“Sold!…..For Twelve Head Of Cattle!”


I was sold by my father for twelve head of cattle.
A child and not a woman is taken every day.
He raped me and beat me and now I bear his child;
proof of how I have been shamed in this way.
Do not praise the Mother Land for slavery is not gone
and every female child must endure this atrocity.
 Cursed with a little girl’s vagina that appeals to old men,
I am a short term fix; just a useful commodity.
 Little girls are abducted and sold by their kin.
Twelve head of cattle is the price that he paid
and the Blacks in America think they have it rough.
 Bring your girl child to Africa and she will get laid
by a man old enough to be her father’s father,
and then shut up about your problems across the sea
when we have it no better and no one to hear our screams.
For here in the land of my birth, I too, am an abductee.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

This poem was born ‘thanks’ to a blog post I read titled, Tales of a child bride: ‘My father sold me for 12 cows’ over at https://talesfromtheloublog.wordpress.com/2016/07/26/tales-of-a-child-bride-my-father-sold-me-for-12-cows/

Once again, I owe N.S. a big HUGE apology because I tore into him something awful on my blog post titled Africans Are To Blame For Why Slaves Were Brought To AmeriKKKa! Fuck THAT Shit! and I was so horribly wrong, it is unreal! Because there I was just a going on and on about how African tribal leaders were not responsible in any way for the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and yet, slavery is still going on since little girls are sold by their fathers to old ass men as a way for them to escape poverty, temporarily. Here’s an idea, if you are hungry, chop your dick off and eat it and you will not be able to reproduce that which you cannot feed.

How in the hell can a mother stand by and see her daughter sold off to a ‘man’ for twelve cows? Fuck those men up over there and take over. If African women are such queens, then why are they allowing their daughters to be handled in such a manner? Why are they so complicit in the abduction, rape and beatings that their daughters are subjected to by these ‘men’ that get away with taking them and then paying for them in the form of cows and other assorted animals? And now, some are even selling their daughters for money thanks to ‘mobile money transfers’. I cannot believe that I had the nerve, the unmitigated gall to come to the defense of African tribal leaders when those filthy ass creatures are so vile, they are somewhere underneath shit!

And for those of you in America who go on and on about the regality of your so-called ‘African’ ancestors, shut the fuck up! I am sick to pieces of hearing about how we come from such exalted beings when, quite obviously, we come from stinking shit! I hate, detest and despise men because you motherfucking animals don’t fucking think at all. The only thing you do is walk around with a ‘hard on’ while looking for something to relieve it in and it really makes no difference how old it is or how young it is or if it is even human. You vile, degenerate creatures are unfit to even slither across the ground on this planet and I rue the day I ever laid eyes on any of you and had the audacity to experience lust for you savage, feckless beasts! I would not spit on any of you if you were on fire to help put it out! I’d say, “Burn motherfucker, burn!” And I would laugh all the while doing it. That is what I think of you! And fuck it! I don’t care if you are Black, white, purple or blue; it’s all the same to me! You’re all useless fuckers!

Poor innocent children are at the mercy of you two-legged dogs and I am going to protest over the likes of you getting fucked up? Nothing fucking doing! Those of you who are in America are spawns of that shit and so you’re no better! And I know this to be a fact because in my family alone, there have been incidences where grown men have raped children. So no, you nasty ass fuckers don’t get a free pass just because you are in America. You diseased and vile heathens; none of you are worth spit! And women would have been better off having never laid eyes on you!

But quite actually, women should not get a free pass either as you are complicit in what is happening to your daughters. I had a cousin that dated everything that slithered in and out of prison and her daughter was raped and given a disease by one of these vile creatures called, ‘men’. What is wrong with us? How in unholy hell can we hold our heads up and strut around as if we are doing all we can to help our children grow into mentally healthy adults? We cannot since we aid and abet in the continued dysfunctional relationships we see today in our children and their children. How can I be appalled when I hear young girls disrespecting themselves to no end when look at who is ‘nurturing’ them, if you can call it that? It is no wonder, no wonder at all over why we as a race of people are in deep, dark ass trouble. And as for that agency, “Big Brothers And Big Sisters,” just what the hell are you doing? Because if you assholes were stepping in to fill the void, we should certainly see some results from your efforts, but all I see is more of the same; children having children and learning nothing that will help them get through life. I no longer despair FOR us, I despair OF us!

What happened to this child fills me with rage and utter contempt for ‘men’. But you’re not ‘men’. I don’t know what the fuck you are. But one thing I do know is that there is nothing worthy about any of you psychopathic, filthy ass rats! Come at me with your fucking dick hanging out and see what the fuck happens to it! I fucking dare you!

