Baltimore Or Bust!



To all my loyal readers, I want to thank you for coming to this blog and also I want to thank you for your support in encouraging me to continue to spit out the truth. But there comes a time when I must do more than spit out truth, I must roll my sleeves up and do what I can.

At one point, I thought that I wanted to pack up shop and head to a deserted island and lick my wounds, and quite actually, the wounds are real as a result of a horrific car crash, but nevertheless, I decided after finding out that the places I had chosen to look at were just as Americanized as America, why, I’ve decided to go back to a city that has long held a special place in my heart, Baltimore, MD.

So, in a few days time, I will be driving to Baltimore with a trailer hitched to the back of my vehicle and off to new adventures I go. I have been feeling stifled here in the Midwest and quite frankly, these people never grow on you, they’re just too bland and vanilla. I love fire and excitement and danger and gaiety, Black folks, good cooking like collard greens, yams and silver queen corn. I love to sit by the harbor and sip wine and reflect on how great it is to be alive and I can do none of that here in the Midwest because all I can reflect on is how miserable I am here. What the hell was I thinking in coming here in the first place? Oh well, tis too late to wonder about that especially seeing as how I am about to rectify that by moving back to the East Coast.

I have long been contemplating a move back to Baltimore and for those of you who have followed this blog for the past year or so, you know I have penned poems about how Baltimore charmed me. I am not just going back in an attempt to take up where I left off as that would be a foolish dream, I am well aware that things do not remain the same. However, the same crime and grime and prostitution, poverty, homelessness and the like exists and since I have a bit of means now, I intend to roll up my sleeves once again, and attempt to become part of the solution as opposed to part of the problem.

What that means for my blogging? Well now, it is going to be a while before I will be able to post anything here and so I just wanted you to know that when I stop posting my vitriolic rants and raves, kick-ass poems that’s got me winning awards(Thank you AGAIN Nidotopianwarrior), it is because I will be caught up in all things, Baltimore. Now, some people have told me, recently, that I am the biggest fool there is for heading to a city where many are trying to leave and I have said to them, “If there were more people like me trying to help instead of just ignoring the problems, maybe Baltimore would become a city that shines by day as well as by night.” And there is something about that city, despite its many ails and issues, that will not let me be. Baltimore is a drug; it is heady as champagne for me. I’ll not stop drinking champagne and now, I must heed Baltimore’s call. That is the first city that I ever stepped foot in that literally pulled me in and folks, I gotta tellya, I started running away from home at the age of 15 and I was headed for Las Vegas then. GEEZUS, the stories I could tell. KKKops chasing me from city to city with teletypes following me and yet, I never was caught. “Up yours, mother!” KKKops just ain’t that smart when a 15-year old girl can walk right off a Greyhound bus, stare them in the face and request her luggage from the attendant and sashay into the bus terminal. Nope, KKKops just ain’t that bright at all! “Up yours too, KKKops!”

But as usual, I digress! The story of my life, eh? Anyhoo, I will be staying in a nice hotel down by the harbor while my new place is being readied for me. My furniture will be following me down since I never can plan anything, I am just a spur-of-the-moment type girl and that is how it has always been with me. The only place I have ever stayed  at for any length of time is Baltimore and I think the reason being is that Baltimore is just so close to everything. In a few hours, I was in Philadelphia, then in Atlantic City and could skip over to New York. Although, I’ve only passed through New York and never stopped long enough to do anything, but I hope to change all of that.

So, folks, as you can see, I am going to be extremely busy in the for seeable future and this is the only chance I am going to have to let you in on what I will be up to in the coming months. I hope that you all don’t miss me too much! LOL! Yeah! I know. Who is going to miss my carrying on fits? Hell! I’ve just been sent a comment stating that I am just too much to take. Oh, well, we can’t all be boring! Someone’s got to be the life of the party and it may as well be me. Now, don’t bother correcting my bad grammar here as this is straight from the heart and has not been edited and proofread, so cut me some slack.

I do want you to know that once I have been back in Baltimore long enough for Baltimore to soothe my ache for that city, I shall make my presence known in here once more, but I have no idea when that will be. So, this blog shop will be closed until further notice. But for those of you who will miss me too much and will shed copious tears of distress over this, archive to your heart’s content and know that wherever I am, I will be stirring up some shit to no end. Hell! I may even make the news. It is certainly my intent. Even though I may not be posting here, you may actually see me in action. So, don’t be surprised because I do not intend to be the silent one when I get settled in Baltimore. Never that!

