“There She Is, Miss Alabama, Now Fire Her!”

former Miss Alabama



And another Black woman’s career bites the dust because she had the audacity to state that the so-called ‘Dallas Sniper’, Micah Xavier Johnson, was a ‘martyr’.

Former Miss Alabama Suspended From TV Gig for Calling Dallas Sniper a ‘Martyr’

“I’m dealing with a bit of guilt, because I don’t feel sad for the officers that lost their lives — and I know that that’s really not my heart,” James began. “I value human life and I want to feel sad for them, but I can’t help but feeling like the shooter was a martyr — and I know it’s not the right way to feel because nobody deserves to lose their lives, and I know that those police officers had families and people who loved them.”

“I’m so torn up in my heart about seeing these … black men being gunned down in my community that I can’t help but feel like I wasn’t surprised what the shooter did to those cops,” she added. “And I think a lot of us feel the same way.”

I feel the same way! So, boss, can I have my pink slip now? Oh damn! That’s right! I am the boss and so I would have to fire myself! Oops! I guess I can get away with speaking MY own mind. Sorry Ms. Alabama! Next time, work two jobs like I did, save your money, secretly record your bosses, make extra tapes and then send them to corporate headquarters, stating that several tapes have also gone out to different independent news agencies. You will  then be your own boss in no time flat! I guarantee it!

Black folks, are you taking note? Miss Alabama was fired because she can identify with those who look like her getting themselves murdered by racist KKKops and not appreciating it. What she can also appreciate is the fact that she cannot bring herself to go into a decline because it has been alleged that a Black man went the fuck off in Dallas, TX for the very same reasons that upset Ms. Alabama, only he is alleged to have taken his rage a step further and wacked a few KKKops in retaliation for KKKops murdering innocent Black men like Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

So, don’t you dare go to work tomorrow and show your ‘solidarity’ with those who look like you and who were gunned down in what amounts to ‘cold blood’ since that has been defined as, ‘innocent’. You best confess that you are highly likely to become prostrate with grief and then get to moaning and some mo shit and claim that it is just so terribly, terribly frustrating to you that those nice, kind and considerate KKKops who murdered Alton Sterling and Philando Castile are receiving only negativity from the Black community. You cannot understand why Black people would be upset over KKKop killings of other Black people. You should then tell your boss that you need some time off so that you can have some t-shirts printed that read, “KKKop, Shoot Me Now And Get It Over With, I Don’t Deserve To Live!” This should go on the front and on the back, a shriveled, limp, pink dick with a caption underneath it saying, “My Death Makes KKKops Cum!”

Ms. Alabama, in the above picture, is understandably broken up, just as millions of Black people in AmeriKKKa, are broken up over the continued senseless murder of us at the hands of racist KKKops. And with the history of this shithole being what it is, we have more than enough of a right to state how we feel. But you see, if we don’t feel what ‘white’ folks think we should feel, then we cannot express those feelings without retaliation. And since most of us work for them, live in their apartment buildings and must interact with them on a daily basis, why, we must forever remain silent with regards to our true feelings and, instead, opt to be ‘politically correct’ and in this case, political correctness dictates that we shed copious tears for those KKKops that got wacked in Dallas, TX while remaining stony-faced over the police killings of those who look like us. Since when did we as Black people obtain the freedom to ‘feel’? We are not ‘human’, don’t you know? What ‘white’ person gave us the right to express our true feelings? We are still on the plantation and we had better recognize that we never got off it. Your chain length is but so long and if you by some chance, break that chain and go further than they intend that you should go, well now, they have the means to fuck your day up, AND how! So, don’t get any fancy ideas that you’ve got freedom and rights because the only freedom you’ve got is the freedom to head straight inside a ‘for-profit’ prison, other than that, dead, is your means to freedom. Aren’t we the lucky ones?

17 thoughts on ““There She Is, Miss Alabama, Now Fire Her!”