18 thoughts on ““Sold!…..For Twelve Head Of Cattle!”

  1. This probably happened to their mothers as well and this evil vicious cycle continues uninterrupted. Love your suggestion on how to avoid hunger for the males. Ouch!

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    1. Well then, they should know the horror that they are inflicting on their own children and band together to stop it. If women would stop continuously acting like we don’t know how to kill, we would get somewhere. I don’t hold with killing someone just for sport but if a piece of shit is going to subject my daughter to what a two-legged animal did to me, I’d die trying to save my child. But that’s not what’s happening. What’s happening is quite the opposite. The shit needs to end. There should come a time when they say, “Enough is enough,” and start chopping off dicks. I am all for ‘dick chop chop’ when I know that said dick is going to be used to rape my child, over and over! There is no excuse for that! Hunger be damned! Eat dirt! But give a child to a perverted old ass man? Never!

      I thank you for your comment Lou! However, I am still seeing red. The matador has pissed off this bull, mightily!

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      1. I actually believe that women should run the world. Real women, not fake ass wannabees like Thatcher or May, these are grotesque approximations of women, I mean real nurturing and caring women.It worked in baboon societies. And yes, you can have your ‘dick chop shop’ Shelby.


    1. I see that Leslie! And it infuriates me to no end! And we have the nerve to call ourselves, ‘human’ when we are the very antonym of ‘human’. The atrocities that we commit on one another is just too vile for words.

      I thank you for your comment Leslie.

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  2. Wow! I love this shit, and I mean that most respectfully.

    The human species is the epitome of disgusting; without it, there is no need of the word disgusting. As you most eloquently elaborate.

    However, I do believe the problem rooted firmly and irrevocably in patriarchy.

    You’re among the good ones Shelby. An inspiration.

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    1. Thank you for that most wonderful comment on this one Peter!

      But I am still rip roaring mad over this as I just cannot imagine the horrors those young girls must live through. Many of us think we’ve got it rough, but we don’t know shit about ‘rough’ when reading such as what is posted above. My heart aches for those innocent little girls who are the victims, not once, but many times over because they are given away by their own family to old ass lecherous ‘men’ to be used and abused by those merciless shits. And we here in America, go on and on about how bad is our plight when we are not much better. To know that I have little cousins who have been most vilely mistreated fills me with utter despair for they cannot protect themselves from what their mothers bring home and their mothers are not discriminating in what they bring home and subject their children to. Stepfathers are abusing little girls AND boys and I do know that stepmothers do as well, and none of it is right. There are so many atrocities that so-called ‘humans’ commit against each other, that the sheer magnitude of them is enough to make me want to escape from the ‘human’ race and go live with animals that express more ‘humanity’ than ‘humans’.

      Peter, again, I thank you for the compliment on this one and for your comment. It is most sincerely appreciated. And no clarification was necessary. I knew exactly what you meant. Bless your dear and sensitive heart!

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      1. We’re defective, Shelby. Men are. The good ones recognize this and fight against their inclinations, overcoming and evolving (literally) to better men.

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      2. Well, you are not that of which I speak on in here Peter and I hope you know that! But unfortunately, real humans like you are few and far between. And more’s the goddamn pity!!! Because not only do you have enough humanity to care about other ‘humans’, you extend your empathy, sympathy and compassion for the plight of hapless animals that are getting fucked up by so-called ‘humans’. And that is much appreciated also.

        Thank you!

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  3. Molesting children is worse than murder! Worse than castration. Worse than the rape of an adult! Basically the worst thing someone can do. I think we all know someone who has been victimized in this manner. I have a cousin that was a result of rape who’s mother never dealt with her past before she died… and now her daughter, nearly 40, is JUST NOW BEGINNING to love herself and believe that she is worthy of love + respect. And it is cyclical; I don’t think it’ll end until we address and treat some very ugly, deeply rooted issues!

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    1. Have mercy! You are so right Kelley! Every single family, no doubt, has experienced this. I wish it were not so and this is certainly not our shining ‘humanity’ moment.

      This is so prevalent, it is unreal. And I do know that not every man commits these atrocities, but when I see red, nothing else gets in.

      Yes, molesting children is worse than murder because I would think that they never wholly recover from something like that, for how could they when brutality and barbarity can never be rendered unto obscurity? I have seen women get set on a destructive course because of what they were subjected to as children and some of them didn’t make it.

      ‘The evil that men do’ is so fucking horrifying that it fills me with a white hot rage! I am so fucking pissed off, even my mind is shaking with rage! Goddamn it!!!