And to those of you who I hold in high esteem, much love to you! You know who you are! And as always, I appreciate you, one and all!

25 thoughts on “Baltimore Or Bust!

    1. Ahhh, that is such a thoughtful comment, Peter. Even though I am not religious, I will admit that if I have a guardian angel or two, they are seriously bedraggled from attempting to stop me from fucking myself up. However, I do not feel in this instance that I am making the wrong decision as I have been unhappy here for quite some time. I am the sort who can make a monk talk, but I can do nothing with this mess here as I have nothing to work with and I have become stale. I hate that! And so, back to where people are people, for good or worse, at least those people will be ‘animated’ as opposed to ‘robotic’ like what’s here. I’ve never seen such in all my days. And I hope never to again! I should have left long time ago!

      Peter, I shall try and remain safe and unfortunately, I always forget to look over my shoulder, but I shall attempt to remedy that if I can remember. I thank you most sincerely for your comment.

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    1. Thank you Leslie! And I shall try! I am certainly looking forward to it. There are butterflies in my stomach everyday; both from excitement and trepidation. But I am determined because there is nothing to fear but fear itself and I will not give in to fear. Thanks again Leslie!

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  1. Congratulations on the move, Shelby. In these precarious times, it’s more important than ever to re-establish our community ties and hold tightly to them. The world is really too dangerous to be out there on your own (or even to feel you are out there on your own).

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    1. Tis truth, you say, indeed Dr. Bramhall! My cousin has already gone back to the East Coast. He is now in D.C. and he could not wait for me. He was supposed to leave with me, but I get a call from him telling me that he could not wait and so he took the train back and he was the only reason I stayed because of all the legal issues he was caught up in but since doing research and finding out that they could not keep him here on bullshit, he hightailed it out of here just as soon as I told him he was good to go!

      This shit up here can just eat my dust because I am going to do the speed limit the entire way, stop off at a hotel and rest for a night or two, once I have cleared the goddamn state lines of Menacesnowta and Weeezeconstipation.

      And I was so far away from most of my friends, it was just becoming too much. I missed them every single time we chatted on the phone and now they are just tickled to pieces that I am returning. I can hop on down to Virginia again and see my niece, nephew and assorted cousins. The only ones I will continue to distance myself from is dear, dear mother and sister; the others I can tolerate. But everything I know, love, hate, adore and all things in between is there and so there is where I must go! You truly do find out how alone you are when you move so far away from the very area you grew up in. I am an East Coast girl and an East Coast girl, I remain. I cannot wait to go back. The only trepidation I feel is the drive there and that is due to this most recent accident I was in. I can be as careful as possible, but it is always those who are on the road, looking down at Pokémon or some shit or otherwise texting that’s the problem. But I am hoping to make it there, unscathed.

      So, yes, I am going to re-establish community ties and they were strong ones in Baltimore. I have no ties to anything here and it ain’t happenin’. Your comment could not be more true! And I thank you for it, Dr. Bramhall!


    1. You are SO right Dom! And I thank you ferociously for that wonderful comment! Not one city in this hellhole is doing extremely well. Hell! Yesterday I read that the suburbs of Kentucky is now off the chain with new AIDS cases thanks to so many people hooked on heroin, it is unreal. And they say that their situation is being likened to the devastation that heroin use wreaked in Indiana’s suburbs whereas the governor there had to enact a needle exchange program. So, there really is nowhere to go to find some sort of Utopia. And every country and nation on this planet is experiencing their own particular ills and issues. But if there ever was a ‘right’ fit for me, it is most definitely Baltimore as that is the ONLY city that I literally dream about and ache for. So, I gotta return!

      Again, I thank you Dom, most sincerely!


  2. Shelby – as someone who lived in Baltimore for more than a decade and loved the place, I know how you feel. Have a beer for me down at Fells Point and come back to us when you are settled. I (and many others!) will miss your voice.

    Best of luck and happiness. Regards from Frank in Tampa.

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    1. Thank you Toritto! I shall surely do that! And I will think of you when I hold the beer up and say, “Cheers Toritto!” For better or for worse, I’ve just got to go back. It’s like I’m married to Baltimore because unlike my REAL marriage, I am actually committed to this ‘marriage’ to Baltimore. No wonder I cannot find happiness here, I do believe it is waiting on me in Baltimore. Last night, Baltimore was all in my dreams; all my memories came flooding back and I have been thinking of doing this for quite some time. And since times a’wasting, there is no time like the present to get cracking.