    • Well, we are about to become ‘nationally’ unhinged because this is war! Ain’t no goddamn peace! People are even now stating that Black people should remain calm. That right there, is the goddamn problem because we have been calm for hundreds of damn years in this shithole and those that have been filling our asses with lead, never ceased with that shit. People, quite actually, think that this is all just some new shit! They pretend that they don’t understand the reason why they are seeing videotape after videotape of Black men getting themselves choked to death, gunned down in broad daylight, children getting gunned down in parks, Black women getting mysteriously hanged in a Texas jail, a Black man getting his spine severed because he ran from the KKKops, a man getting shot at point blank range for selling CDs, a man sitting in his vehicle, obeying the instructions from the KKKops to produce his ID and he gets shot for that, but we are supposed to ignore all of that and just not have a problem with any of it.

      And then that piece of shit half and half sitting his wide open asshole in the White House, built by slaves, has the goddamn gall to call the alleged shooter, demented, when he has not used such a word to describe what those pink-assed motherfuckers in uniform have been doing to us for hundreds of years. The slave patrols have always been on our ass. They just exchanged the lynching tree for bullets.

      And hell no! I’ll not shed a goddamn tear for those wacked assholes down in Texas, not a fucking bit of it. I’ll save all my tears for all the Black folks that are going to find themselves murdered at the hands of these psychopathic, diseased and filthy animals that call themselves, KKKops!

      I thank you for your comment Nidotopianwarrior!


  1. It’s the gov’t way of shutting ppl up, force employers to be all PC and fire employees that have a conscience and disagree with the establishment. You know shits bad in this hellhole when Haiti issues a travel advisory to its citizens — avoid the US! KKKops don’t discriminate where u’r from, as long as u fit the profile….
    Not surprisingly, yet another black man murdered execution style, this time by the Houston popo- just this past Saturday on the 9th.


    KKKops initially tried to cover it up by saying he had a gun and was shooting at them, but nahhh,
    video captured by a nearby gas station proves otherwise. Coppers are dumb as f*ck, they really need to come up with new excuses, cause the old ones don’t cut it anymore.


    • Exactly 1EarthUnited! Because if Ms. Alabama had been sitting all up in the employee lounge, just a sobbing and some mo shit and claiming that she was just prostrate with grief over those KKKops that got wacked in Dallas, TX, well now…she would still have her job because she would have been playing the ‘political correctness’ game which we all are expected to play. I don’t play games, political correctness’ or otherwise.

      Goddamn! Even Haiti has issued a travel advisory? Again! Goddamn! So, it’s come to that, has it? Indeed, it has. No one from any Black country or nation had better come over here and that is also done by design because this shithole wants the world to know exactly what its intent is for us, the intent is for us to go the route of the Indians. They tried breaking our ancestors with slavery. They tried breaking their progeny with Jim Crow, slave patrols, hate group intimidation, medical experimentations, diseases aimed at eradicating us, forced sterilization, abortion and now mixing of the races in an attempt to erase our blood out of existence when ours is the dominate one; always has been and always will be. And through it all, the continued attempts to genocide us with the new face of the ‘slave patrols’; KKKops murdering us with impunity.

      And since the power structure in this corrupt hell hole owns the goddamn media, well now, we get the bad press while the KKKops are lauded as heroes for doing what they were hired to do; kill us.

      Another one of us has been murdered and so it continues. Well, I have this to say!

      When You Get Tired!

      When you get tired of dying before your eighteenth birthday
      and when you’re tired of hearing that you’re worthless anyway,
      that protest sign, you will put down and the fire in your soul
      will burn through your body that is four hundred years old.

      When you get tired of police brutality and the injustice of gentrification,
      and when you get tired of the school-to-prison pipeline of no education,
      that protest sign, you will put down and the marching on tired feet
      will not be enough to quench the thirst for liberation and you won’t accept defeat.

      When you get tired of the National Guard getting called out to stop you
      and when they fire the shots at your tired, worn-out body, though that’s nothing new,
      that protest sign, you will put down and you must heed the words of Malcolm X.
      For no man can continue to surrender to ropes tightened around innocent necks.

      And when you get tired of mass incarceration because of the color of your skin
      and when the cops are on your ass from sun up to sun down, yet again,
      that protest sign, you will put down and you will listen to the anger in your heart.
      For no Black man, woman or child can resist the revolution and you must take part.