      Kelley, your comment is spot on and I thank you for it! As you can see, I’m not fit for much today, but please know that I appreciate every word you said. Again, thank you! You are SO very right!

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      1. There’s nothing worse.. and it results in pain not only for the victim but possibly anyone she touches-her lovers, potential lovers….. I’m all for the dick chop block. Or maybe having them anally probed by different objects daily for the rest of their days. Just a thought.


  4. There were certain things that showed me that we were not them and FGM was one of them. Not all African tribes do that, but many, many do, in East, North, Central, and West Africa. That has never a ritual FGM by any of the Black Americans in this country. I am pretty sure it is not there for any of the other blacks in the Western Hemisphere.

    That practice is completely disgusting.

    The vast majority of us Black American men are not and never were rapists/molesters( I am not making excuses for the rapists/molesters nor defending them because what they did was horrible). However, the FGM and selling one’s daughter is something that is the responsibility of other groups, even if they have dark skin and to some degree similar hair. We did not come from those groups, we all came around the same time and went on our own path and they on theirs.


    1. N.S., the more I find out about those dirty bastards over there, the more I hate them and I sure hope that we have nothing whatsoever in common with those heathens. I consider myself to be quite civilized and so therefore, nothing like those tree climbing asses. Why is no one mutilating male children? A little snip snip here, a little snip snip there and see how much THEY like it! Hell! Not too many Black men will undergo the snip for a vasectomy. In fact, I know of no Black man that has ever had a vasectomy. No one had better touch that most precious tool or there will be hell to pay!

      But the sad fact is, N.S., that our ancestors originated from somewhere over there. I certainly don’t think that we are indigenous to the Americas. And if as you say, these disgusting practices were to be found in East, North, Central and West Africa, then I cannot see how we could have avoided coming from one of those areas. What? We all came from South Africa? That doesn’t even make any sense. I know that you seriously don’t want us to be a part of that lot, not even a miniscule part, but come on, it just seems quite fantastical that not even a drop of those heathens’ blood is coursing through our veins. Of course, I wish it were not so, but methinks that is wishful thinking.

      And yes, thankfully, we do not practice FGM here for which I am extremely happy about for obvious reasons, however, I just cannot imagine that in this day and age of enlightenment, even those backwards motherfuckers are still living like they are in the dark ages. I will never pen another poem, extolling the virtues of Africa’s people, not ever! For fuck’s sake, was I delusional or what? I was delusional!

      And I am going to leave that other post up if only to show how ridiculous I sounded. I should be, but I am not ashamed to admit when I commit a major fuckup. And that was indeed, a major fuckup on my part. I lower my head in shame.

      Of course, I am not saying that the majority of Black American men are child molesters. I just saw red when I read that post and as usual, nothing can stop me when I get started. I simply throw everything and every one into the pot and stir it the fuck up! However, there are families where a female has been molested by a male relative and though it is more prevalent among the Caucasians, it has happened because it has happened, again, in my own family. We Black folks are not all saints, ya know. And that was not a dig at you, I promise. It just came out.

      And as always N.S., I thank you for your most valuable contribution to this discussion. Your input is always on point.


  5. Powerfully penned Shelby. Damn this is a harsh reality, I knew about human trafficking but this is totally insane when the culture and parents condone this practice. Tanzania may be the only country that deserves O’bummer as their supreme leader.


    1. 1EarthUnited, this is worse than appalling! As you can see, I really let go here and HOW! And, yes indeed, they deserve ‘His Droneness’! They are welcome to him and he can just take Killar E. Clinton with him AND Donald Drump; they deserve them all! And you are right, it is insanity when parents know what they are inflicting on their young daughters and still they do it and the cycle continues. Do these people not have a conscience, quite obviously, they do not!

      Thank you for your comment 1EarthUnited.


  6. Shelby,

    Africa is so big and has so many different peoples and ethnicities that it would be impossible to judge them all for what some did or are doing. Of course in a big continent you will find good and also bad examples, the best and the worst of humanity is represented there, as it is in other continents.

    As a European I can only imagine what it must be like to have been cut from my roots, to have my collective memories erased and so, the desire, the urgency, to regain contact with my ancestors and to know where I come from. That’s a very human need we all have, the need to be accepted, the need to belong to a community we can relate to. But we are also individuals, we should never allow to be defined by what others do or say. It does not matter what color is your skin, you are as good or as bad as you decide to be. You actions define your value, how you treat others and how you treat yourself, that’s all that counts. And from what I have read in your blog you are a great person that still gets upset when confronted with all the bad things in this world. You can lead by example.

    If my words don’t make much sense is probably because my English is not good enough.



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