When The Tables Are Turned…

weapons of war

warzone in AmeriKKKa

I opened a book, thinking that
I would immerse myself
in literature and escape reality.
But that book is back on my shelf.

For one minute, I cannot clear
a mind that has been filled
with the sights and sounds
of retribution for those killed.

Should I offer up thanks
to the gods of an eye for an eye?
Or merely be grateful
that more racists have gone, bye-bye?

You, who pretend to be the keepers
of the flame for justice and law
are finding yourselves, judged
and punished, for you are not without flaw.

When the tables are turned
and you become the hunted,
suddenly, your fright is palpable
as your mortality is confronted.

Not liking what you see,
you cry, “Victim!”
But those you killed, cry out for vengeance
against an oppressive and racist system.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

Ex-U.S. Marine kills 3 policemen in racially tense Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE, La., July 17 A decorated ex-U.S. Marine sergeant opened fire on police in Baton Rouge on Sunday, killing three officers, nearly two weeks after the fatal police shooting of a black man there sparked nationwide protests, one of them shattered by the massacre of five Dallas policemen.

And in the alleged shooters own words, “It’s only fighting back or money. That’s all they care about,” he said to the camera. “Revenue and blood, revenue and blood, revenue and blood.”

Train a man to kill and that is exactly what he will do. And just as all KKKops are trained to kill as are all soldiers, they are now battling it out on the streets of AmeriKKKa. And since both have access to weapons, well now, batten down the hatches.

I do not think that the countries and nations that have advised their citizens to proceed to America with extreme caution are going to cease with their travel advisories any time soon.

And this time, we have a decorated ex-U.S. marine sergeant, decorated for what, I do not know as all the details are not in as of yet. But I am quite certain that the medals and commendations that he earned were not for cake decorating, eating the most hotdogs in a hotdog eating contest or for coming in first place in a Frisbee toss. Now, you can think that I am making fun of this all you want, but the truth is that this is no laughing matter because the summer of our discontent only just started on June 21st. We are not even at the half-way mark and with two Conventions to get through, this does not bode well for the rest of a summer that has been described as an extremely ‘hot’ one and not just thanks in part to climate change.

I am compelled to ask, “Are you enjoying your summer?” I am!

12 thoughts on “When The Tables Are Turned…

    1. I would bet every dime I have which probably only adds up to .60 but even so, I would bet it all that you are right! We know goodness goddamn well that this ex-Marine sergeant was not decorated for showing mercy to no personal enemy of his. The U.S. military only honors those who have committed untold atrocities because the military does not want someone who is afraid to shoot to kill. The military does not want someone who continuously displays even an ounce of compassion and empathy. Cut that shit out immediately as though it is a disease and then send that killer on his way to the killing fields of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and everywhere else. And leave no stone unturned. If you see a woman and her child, kill them too because they know where the ‘enemy’ is. That’s how they roll. And then people have the nerve to try and pretend that they did not see this coming? I don’t know who the are shitting, but they need to cut the bullshit and get with the program that we ain’t seen nothing yet.

      And I can’t wait for them to say that this ‘decorated ex-Marine was mentally ill because I am going to call them, flat out, a liar! A goddamn chronic, vicious and habitual liar because I am sick and goddamn tired of the shits that run this hell hole pretending that every ex-soldier is fucked up in the head that goes the fuck off. How can they be when they were given a clean bill of both mental health and physical health when they first signed up? If they were deemed fit enough, both mentally and physically to join the goddamn military, then by god, they need to own up to what they set in motion. Those in uniform are coming back from endless deployments with the killing fever that cannot be turned off once it has been turned on and they are joining the police force, they are corrections officers and they are pissed off and locked and loaded.

      Who is to blame for this? Barack Obama, Killar E. Clinton, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, George W. Bush, Colin Powell and all the other war hawks and warmongers. But they won’t blame themselves for what they set in motion, they’ll find something in this person’s background to blame it on.

      Yes indeed, the chickens are coming home to roost. “Cluck! Cluck!”

      Lou, I thank you for your comment.

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      1. I am too hungry to reply but I agree with what you say. Like Ned Flanders would say, “I like the cut of your gibberish.”


  1. I am…very familiar with that city.

    To all the white racists, I want to tell them to shut the hell up, they do not know anything about has gone on there or happened on Sunday.

