“Jesus! A Minute Of Your Time!”

jesus pic

Some nights, when I cannot fall asleep,
I do not ask the Lord my soul to keep.
Once I believed, but I do not believe anymore.
He never heals the sick or feeds the poor.

His ‘holy’ men just take the tithes from fools,
who by rights should get a refund from their schools,
for believing in a fairytale of such bull,
and pretending that an empty cup is full.

If I once believed in God, that ship has sailed,
nor can I pray to a man they say was nailed.
For if they did exist, why have they ignored the cries
of all the ‘holy men’ who spout tall tales and lies?

Their brainwashed flock, they will believe,
those who get paid to lie, con and deceive.
And who promise that the sick will all be healed
and that Blacks will not be jailed or shot and killed.

Next Sunday, look at the picture on the wall.
Kneel before it and in a deep, southern drawl,
say, “Jesus, a minute of your time!”
“Why is Black skin at the scene of every crime?”
“What wrong did we ever do to you,
“that would make you hate us for it too?”
 “I listen to your word, oh Lord on high!”
 “So once again, I have to ask you why?”
 “If you exist, and there really is no sign,
at how much evil, will you finally draw the line?”

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

11 thoughts on ““Jesus! A Minute Of Your Time!”

    1. I think I have made myself crystal clear here that I don’t believe in “Jesus” as well, for how could I? But then, I don’t believe in ANY religion because how much horrifying shit, how much suffering has to occur before some “GOD” gets up off his/her ass and gets to setting this shit to rights?! If some sort of ‘creator’ created all of us and is now sitting back just a watching all this shit play out; what with innocent people getting murdered all over the place because some think that they were born with a criminal skin color, then why hasn’t his/her divine presence stepped in and put a stop to this shit?! Because there is no divine presence, there is no GOD on high.

      People are stepping into these palaces of worship, for not a goddamn reason because the only thing they are listening to is to a bunch of snake oil salesmen who are fleecing the sheep, eight ways to Sunday and again on Wednesday night and Friday too. Money, money, money, money is what it’s all about. I hear tell that a preacher in Georgia asked his congregation to buy him a $65 million dollar jet. What the hell for? Why didn’t he ask GOD to just magically make a jet appear. I mean, preachers claim to get their sermons from GOD. Their sermons, they say, is straight from GOD’s mouth to their ears. So, pastor dude should have just used his ability to telepathically communicate with GOD to get GOD to understand that, like R. Kelly, he believes he SHOULD fly…like in a new jet! And hell! It should be a case of “Voilà!”
      There sits a jet! The only thing his congregation should be asked to do is to sit up and listen to his fairytales and his lies because that is all they are doing. And, quite frankly, the fairytale is not a very good one and so, they most definitely should not have to pay to listen to it. I know, I wouldn’t, but that’s me. I can preach to my damn self, for free!

      Anybody else wanna listen to me preach? Let me know and I will put a paypal button on this here blog faster than you can blink twice and fucking get paid by the gullible, the brainwashed and the stupid. The saying, “a fool and his money are soon parted,” should make me an extremely rich lady. Also, it helps that there is another saying, “a fool is born every second.” So, fools let me know, do ya wanna hear me preach? If you do, it is gonna cost ya!

      GEEZUS don’t do shit for free! When was the last time you saw GEEZUS feed the masses? ‘Fishes and loaves’, anyone?

      What I am trying to say here, nidotopianwarrior, is that every single damn time some horrific shit goes down, everybody suggests that we PRAY and I just wanna know, “What the hell for? And TO what?” Because with that amount of praying going on, some results should have been seen by now, doncha think? Hell, yeah!

      Nidotopianwarrior, for all the good it’s doing the brainwashed and the gullible, they may as well, pray to a pig. They will get the same results. I thank you for your comment.


  1. I saw this video and I had you in mind.

    Our people need to stop worshipping Jesus/Yeshua/Yashua/Yahawashii or whatever name they
    come up with for him, black or white. He is not our God.

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    1. “AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA……AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAH!” I fell out of my goddamn chair and onto the fucking floor and howled until the tears flowed down my cheeks and I mean down my ass cheeks; that is how many tears flowed….AND…..I still can’t stop laughing!! ‘Bru’man’ got a FAN for life!!! I gots ta look at THAT again!!!

