Dead Man Says, “Do NOT Vote For Hillary Clinton!”

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The dead cannot rest in peace without first exhorting the American people to please, please don’t vote for Hillary Clinton!

Man’s Obituary Asks Mourners Not to Vote for Hillary Clinton
Mourners of Larry Upright, who died at 81 on April 13, were urged not to cast their ballot for a specific candidate in next year’s presidential election: “The family respectfully asks that you do not vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016. R.I.P. Grandaddy.”

Now you know that thing that calls itself Hillary Rodham Clinton has got to be the most vile, hideous and obscene monster to ever crawl and slither across this planet, if its even got the dead not able to rest in peace without first having begged and beseeched the American populace to not vote for that thing.

This poor deceased man could not go peacefully into eternal slumber without making us aware of the fact that he was so against Hillary Clinton descending to the presidency that he felt compelled to put in a final plea upon his death bed to his family to please include in his obituary the fact that we would be making a most terrible mistake in electing Hillary Clinton as our next president.

When the dead speak, you must listen because I am pretty sure that the dead has reconciled with their god before the final trumpet blows and the last thing that the dead would do is to attempt to steer us wrong. If you won’t listen to the dead, who will you listen to? Because the dead have nothing left to lose. The dead, however, does know that the living still has much to lose even though the living think they have lost everything already. Don’t be fooled. Your situation and mine could get so much worse and we should all know this.

Hillary Rodham Clinton has a long history of proving that it is not trustworthy, is a stooge for the ‘elites’, loves wars, is in bed with Wall Street, is corrupt, is a war criminal who should be behind bars, has never seen a missile that it never fell in love with and would drone strike Martin Luther King Jr.’s grave if it were found to harbor oil beneath it.

Hillary Rodham Clinton wears pantsuits because it must hide the big ass bulge of a jockstrap because that thing is no lady. That thing has got balls bigger than Bill Clinton’s and he ain’t hardly happy about that since he had to insert his penis inside Monica Lewinsky’s mouth and when her mouth could not contain all of Bill Clinton’s pent up cum, that is when it spilled down her dress. Think about that for a moment. Bill Clinton, once Hillary Clinton descends to the presidency, will have a field day with the interns in Washington, D.C. Your daughters and maybe even your sons, will never get a moment’s peace from Bill’s roving penis. And I have it on good authority from a source who shall remain nameless for obvious reasons, that Bill Clinton is still extremely virile thanks to assorted pills, attachments and other useful tools of the like. And Hillary Clinton will, once again, look the other way just as it did over the Monica Lewinsky scandal because Hillary Clinton cares not for the caresses of a mere mortal man, that thing gets off on real missiles and drones, torture and rendition practices. Just you ask Dick ‘the torturer’ Cheney as both sat in on torture sessions of innocent Gitmo detainees and chortled with glee over observing rectal hydration methods deployed to get fake ass information about suspected terrorist activities when the two biggest terrorists in the room were ‘The Watchers’; Hillary Clinton and Dick ‘the torturer’ Cheney.

Now, you don’t have to take my word for any of this and I don’t expect that you will. However, I could post a list that would wrap around this globe 21,000 times as to why you should NOT vote for Hillary Clinton, but I don’t feel the need to do that because there are so many articles available online and in print that will clue you in as to what you can expect under a Hillary Clinton presidency. And why is it that Barack Obama is hell bent on seeing to it that Hillary Clinton is the next president when both of them were seemingly at odds with one another when they were battling for the 2008 democratic presidential nomination? But now, all of a sudden, Obama has declared that Hillary Clinton is the most qualified candidate EVER! If that were true, then why didn’t Obama make that fact well-known back when he was vying for the Democratic Party nomination against Hillary Clinton and by doing so, Hillary Clinton would more than likely be the one finishing out its two presidential terms and not Barack Obama? Because everyone with more than two brain cells working should know for a fact that McCain and Palin handed the presidency to whomever would be their opponents. Because who in the world believes that Sarah Palin even takes her own dizzy self seriously? Exactly! In fact, Barack Obama’s camp fought Hillary Clinton’s camp over primary votes in Las Vegas. That contest was so contentious, it ended in a split decision.

I know that previously I stated that I felt no need to post any of Hillary Clinton’s misadventures, for want of a better word, but I shall post a few just for good measure. And so without further ado, feast your eyes on why even the dead have beseeched us not to vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The Whitewater Scandal

The Monica Lewinsky Scandal

The Clinton Foundation Scandal

The Benghazi Scandal

The Clinton’s Private Email Server Scandal while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State AND State Department emails

Foggy Bottom

Sidney Blumenthal

Millions Made on Speeches to Banks Like Goldman Sachs

TrooperGate alleges that state troopers claimed they arranged sexual liasons with then governor Bill Clinton of Arkansas.