    I will not explain to these fools the situation. They plainly do not want anything other than to attack blacks. Most of their talking points, including a never-before-seen attack on cops, are false but they will never stop.These people never said anything when 8 white cops died by white criminals in less than 2 weeks in February. These racists attacked Sterling’s son-who seems to believe in MLK’s dream- when he asked for peace(It is very, very unlikely that peace will be coming any time soon, no matter how optimistic someone is).


    1. Well, more than likely Sterling’s son is being coached. Most of the family members of victims of police killings have stood up and asked for ‘peace’. How they can do that with a clear conscience, I don’t know. Because if those pigs in blue and brown murdered a family member of mine, there would be no calls for peace from me. They’d have to shoot me if they expect me to get up somewhere and call for goddamn peace. I would be asking for Black folks to go the fuck off and never stop.

      Those white devils have no conscience, they have no soul, they have no heart. I don’t know where the fuck they came from, but they did not come from this planet. The sun that warms this planet is even telling them ta git ta steppin. It’s burning ’em the fuck up. Every time I pass by the dermatology department on my way to physical therapy, that department is loaded from one end to the other with those pale-assed creatures with fucked up skin. Again, the sun is killing them and that is why they are hell bent on killing us because the sun is sending their asses straight to hell. This entire planet is the white man’s hell because it is surely burning his ass the fuck up. It ain’t bothering us. I got a deep ass gorgeous tan and I didn’t have to lie in that most beautiful sun that kisses me even more deeply than I already was. At the beginning of every summer, I start out yellow and now, I am a nice brown color and I am trying for JET MIDNIGHT BLUE BLACK! And all I have to do is fucking walk down to the lake, around it and back and my permanent tan has gotten deeper and my skin just simply GLOWS. That is why I love that song by Rick James, “GLOW!” ‘Cause, goddamn it, I’m fucking glowing!

      And N.S., you ain’t got to explain a goddamn thing to those devils. They ain’t fucking listening anyway. But believe this, the sun is trying its damned best to help us clear that pale ass fucking shit on up out of here! It can’t happen fast enough to suit me and I am quite certain that millions if not billions of other people on this planet, feel the same way.

      Of course they are going to always attack us. When did they ever stop? If we don’t all know where we stand by now, we never will. Ain’t no body holding their tongue or dancing around shit. That is exactly why I am not on Facebook or Twitter because I will not sit up somewhere and have that ignorant racist shit all up in my face. Nothing fucking doing. AND, you know goodness well, they were never going to shout up and down about those 8 ‘white’ KKKops that got wacked by another ‘white’ motherfucker that you are referring to because that just don’t fit in with their agenda. They have got to fan the flames of hatred towards us. But their asses are getting burned, literally! And no, I am not optimistic that there will be any sort of ‘peace’, not even when the winter solstice arrives. And whoever slithers inside the White House is going to have a time of it because things from here on out are only going to get worse!

      N.S., I thank you for your comment.


  2. Train a man to kill and that is exactly what he will do. And just as all KKKops are trained to kill as are all soldiers, they are now battling it out on the streets of AmeriKKKa. And since both have access to weapons, well now, batten down the hatches.

    I do not think that the countries and nations that have advised their citizens to proceed to America with extreme caution are going to cease with their travel advisories any time soon.
    I hope people are preparing. I think this will be a HOT summer! And it doesn’t matter if Clinton or Trump wins the election. The (s)elections are rigged anyway. Amerikkka is going down the toilet FAST!!! But too many people are fast asleep. They wont know what hit them….until it’s too late. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


    1. Well, Prince, if they are not preparing, then that’s on them because too many of us have tried to school them and it is up to them to pick up what we are putting down. They had better get to fucking figuring it out that this is war! Ain’t no goddamn peace! And you are so right, the (s)elections are rigged and that is why you’d never find me standing in a long ass line for nothing because that is exactly what people who vote are doing; wasting their goddamn time when it is already known by the behind-the-scenes puppet masters, just who the next president will be. And we actually have the nerve to think that we are accomplishing something by voting. Emma Goldman spoke this truth, “If voting changed anything, they’d make illegal.” So why the fuck are they encouraging us to vote? Because we are to continue with the illusion that we have a say. If we’re not a corporate CEO and sitting on the board of directors, we don’t fucking count for shit! And that’s a fact.

      Prince, I thank you for your comment.

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