way back

Shall we prove to Skulz that we do indeed, care about this planet? Here is what I did. I just recently purchased a brand new vehicle and guess what, I just sold that vehicle because I realized that I had gone without one for so long, I didn’t need it anyway. And I intend to further reduce my carbon footprint as much as possible. Is it going to be easy? Hell no! But someone’s got to get it started even with ‘baby steps’.

Anyone else made a recent effort or decision to try and attempt to disengage from all things ‘capitalism’ and self-destruction of not only ourselves but of our home?

Thanks for posting this one Skulz!



a sampling of way back in the day

you know before

the scourge of environmental rape

the carnage of crass consumerism

the utter stupidity of denying a changing climate

oh well

paradise is lost and no one seems to care


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14 thoughts on “way back

    1. Thank you Rosaliene and I had heard of people who are into ‘off-grid’ living and they don’t look like they are suffering for having abandoned a system that enables us to destroy not only ourselves, but this planet(our home) as well. It gives me hope!

      Thanks for the link also! It is much appreciated.


    1. Yeah! And this post of yours made me blush in shame over MY contributions to the destruction of this planet. So yes, I am blushing right along with you because I put my foot in my mouth every time I castigate someone else for not doing what I’m not willing to do. I am a ‘work in progress’, that I am.

      Again, I thank you for essentially giving us a ‘wake up’ call!


  1. Congratulations on being car free, Shelby. I’ve been car free since 2016 and I can’t believe the absolute sense of freedom that results. You also notice things you never notice in a car – gardens, trees, birds – and have the extremely rewarding opportunity of interacting with street people.

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    1. Indeed, you are correct Dr. Bramhall. And I first learned of the ‘off-grid’ existence from your posts. You had posted videos of people who were trying to reduce their carbon footprint and who were going to jail over their attempts because CAPITALISM does not want to miss a beat. Corporations are not happy if we are not ALL reeled in and those of us who reject the notion that the only way we can exist is to buy, buy, buy and work until we die, are attempting in many ways to tell CAPITALISM to kiss our ass!

      Hell! I may even start my own commune. Everyone must take a hoe and dig. And for the men out there, don’t even think about getting excited. The HOE I’m talking about is a GARDENING HOE! Ever heard of one?

      Sorry about that Dr. Bramhall, but you know sometimes I feel the need to ‘school’ some of my other readers; those who ain’t all in the know like we is!

      Thank you for helping to show us the way by virtue of example, ever the helpful one, you are, to be sure!


    1. You should be in a really good position to do that Nido seeing as how you’re living on an island where it’s warm and relaxing and you can just sit on the beach and be a ‘beach bum’ all day. I’d love to try that.

      Hell! I can’t figure out what type of ‘bum’ I want to be. I’m looking at land to start up a commune and I’m also looking at islands in the Caribbean to head to and lose my passport and pretend like I’ve got amnesia so they cannot deport me. I’m attempting to come up with all kinds of crazy and even wacked ideas. I cannot live with the Amish as my skin tone is too dark, so that’s out. But I will think of something seeing as how enterprising I am. Do not be alarmed if I wash up on your shore and sashay up to you, beseeching you to hide me from the deportation authorities.

      Thanks for your comment Nido!


      1. But Shelby, If there are ‘black irish’ folks, why not amish people with a little color? Seems like a distinct improvement … and a little outbreeding couldn’t hurt them either. And if you don’t start your own enclave, head for the islands — the food’s bound to be a thousand percent better! Here in Ohio folks gush over “amish cooking”, but do yourself a favor and skip that flavorless shit!

        Seriously though, Going off the treadmill sounds great to me, though I am awfully partial to my crocs. And my coffeemaker. About all I can do for the moment is recycle, and cut back on the amount of waste paper and deadly chemicals my mom uses, sigh. It’s not enough, but retraining willfully stubborn relatives is almost as tough as getting everyone to behave sensibly! Thanks for sharing this, and I promise to do a little better by our splendid home planet. – Linda

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      2. Well Linda, I used to be ever the adventurous one, but for some strange reason, me and adventure have parted ways. And I seriously don’t think that the Amish would consider the need to mix their blood with mine even if it meant that they would stop producing inbred idiots. The sad fact is that my blood probably wouldn’t help at all seeing as how I’ve got too many idiots that have been produced from my bloodline. So, I don’t think I would improve the situation any. LOL!

        Furthermore, I have no idea who I could invite to my little commune because the natives are idiotic regardless of where I turn. So there’s slim pickings. And if I got the call to build an ‘ARK’, why who in hell would I fill it with? What a conundrum.

        But as you know, I am always coming up with bright ideas that never see the light of day. I am just one of those people who live life, vicariously and never make any serious effort to make a difference. I just cuss, scream and shout and that is most certainly NOT productive.

        But not to forget, you do your part, you really do. You keep your loving mother happy and you keep the family out of the crime section in the local newspaper. So, your efforts are to be commended because you do save trees by not contributing sections devoted to all manner of criminal shenanigans. And I highly doubt that you are contributing overly much to global warning because unlike me, your mouth is not expelling hot air on a continuous basis.

        Linda, keep up the good work. We all thank you!


  2. Hot air? With all the snarling and swearing I do? Oh-oh, I hadn’t thought what a polluter I am! And keeping my family off the police blotters is … a struggle I may not always manage, it’s an uphill battle.
    But the amish should be so lucky to have you in their midst, I can just see you in the aprons and all … in your 18-inch stiletto heels!!


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