      Again, thanks Toritto and I shall remember to have that beer!


  3. Thanks for the shoutout Shelby. I just wanna wish you a safe journey and Yahuah’s protection. And I do hope you settle in nicely

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    1. Thank you nido! I will always appreciate what you did! And hopefully, this is not goodbye, just “Au revoir!” And I also appreciate your wishes for me to have a safe journey and protection. With what’s on the roads these days, I am going to need it!


    1. Awww Kelley, tears are now in my eyes! You are the BEST! I love you all to pieces and that is the truth! And that is why I could not leave people hanging without stating what the situation was. Once I am settled in, dusted off and feeling ‘the love’ from my People, I will post pictures and everything else chronicling events because I intend to be an event; event after event after event. As I type this, the music is blasting, boxes and clothing are scattered everywhere. I am having the best time hurriedly packing up what I am going to take. And I cannot wait to get there!

      “Baltimore is lucky to have me” is such a sweet sentiment. And again, I thank you! I am most definitely ‘married’ to Baltimore. That is what was missing in my life and why no mere mortal man can compete. I am already in love; with an entire city! Although I must admit, a certain man comes to mind who lives in that city and oh my GAWD is he gorgeous! Tall, dark, handsome, sparkling white teeth and I cannot tell you how many times I managed to swoon in his strong arms while pretending to be a Southern belle that was overcome with emotion; I was, but I could a stood up! Damn! I’m getting more and more excited about this trip! Okay! Turning up the AC a notch. Sorry global warming, this is necessary.

      Thank you so much again for that wonderful comment Kelley! I sincerely appreciate it!

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  4. Dear Shelby,

    Much love to you too. You will be in my thoughts. Although I am from the Deep South, I understand what you mean by going back home for nearly all the same reasons(you said you were from VA, but I am sure you understand what I mean). Also,you were so hot on some of these posts, I am sure Minnesota has enough power stored for several years. They should pay you before you go.

    “ is heady as champagne for me. I’ll not stop drinking champagne and now, I must heed Baltimore’s call.” A great line by one of my favorite bloggers.

    Take your time, even if you need to put off blogging for a while. Please do what you need to do for yourself. I want to know you are completely in where you feel you need to be. I hope the move goes well.


    1. LMAO! Yeah! I’ll call Xcel Energy and demand a big, fat ass check! I just won’t wait around to receive it! LOL!

      And yes, I am from Virginia, but I simply refuse to live there and I can honestly say that the entire time I lived in Baltimore from the mid 90s up until 2002, I saw not one confederate flag. The goddamn minute I stepped foot in Virginia, I was assaulted by the odor of skunk and my eyes were assaulted by confederate flag after confederate flag and my kin folks were so cowered, it was unreal. They almost demanded that I leave town before I started an insurrection. I kid you not! And moms and I ain’t never gonna get along despite all hell! My only other surviving sister and I would challenge each other to a duel before getting along and so, does that give you a hint as to why I refuse and I do mean, REFUSE to settle or should I say ‘re-settle’ in my hometown? Ain’t fucking happenin’.

      Yes, unfortunately, my one and only vice is champagne. I hate beer, but I’ll drink one for Toritto and I don’t like mixed drinks, but for some reason, champagne has me in its clutches. In fact, that’s the first drink I am going to order when I get to my hotel room and I don’t care what time of day or night it is, I am going to deserve that just from driving such a distance.

      And I more than likely will put off blogging for awhile because I am going to be too busy getting back into the hang of Baltimore and surrounding states and cities and I do intend to head on down to Virginia to check in with some folks down there, and then get out just as soon as is decently possible. Ever the considerate one, I am, to be sure.

      N.S., thank you for the well wishes and hopefully things will go well. Although, me being me, I expect issues, issues and issues. But that comes with the territory.

      Love you man!


    1. Thank you Rosaliene! For better or for worse, I had better be ready because I am going and that’s a fact. Me and Baltimore can either fight or make love, but we is gonna have a relationship! LOL!

      I’ll let you guys know if Baltimore welcomed me back with open arms or turned her back on me; hopefully, it won’t be the latter, but if it is, I’ll turn ‘er around!

      Thanks again! I appreciate your support!


  5. I’m late with this but can’t wait to hear from you again – Baltimore is a great place to start and restart – best of luck and all good things, Shelby — Angela M


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