they ever confronted the racist KKKop? Of course not because when he/she is ranting about ‘niggers’ this and ‘niggers’ that, they just sit and listen and never say a word against it. Why? Because the one who is saying it looks like them and so they must stick together against us no matter how wrong the shit is. They cannot confront the part that they play in all of this and so they push it to the side; tell themselves that since they’ve not actually shot and killed an unarmed innocent Black person then that absolves them of any responsibility for what another white person does, no matter how wrong it is. If I sat by and heard someone say that they had every intention of fucking someone up based solely on their skin color, I would speak up and if I did not, then I would be complicit if they did so. And for me to then, only attend a protest and not turn them in, would make me just as guilty as them.

        And you are right again because we have been living in a nightmare state of oppression and it is just getting worse. How any white person cannot see what is going on is beyond me and they cannot have a heart.

        1EarthUnited, I thank you for your comment.


  2. WOW! So, the Egyptians basically told Washington lawmakers to “Go fuck themselves!” About time somebody did. Those assholes in Washington cannot point the finger at any other country and wag it, stating that they are abusing their citizens when this fucked up country is engaged in that very same thing. A classic case of the ‘pot calling the kettle, black’!

    Thanks for posting that link Futuramaage! Much appreciated!


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