I Am In Baltimore!


I have arrived! Greetings, fellow bloggers! Baltimore and I are an item. I boarded a plane and flew first class to  Baltimore on the  7th And so therefore, I am not on “the no fly” list. Thankfully, I was not going to be driving when I landed because I needed some Dutch Courage and of course that means I got my drinky drink on. Was I missed? I am going to pretend that I was. I missed you guys so much I bought a cheap little smart phone so that I could send you pics of my first days in Baltimore. Unfortunately, I took the pictures on my IPod and I can’t find it.

Bear with me as I am not used to working with such a small screen and keypad. I was at Lexington Market yesterday getting my soul food fix. There were so many unbelievable characters there, my head was on a serious swivel.  My furniture has arrived and internet service will be  connected on the 22nd.

Baltimore, has been everything I expected and so much more. She has welcomed me back with arms opened wide. I have already made new friends. The first day, I was invited to Atlantic City by a new acquaintance. The everyday people are so sweet, helpful, warm and real. The horrors are business people, but I am handling that shit!


And so I stop here, but I shall return!



34 thoughts on “I Am In Baltimore!

  1. Glad to hear you reached your destination… I bet as soon as you touched down you broke out singing that song from Hairspray “Good morning Baltimore” lol

    I’m sorry but I am cracking up over here trying to imagine you doing this lol bwahahahahaha

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    • Toritto, bless your heart, thank you for that extremely warm welcome. And guess what? I have already ordered a beer, several, in fact, and commenced to toast to you. I raised my cups several times until I was deep in my cups. Beer actually starts tasting good after several cups. So again, I thank you for the well wishes. I feel the love here like I never did in the Midwest. I thank you for your comment.


    • Rosaliene, my cousin is here with me. He has made a remarkable recovery. I did not know that medicine had advanced as it has. He is here walking with just the aid of a cane and he only uses that when he is out. We have both been enjoying ourselves. Tomorrow we will be visiting museums in D.C. His whole outlook on life has changed for the better. As has mine. We both needed this move. I thank you for asking about him. Your comment is greatly appreciated.


    • Linda, I am so thankful and so glad to be out of the Midwest, you have no idea. I cannot even stay mad for long. I am no longer angry, pissed off and spitting bricks. I may just start posting about sunbeams, flowers and all things bright and beautiful. You guys will quickly move on as my fits will be a thing of the past. Linda, I may become a GASP….nice person! Now what a novelty that will be! Linda, I sincerely thank you for your comment.


      • But … You’re kidding, right? Compared to me (or my evil twin?) you’ve always been nice. Maybe I need to move to Baltimore too? But it might not be right for nasty me, no matter how much I love blue crab. I’m glad it suits you so well, relish your “novelty”!

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      • Linda, your humor is unbeatable! It is matchless and priceless. It is a novelty for me to have changed from a virago to someone who can finally appreciate just living and being able to enjoy life since I was totally unable to enjoy life in Menacesnowta! Hot damn, I am so glad I am no longer in that nightmare! I am an East Coast girl and shall forever remain so. Linda, thank you for your comment.


    • Darling N.S., I do most sincerely love it! This is truly where I belong and I have never felt more sure about anything in my life. I just returned home from spending time down at the Inner Harbor. I cannot wait to post some gorgeous pics. Internet will be on soon and I won’t need to climb a pole and crank it up! Thank you so much for your comment.


    • Bless your kind and generous heart Dr. Bramhall! I seriously love you guys! All the heartfelt sentiments that have flowed from you guys in my direction have done wonders for me, you have no idea. Just as soon as I take in more sights, I shall roll my sleeves up and get busy. Baltimore needs help and I intend to do my best to be of some help to this city that has welcomed me so enthusiastically. Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for your comment.


  2. So you finally made it out to Big Baltimo! lol I’m sure you’re enjoying yourself out there. I was out there a few years ago. I had a good time visiting DC,Virginia and Maryland area. There’s a lot of cool brothers and sisters out that way. I’m sure you’ll love it.

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