Retaliation, not Racism: Micah Johnson Attack on Armed White Agents of the USA

This article is right on point!

Amos Magazine


The U.S. media and politicians are calling Micah Johnson’s attack on the Dallas Police Department a racist attack in which is was not. The U.S. Government and White America are a racist group which currently rule and dominate the United States of America. White men took control of the United States through armed warfare against the indigenous people in a systematic program to eliminate them and push their remaining population to reserves. The current White male and White Hegemonic U.S. Government use police brutality and racial profiling as an instrument to maintain White dominance over African people.

Barack Obama, disgusting attack on the character and nature of actions of Micah Johnson were racist and incorrect. Micah Johnson did not: bomb a church with 4 little white girls praying to their God in a basement, he did not lynch a 13-year-old White boy for whistling at a Black female nor did he…

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2 thoughts on “Retaliation, not Racism: Micah Johnson Attack on Armed White Agents of the USA

    • And the sad part is, Dr. Bramhall, it was more than likely, all in vain. He sacrificed himself and now, what are we going to do? Continue to hold protest rallies, would be my guess.

      Thank you for your comment.


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