Paula Jones sued Bill Clinton for sexual harassment.


Vince Foster’s Suicide(many think Chelsea Clinton is his ‘love child’) UGH!!

Juanita Broaddrick alleged that Bill Clinton raped her!

And I could continue in this vein into the next century and yet, the beat goes on. No one and no governmental agency has of yet, found any reason to indict either Clinton for what anybody else other than these two, would have been sitting inside a prison cell serving multiple concurrent life sentences, and you know this. Scandal after scandal after scandal has dogged these two wherever they’ve shown their ugly ass mugs and now, we are faced with another possible Clinton presidency? Only in America!

So, again, if you will not heed the warnings from the living, heed the warnings from the dead because as I have stated previously, the dead’s got nothing left to lose! We do!

“Do NOT vote for Hillary Clinton!,” so says, ‘THE DEAD’!

And lastly, to the deceased Mr. Larry Upright, I sure hope that after November 8th 2016, you can finally……rest in peace!

12 thoughts on “Dead Man Says, “Do NOT Vote For Hillary Clinton!”

  1. I must admit I just don’t get it about Hillary’s pant suits. It beats me why an elderly woman would continue to dye her air blond and also insist on wearing pants. I’m not a big fan of fashion icons, but women larger than size 10 look ridiculous in pants – I agree with Iris Apfel on this.

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    1. I have said it over and over again, “Hillary Clinton sports pantsuits to hide that big ass bulge from its jockstrap that’s bigger than Bill’s.” That thing ain’t no lady! Hell! The proof is in the name! Hillary “ROD”ham Clinton! That thing has a ROD and not a vagina! Bill got tired of getting poked in the ass by Hillary RODham Clinton and so commenced to attempting to keep his manhood intact by engaging in sex acts with interns and anybody else that would let him. Hell! He was even accused of raping Juanita Broaddrick!

      And according to a source that works in ‘Warmongers Undies Shop’, that thing was trying on jockstraps and not fine, lace lingerie. It ain’t FEMALE! Also, ‘Victory’s Secrets Jockstraps Boutique’ also has confirmed that Hillary RODham Clinton purchased jockstraps from their store, as well(size XXL). I don’t know why people find this hard to believe when that thing that calls itself Hillary RODham Clinton always struts around in pantsuits. To cover up what? A big ass jockstrap, that’s what!

      I thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall.


  2. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    OMG, this is brilliant Shelby! One would think this story to be outrageous satire, but every word is so true, HilLIARy is the most corrupt criminal amongst politicians and yet she’s free to run for the highest office in the land. Your post basically sums up how far we have fallen as a nation, and it WILL get worse if the she-devil becomes commander in chief. I can only surmise how the citizens of Nazi Germany felt during the rise of Hitler… history repeating folks. Time to wake up and boycott this phony election.


    1. I second every word as has been stated here by 1EarthUnited! I would listen to both of us if I were you, American people! This would be funny, if it were not SO very true! Every single thing in this post has been confirmed by impeccable sources and cannot be refuted. The proof is right in front of you! If you elect this criminal warmonger, you and I both, will get exactly what we deserve; worse shit than we have ever known and that is a fact. Don’t think so? Then vote for that shit, Hillary RODham Clinton and you’ll wish you were never born!

      I thank you so much for that spot on comment 1EarthUnited! You truly hit that one out of the ballpark!

      And I thank you as well for the re-blog! It is much appreciated because the more who see this, the better!


  3. Everyone is so surprised you aren’t supporting Hillary Clinton. To be fair, everyone knows Bernie Sanders(I am not a fan of his) should have won, but he gave up the nomination

    I still can’t believe some blacks can’t see McCain wasn’t trying to win in 2008. They are are still drinking the Kool-Aid.

    I’m surprised that any black will vote for Hillary. She has very weak support in black people showing up right now, but some of us haven’t learned about the Democrats yet.


    1. Now, I know you’re joking because no one is the least bit surprised that I am NOT for Hillary RODham Clinton. I didn’t need a dead man to tell me NOT to vote for that skank!