      And when the smoke has cleared and so many lie dead or wounded from the fight
      and when you think that what you did was all for nothing and that good is never right,
      that protest sign that you put down, shove it up the white man’s ass and turn around
      And torch everything in sight; every white man’s asset, burn it to the ground!

      Written by,

      Shelby I. Courtland

      ©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

      When you get tired, my Black brothers and sisters, you will realize that protest signs, marches and hands raised in the air is not enough. When you get tired of hearing that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., is to be revered for his non-violent stance of supplicating himself to his enemy and encouraged you to do likewise, you will then realize your only course of action and you will take it. The white man knows this and that is why he is hell-bent on incarcerating you off the streets; that is why he is hell-bent on donning that blue or brown uniform, once he sheds his white sheet, and commences to riddle you with hundreds of bullets. He knows what’s coming. You don’t. Not yet. But you will. Yes, that’s right. He already knows what his fate is and who is going to seal it, but you don’t. Not yet. But you will. And when you do, it is game over for him and he knows that!

      I don’t even call it violence when it’s in self defense; I call it intelligence. –

      Malcolm X

      Thank you for your comment 1EarthUnited!

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  2. Hey, Ms. Shelby!
    This lady didn’t say a damn thing 99% of Black people are feeling, but sadly we still live under racism/white supremacy and they ain’t gonna have a person with free thought spouting off and getting the rest all hyped.

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    • Well, HLJ, I am hyped and I am expressing it! So, they can just hand me my pink slip, already! They most certainly can! The only way they will silence me is by death and I can only die, once! And since we are already in hell, fuck it! I got nothing to lose! So, they can just take their racism and shove it up their wide open gay asshole that’s wide enough for a train to go through! My bad, a train did!

      And Ms. Alabama, has a right to her feelings. Hell! Coming from the state of Alabama would be enough to make me cry because I know what’s going down there, but then there is no state in this shithole that is ‘Black’ friendly. We ALL know that! And now the world is cautioning people to not even bother coming to this shithole if you have been permanently kissed by the sun and wasn’t burnt the fuck up in the process.

      But they ain’t rolled the carpet out for us and welcomed us to a ‘safe haven’ knowing full well, what we’re up against. Not one African nation or country has deplored our plight. Not one nation’s leader has stepped forward and condemned this shithole for what it is doing and none shall because missiles are aimed at every nation and country on this planet. And they don’t want a missile up their ass! They know what time it is.

      HLJ, we is on our own! But then, what’s new? Not a goddamn thing!

      I sincerely thank you for your comment.


      • It’s funny you should say that; I was just reading how no Afrikan country has sued for reparations for taking its people. But a lot of other countries have sued for their people. But Black people here aren’t Afrikan so yes. I’m hyped as well and quiet isn’t in my makeup. Ms. Shelby we are in so much trouble. I’ve listened to other younger Black people talk and they are really not even sure what’s going on. It’s heartbreaking that they’ve bought into this we are the world bullshit in the face of all that’s happening right now. I would absolutely die for my people, but I’m sure they wouldn’t die for me.

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      • And then I have the nerve to wonder why Black folks are the only group of people who will not, collectively, look out for one another. There should not be any wondering. I think that quite frankly, I owe N.S. an apology because I carried on something awful by defending African tribal leaders over their role in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. It would seem that they may not have been as blameless as I thought. And with the amount of corruption that goes on in many of the various governments in African countries, it is no wonder.

        HLJ, like you, I too despair of our younger brothers and sisters because when I am out and about, I too, hear so much ignorance coming out of their mouths, it is scary. It is going to take the elderly, the infirm, the blind, the crippled and the crazy to set this shit off because if we leave it to the clueless and the willfully stupid, the status quo will most definitely, continue.


  3. I am in Texas now. It was really something to see. Friday, right after the event in Dallas, even several hundred miles away from the city all the flags were down. Not only the flags on government buildings, but the fast food restaurants, car dealerships, etc. All along the highways it was the same. I heard from my friends that they shut down an interstate for an hour going through Dallas Saturday when one of the hearses went to a suburb. There has been nothing else on the local news, even several hours away from Dallas, except for that shooting. At this point I am 100% sure that they are going to name several buildings, maybe a school, park, museum or street after them.