      And you ain’t gonna believe this, but I am attempting to cook and since I burn everything the fuck up, including broccoli, when dude’s smoke alarm went off on the video, I got up off the floor and went into the kitchen to see if my broccoli was burning the fuck up and, fucking guess what? It was dude’s smoke alarm and for once, not mine going the fuck off! “AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

      I fucking swear, I gots tuh thank you heartily for posting that video! I am busting out with laughter! I am going to have to re-read this and then read it again for errors because I am posting this comment through a veil of tears!!

      Dude say, “This fag ain’t the king!” He sho nuff right!! Dude say, “burning one pic of that fake-assed prophet won’t enough, he had to burn another which set off his smoke alarm, goddamn it!” I think I’m FINALLY in love!!!!! “AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

      N.S. that fake ass shit that Black folks have taken up and run with is beyond the end of enough. We dutifully take everything the white man says and we run with it straight over the goddamn cliff. How in the hell is some shit that’s filling my ass full of bullets gonna turn around and show me how to make it to the rapture WITH his ass? That don’t even make any goddamn sense! The ‘white’ man don’t even want my Black ass to LIVE, much less LIVE beside him on this godforsaken planet, so why the fuck am I then supposed to believe that we is gonna live somewhere, side by side in some BIG ass mansions in the sky after we die??!!!! Again! I just cannot make this shit up! But you know what, Black folks done seen that ‘white’ folks are getting rich off the gullible, the brainwashed and the ignorant and they have said, “Goddamn! I could make a killing off these trusting ass fools! The church doors are open to one and all…..who got the money to pay me to get you folks through the pearly gates and into the loving arms of your SAVIOR GEEZUS CHRIST! Hot damn! Look at the money, pouring in! Hell! I need a new jet! Gullible!, your reverend needs a new jet! Get ta hopping and make it so!” And guess what, they do? They hungry and some mo shit, but the reverend is gonna get his new $65 million dollar jet even if they have to sit up in church, butt ass naked!

      Fuck it! I’m opening up a church! Paypal, here I come!!! Y’all, when I preach, I’ma give it to ya GOOD!”

      N.S. LOL!!! Thank you so goddamn much for posting that video and for your comment. You have made MY year!!!! Love ya man!!!!


      1. Love you, too. Put on your white choir robes and start singing. Jesus/Yahawshii won’t throw you into eternal hellfire.

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  2. The whole Jesus myth is totally contradictory. Take this image you have used, for example. Two thousands years ago, a Middle Eastern man of Jesus’s ethnic background would have had very dark skin, as would all of his disciples.

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    1. Now Dr. Bramhall, with all due respect, Jesus IS ‘WHITE’! Why, he is like that in every single picture that I have ever seen inside every church that I have ever stepped foot in. Not to mention that since I was a Sunday School teacher, every single piece of Christian literature, depicted Jesus as being of the Caucasian persuasion and now you want to go against what I was taught in Sunday school and once I became of age, what I taught in Sunday School, right up until the moment came when realization struck that I was no longer under the spell of fake-assed religion. GEEZUS, was the lone ‘white’ man from the Middle East and that is the truth as told to us all sitting up in church. GEEZUS invented the parasol to keep his complexion, pink-assed and that is why he was followed around and worshipped because he was the only pink-assed motherfucker walking around in the Middle East, just a healing the sick and feeding the hungry and suffering the little children to come unto him and forbid them not for theirs is the kingdom of GAWD! Now, that right there proves that this particular Caucasian with the pink skin from the Middle East was indeed, ‘THE SAVIOR!” Don’t start making sense and confusing the Christians, you hear? LOL!

      But seriously, I hear you Dr. Bramhall. And you know that I have made no bones about the fact that I think that bull about what Jesus looks like is utterly beyond ridiculous and yet, that picture IS the very one that is on every wall in ever church in AmeriKKKa, even so-called Black churches. Don’t that beat all? Yes, indeed, it does. And there, the brainwashed and the stupid, sit, in church!

      Thank you Dr. Bramhall!


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