      Bernie Sanders was just a tool; a most willing tool because he said from almost day one that he would back Hillary and so why bother with that farce of a campaign if he were already 100% behind that war criminal? What Bernie Sanders did not count on was how many supporters literally threw themselves behind him in complete opposition to Hillary. Some of them are now stating that they are going to vote for Hillary because she is the lesser of two evils. They are just delusional because there is no lesser of two evils. Both Trump and Clinton are neck in neck in that department; the only difference is the reason being their own unique brand of evil.

      Well, since I’ve taken my rose-colored glasses off where Obama is concerned, I can now see that we were prodded towards his sorry ass all along. If people cannot see that all of this is scripted, then I just don’t know what to say. At first Obama and Clinton were supposedly arch enemies and now they are bosom buddies; can’t say enough nice shit about each other when this was certainly NOT the case in 2008. But Hillary was told to bide her time, that her day was coming. She became Obama’s Secretary of State to prepare her for her turn at the presidency so that no one could say that she had no experience in foreign affairs. This was all, AGAIN, scripted long time ago!

      And whatever support that Hillary has from Black people, is too much support. Now, I did not watch one nanosecond of the convention, but I did see pictures of the mothers of those killed by KKKops standing on the platform stating that they were with Hillary when Hillary would not spit on any of them if they were on fire to help put it out. Why these ‘Mothers Movement’ women are aligning themselves with this racist garbage, I don’t know; money and fame, I suppose. They are all sell-outs and they are a shitting on their sons and daughters memory. Ain’t no way in hell that if my son or my daughter had been killed by racist ass KKKops, that I would be standing up on stage pledging my support and my vote to Hillary Clinton when her husband’s policies when he was president is the reason why so many Black men and women are targeted and profiled by racist KKKops and who are sitting up in prison on bullshit drug charges! That shit just makes no sense. This is exactly why I need to stop with even bothering to try and school Black people as to why they’re backing the wrong shit because they’ll do so every time!

      And that goddamn hot sauce that jockstrap wearing filth drinks should choke her ass!

      N.S., I thank you for your comment. It is much appreciated.


  4. This is a comment from ‘Sepultura13’

    I was going to follow your blog, but after reading this…I’ll just appreciate the song “The Rose of Black is Sacred” and leave it there.

    I shall surely go into a decline.


    1. Don’t worry. Even white liberals don’t trust Hillary. Most Americans according to a ABC poll think Hillary should go to trial. If she is one of those few who believe in her that much, you don’t need to waste your time trying to convince her.

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      1. Anyone with an ounce of sense should not trust that warmonger! And we should not just think that Hillary should go to trial, Hillary should be behind bars for everything that has been noted in the above post because it is all, criminal. If it were you or I who had done less than half of that, you know we’d be staring out between steel bars. And they say, “Justice is blind!” Apparently so, blind to the criminal shenanigans displayed by Hillary and its ilk.

        And I am not one bit concerned about attempting to change the minds of everyone as it relates to them voting for Hillary Clinton and if the person whose comment is above yours is convinced that Hillary is the choice for them despite all hell, all very well and good, but to leave a comment that they would have ‘followed’ me but for reading what they read is just ridiculous. I don’t care if someone ‘follows’ me or not. I write to suit me and if anyone can’t see that, they should really get their eyes checked, quick. I have lost not one nanosecond of sleep over lack of ‘followers’.

        N.S., I thank you for your comment!


    1. Odd is right! And why would a man like Bill Clinton, who is known for his sexual escapades, settle for a sexless devil that looks the other way over his alleged crimes of rape and sexual harassment; not to mention his proven ‘sexual relations’ with Monica Lewinsky if it were in fact ALL female? If I was married to Bill Clinton and had my name dragged through the mud countless times thanks to his philandering, would I still be married to that asshole? No fucking way! There would have to be something horribly wrong with me to continuously put up with that shit! None of it makes any sense to me, especially the part where these two have committed more crimes than I can shake a stick at and yet, not one indictment and this warmonger is running for president? And with Bill Clinton’s known history of chasing everything in a skirt, to have his ass back inside the White House is just the end of enough!

      Look at the choices, if you can call it that, that’s running for the office of President of the United States of America. It is just unreal!

      Kelley, I thank you for your comment. The American people are just absolutely clueless!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I keep hearing people saying they’re “voting for the lesser of two evils” by voting Clinton. Uhmmmm.. how? If we really compare the two candidates, Trump looks like an angel.

        I don’t know how she could stay with Bill either. She seems to be the complete opposite of what he likes and appears to be more of a motherly figure, very matronly and dry. If a cornflake had a face, it’d look like Hillary’s. That’s just me though.

        And you are so welcome. I know I will always find the truth when reading your blog! Thank you 😉


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