    • I am not surprised nor would I be surprised at someone coming forth to try and get a national holiday in their name, “National Dedicated KKKops Got Wacked Day!” I wouldn’t put it past them, but they’ll not find me celebrating it. Not for a minute. I am just sorry that you had to put up with that because it looks as if even though a person was not exactly IN Dallas, TX, they were IN Dallas, TX, thanks in part to the news coverage that was all up IN Dallas, TX. This is exactly why I don’t own a TV and never shall. They are not going to force that shit down my throat. It’s bad enough I’ve got to look at it when I log on.

      And of course, it is good when THEY hold up traffic and block highways for funerals, but when people who are protesting what those vile creatures do to Black people and block a highway, oh that is just not the thing to do. Get the riot gear out, already! That’s what’s been going down here ever since Philando Castile was murdered by that Latino refried beans eating filth in blue!

      But N.S., I owe you an apology because it would seem that I was totally clueless and wrong for defending African tribal leaders over on that other post because the only thing other nations with Black people in them are doing is warning their dark-skinned citizens to be cautious when visiting AmeriKKKa by issuing travel advisories. But have they actually stood up and come forth and denounced the shit that’s going down on people who they know are descendants of people dragged from Africa? Hell no! Have they offered us a ‘safe haven’ to escape this brutality? Hell no! Like I was stating to HLJ, we is on our own, always have been and always will be.

      And so, I do most humbly apologize for tearing up at you something awful. I am thoroughly ashamed and quite obviously, not as smart as I think. I have much to learn, it would seem. And of course, the post will stay up because everyone will see that you obviously know what you’re talking about whereas I just cussed and carried on a lot about something I knew nothing about. So, I figure that the least I could do is apologize for being an asshole to you! I am sorry, N.S.!


      • I forgive you. A lot of influential people, including Jesse Jackson and Alex Haley(who plagiarized Roots), have spent a lot of time and energy trying to show we are in the same ethnic group as the Africans and telling us Africans would somehow magically save us and were always behind us. I myself only barely avoided falling for that, and only some outside events woke me up. There is also the relatively new name, African-American, but there is no African-Jamaican, African-Haitian, etc. I am sure some racists were the ones that came up with that idea to confuse us. We are definitely on our own.

        I don’t watch TV much either, but from all the attention the shootings got in the national news, I agree that even if you weren’t in Dallas, you were there. Of course, when white people kill cops, there is nowhere as near as much attention. In Houston over the weekend, one white man-the police had been called on him several times before- fired several shotgun rounds at a single policeman AND a SWAT team that came later on. He was arrested without being shot or blown up, and then had to be restrained in court while the judge was setting his bail. The racist national media had nothing to say about his attempts to kill members of the SWAT team and that lone policeman.

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      • Well, I thank you for being so magnanimous in accepting my apology.

        As for the white man that was arrested for shooting at a cop and at SWAT, of course, the media is not going to focus on that because that is not written in the script. They must continuously focus on how horrible it was for a Black man to get sick and goddamn tired of seeing people who look like him get murdered for no reason and the KKKops get away with it every single time over some bullshit!

        We will always be painted as the criminals by the media even when KKKops gun down an innocent Black man who doesn’t even have a record as in the case of Philando Castile.

        Every single time a KKKop kills a Black person, their arrest record gets pulled, immediately as if that right there gives the KKKops an excuse to murder them.

        I declare, we cannot keep taking this up the ass! Or we are going to go the route of the Indians.

        Thanks N.S.


    • And it is being used against us. Someone sent me an email stating that KKKops are arresting people for merely stating that they are not sorry that those KKKops in Dallas got wacked. The ACLU is hopping mad because that organization says that this goes entirely against the 1st Amendment right of free speech. KKKops are just arresting people, claiming they’ll figure out the charges later, so in fact, people are being held in jail cells in AmeriKKKa without being charged with a crime and without legal representation. Sound familiar? It should because that’s what was happening to so-called Middle Eastern terrorists. Some of them are still cooling their heels in secret prisons all across this planet. And now, it’s Black folks turn.

      Yeah! This is the year of OUR discontent. And THAT, is putting it mildly.

      Thanks Lou!

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